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The Best Spinning ProgramThat Will Keep You In Shape at Home

How To Choose The Best Spinning Program For You

Ever since its creation almost three decades ago, spinning has been the preferred workout of people belonging to several age groups and walks of life. Due to its engaging nature, pedaling indoors is a great way to lose weight and build muscle that is also easy on the joints. For this reason, it accommodates many different sets of desires and predilections. 

The Best Spinning Programs

Attending a spinning class weight loss program is an excellent idea when you want to drop some extra pounds and get in shape in an entertaining way. There are plenty of studios and types of classes to choose from, and they all cater to various needs and preferences of the general cycling public. Here are the five best alternatives to consider. 

1. Equinox

In terms of trendy spinning classes nowadays, nothing quite beats the rise in popularity of the Equinox fitness franchise. Their locations offer a variety of classes dealing with different types of physical activities. But in terms of indoor biking, nothing beats their innovative and complex “The Pursuit” package.

It is a studio cycling program that mimics varied types of terrain and different riding styles for an authentic experience. For this reason, the class is recommended for outdoor riders that want to continue their training when conditions do not allow it on the outside. Nevertheless, that isn’t mandatory when joining.

Anyone can enjoy “The Pursuit”, provided that they have an interest in pedaling. According to the official website, it is an addictively wild ride that uses gaming and data visualization for the purpose of full immersion. Thus, not only will you feel like our riding outdoors, but you will also see it with each push.

The equipment in the studio comes with a built-in computer that allows members to track their progress. Therefore, you won’t have to invest in additional equipment in order to monitor what you are doing. The typical “The Pursuit” class starts with a rapid bike fit, followed by an intro. Then you warm up prior to the actual fun.

Once you get into it, the entire experience will be divided into two or three stages. Cooldown then follows, allowing you to recover and get the best bang for your buck. If engaged with appropriately, the program is a highly competitive and physically intensive affair that will leave you shaped, toned and ready for action.

2. SoulCycle 

While Equinox is popular among the athletic crowd, SoulCycle is definitely the most talked about spinning program among the younger crowds of millennials. This is because it expertly manages to combine an intensive workout with mantras and spirituality. What is more, the studios are located in major trendy cities such as New York or San Francisco.

According to instructor Kym Perfetto, it is a “serious sweat session”. It provides members with an intensive dose of cardio, and the entire thing is set to the most engaging motivational music the industry has to offer. This enhances motivation and pushes people to commit to their goals more than ever, which is essential when progress is what you’re after.

One session lasts for 45 minutes, and it consists of several intervals. This allows participants to push past their limits and benefit from the maximum potential that indoor cycling has. This is all available for the reasonable price of 40 dollars. Although this a bit costlier than the average spin class at your local gym, you do get a lot for your money.

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    The price is also influenced by the fact that it’s a fashionable workout for the youth of today, and the studios are located in affluent metropolises across the United States. Spinning has always been rather on-trend, which is why franchises will always charge more per class. Therefore, if you have the money to spend, it is an option worth considering.

    SoulCycle is a true spin class that focuses on the actual act of spinning. Therefore, from a professional point of view it is recommended for cyclists that want to improve upon cadence. If you are not an athlete, this could still be a fun class for you because it will help you reach your fitness goals and find inner peace all at the same time.  

    3. Peloton

    Peloton is the perfect hybrid cycling program that manages to suit the needs of both gym goers and astute homebodies. For the first category, there are studios located in various cities, and members can easily join the classes held there. The themes and approaches are as varied as they come, which means that there is something for everyone.

    Instructor Christine D’Ercole attests that Peloton offers riders the possibility to pursue either interval classes, power zone training, or heart-rate based training. What is more, the studios also have a wide offer of rhythmically diverse and musically themed sessions for those who enjoy mixing their exercise with some motivational tunes.

    The different types of classes are designed in such a way as to suit a wide array of needs and preferences. Thus, if you want to mix in up at the gym and explore everything that spinning has to offer, put on some bike shorts and attend some Peloton classes. The experience is certainly a beneficial one for both body and mind, which is a huge plus.

    However, for those who don’t want to work out in a group setting, Peloton also has custom stationary bicycles available for purchase. The machines offer the possibility to follow patented workouts conducted by certified instructors from the comfort of your own home. Simply install your Peloton spinner in a spacious room and get started on your workouts.  

    Therefore, the program caters to at-home spinning aficionados as well. The bike retails for almost 2,000 dollars, which is quite the hefty price tag. Fortunately, the payment can also be executed in installments of around 100 dollars, which are spread over a period of two years. This is more convenient than attending weekly classes, and after a while it becomes free too.

    4. Flywheel

    Getting a full body workout in a reasonable amount of time seems like an impossible aim to reach. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it involves spinning. The Fly 45 program provided by the renowned Flywheel fitness studios is exactly what you need if this is your situation. As the name suggests, one session lasts for just 45 minutes, and you get a lot done in this short frame.

    First of all, the Fly 45 program is based on high-intensity interval training, a concept that is rather popular among avid gym goers. It involves alternating between high-intensity movements that are dynamic and fast-paced, and low-intensity recovery periods so that the maximum amount of exercise is encompassed in a relatively small temporal window.

    What is more, Flywheel also adds an upper body toning exercise routine in every pedaling session. This allows members to exercise far more than their legs and buttocks while in the bike seat, engaging every single muscle in the unified goal of slimming down and building brawn. It is also a class that is suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cycling training.

    In addition, first-time attendees get a lot of help from the staff with matters such as bike setup, posture adjustment and so on. Therefore, at Flywheel it doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional. Everyone is treated with the same amount of care, concern and respect, which creates the perfect environment for an engaging exercise session. 

    5. Drop-In 

    Attending trendy classes at a fashionable studio is an excellent choice if you have the budget for it. However, if you want to keep it thrifty and save some money, you can drop in at any local gym and attend one of their regular spinning sessions. These typically cost around 20 dollars in a run of the mill location, which certainly won’t break the bank.

    Of course, the machines, equipment and other amenities won’t be as luxurious as they would be at Equinox or SoulCycle, but you can easily make do with what you are offered. You can put together your own motivational playlist, and even purchase an affordable cycling computer to track your progress expertly. With determination, you can achieve many things.

    While smaller studios might just offer one type of spin class that approaches the workout in a traditional manner, watch out for places that explore the waters a bit more and dive into the world of HIIT, rhythmic cycling, and so on. You will be surprised by what hidden gems some drop-in classes can be, so don’t be afraid to give them a shot. 

    The Bottom Line

    The world of fitness is ripe with trendy studios where innovative spinning classes are held each day. This creates a variety in approach, thus accommodating a lot of different individuals and their specific requests. What is more, there is something out there to suit every budget, which is why indoor cycling has maintained its popularity over the years so well.