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What Could You Forget About When Planning a Garage Gym

The last few years have highlighted the importance of having a dedicated workout space at home. Home gyms are no longer something revered by the super-rich but have become somewhat of a normal thing in regular family homes.

Going to your local gym will always be the best option for accessing the broadest range of equipment. However, public gyms have a lot of downsides, and these have been highlighted in recent years.

People are moving away from the idea that exercise has to occur in a public gym. Instead, people are choosing to build their own home gyms to always have somewhere to work out.

So what are the benefits of home gyms, and what are the things you cannot afford to forget when building your gym?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Home Gym?

Several factors have highlighted the benefits of home gyms. Firstly, for the first time in modern history, public gyms worldwide have had to close for months at a time. Secondly, people have been spending more time than ever at home.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are looking to build home gyms.

This is compounded by people being more aware of the importance of health than ever before. A great example of this is the trend in CBD for sale online and the number of people choosing to incorporate natural supplements into their everyday life, such as PureKana 500 mg CBD gummies and CBD oils.

The events of recent years have also made people reevaluate whether paying a monthly fee for access to a public gym is worth it.

While the upfront cost of setting up a home gym can be pricey, it is a one-off expense. After that, you have access to your home gym forever with no added fees. 

There are undoubtedly many benefits to setting up a home gym and reasons to pursue the idea. The next big question is where to build your home gym?

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    Finding Room for a Home Gym

    Deciding where to put your new home gym is vital. No one wants to be tripping over dumbbells on their way to the kitchen or find themselves staring at a stack of gym equipment while watching TV in the evening.

    It’s best to find a space in your house that you don’t use as part of your everyday routine. This means that your gym equipment won’t always be in your face and gives you a dedicated space for exercise.

    Spare rooms can be an excellent place to build a gym area. However, one issue is that spare rooms are typically on the second floor, which can cause problems when dealing with bulky and heavy equipment.

    Having a home gym on ground level works a lot better. It makes getting heavy equipment into the space easier and prevents floorboards and ceilings from becoming damaged.

    A garage gym is the perfect solution and ticks almost all the boxes to find the ideal space for a home gym. The garage is removed enough from the main house that equipment is not in the way.

    A garage gym also creates that necessary separation between daily life and workout time. With careful planning, a garage can be transformed into a space that feels just as professional as a public gym.

    Key Things to Remember When Planning Your Gym

    Building a gym in a garage starts with careful planning. Spending a little extra time before starting the building process ensures that you do not forget any of the essentials.

    Ideally, after a little hard work and time, you will find a dedicated workout space tailored to your specific workout habits and needs.

    Here are five key things to remember when building a gym in your garage.

    1 Rubber Floor Mats Are a Must

    Most garages have a simple concrete floor which is fine for parking a car but not working out. Concrete floors are painful if you fall and put extra strain on your ankles when doing things like jumping.

    Therefore, it’s important to invest in good rubber floor mats to cover the space. Almost every public gym uses rubber flooring to pad the space around equipment, making for a safe space to exercise.

    Rubber flooring also removes the need to purchase expensive yoga and exercise mats. The rubber floor provides the same support level and gives you a much larger area to work out in.

    2 Temperature Control Is Essential

    Garages are not built for people to spend time in; they are meant for storage. As a result, most garages are not insulated in the same way houses are.

    While you could invest the extra money and fully insulate your garage, it will probably be easier and cheaper to purchase some form of temperature control.

    If you live in a cold climate, a heating system will save you from working out in uncomfortably cold temperatures. Alternatively, in hot climates, a good air conditioning system is essential to stop you from feeling like you are exercising in a sauna.

    3 Plan Around Yearly Sales

    Building a home gym from scratch can quickly get expensive. Although the investment is worth it and you can save thousands in yearly gym memberships, it is still worth trying to save money where possible.

    Plan to start purchasing the most expensive items around sales and discounts. January is always a good time to grab a few discounts. The yearly Black Friday sales are another good time of year. It is also worth signing up to local stores’ mailing lists so that you know when they are planning a sale event.

    4 Lighting Can Make All the Difference

    You might have noticed that gyms are always well lit. There is a reason for this. Dark and gloomy rooms are not motivating and make your brain think it is the evening and time to start thinking about sleep.

    A well-lit, bright room, on the other hand, tricks your brain into thinking that it is the middle of the day and time to be active. Bright lights are motivating even when we do not realize it and can affect a person’s ability to work out to their full potential.

    Spending a little extra money on a full lighting system for your home gym can make a huge difference and make the space feel more professional and motivating.

    5 Must-Have Extras

    One huge benefit of a garage gym is that it is your own private space. At public gyms, you are forced to work out with headphones or go without any entertainment.

    When working out at home, you can blast your music as loud as you want or watch your favorite show on TV. Take advantage of this and invest in the little extras to make your garage gym feel like your own personal space.

    Consider getting a full speaker system if you tend to work out to motivate music. Or mount a TV to the wall if you enjoy watching videos while running on the treadmill.

    Planning an at-home gym is just as much about the extras that make it unique as purchasing all core equipment.


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