Perfect Fitness Pullup Bar

Why should you buy a Multi gym pull up bar?

Pulls up are a great way to increase upper body strength and attain the much sought after “V” shaped body. One benefit of pulls ups is that they are so convenient to do and are also a natural form of exercise. The basic pull up is when your palms are facing forward, about a foot apart. When your chin passes the bar one repetition has been done.

Different Types of pull up

Chin-ups are a variation of pull ups. They are the same as pull ups except the palms are facing towards you. Chin-ups are sometimes referred to as underhand pull ups. While chin-ups place a slight emphasis on the biceps, both pull-ups and chin-ups engage the exact same muscles, except to different degrees. Wider grips with the palms further apart place more emphasis on the lats, whereas a closer grip places more emphasis on the arms and shoulders.

Some pull-up bars come with a neutral grip. This usually means they will have two parallel bars which can be grabbed with the palms facing each other. This is sometimes referred to as a commando pull up. Chin-ups, pull-ups, and commando pull-ups are the three main types of pull ups that are most commonly executed. The best pull up bars should accommodate for these three grip positions.

However, there are many other types of pull ups that can vary the pull-up routine. Neck pull ups engage the upper back and shoulders more, where the head is lifted in front of the bar and the back of the neck may touch the front of the bar (good form is crucial for this pull up to avoid injury). This can be a challenging experience for those who are supremely fit with good upper body strength.

Dead hang pull ups are where the body “hangs” full length as the arms are fully extended for each repetition. The body is slowly elevated upwards to engage the muscles. Other types of pull ups include kipping pull ups, where the explosive momentum is used to swing yourself over the bar, and plyo pull ups, which is essentially a kipping pull up where the user lets go of the bar and catches it again. This type of pull up is most frequently seen in gymnastics.

Other pull up variations include archer pull ups, the one arm pull up and the opposite grip pull-up. There is really an infinite amount of variations that van be done. Adding weight via a belt can also make the pull up harder for increased resistance. In order to experiment properly with all the pull-up variants, it is important to get a sturdy, durable pull-up bar, such as the perfect fitness pull up bar.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar for your home

The perfect multi-gym pull up bar is probably one of the best doorway pull up bars available. The perfect multi-gym pull up bar is constructed from steel and can accommodate up to 300 pounds’ total user weight. The perfect multi-gym pro pull up bar has a patented design that protects the door frame with an easy vertical fit.

One of the features setting this pull-up bar apart from other models is that it is suitable for an ultra-wide grip for targeting the lats in particular. The doorway requirements are a little more stringent than usual, between 27 and 35 inches wide, wider than the typical average for pull up bars. It is a well-constructed, heavy duty, sturdy piece of equipment built to last.

It accommodates the three main pull up variants, the chin-up (underhand grip), standard pull up (overhand grip) and commando/hammer grip pull up (palm facing). The height adjustment feature is what really sets it apart and this has led to many positive reviews with regard to the product, as it is seldom found on other pull up bars.

Also, the added protection of the foam pads which protect the door frame is a nice addition to have. It is also much shinier, sleeker and simply better looking than most steel workout bars. There are a number of perfect fitness multi gym workouts which can be a nice compliment to this pull-up bar. Perfect multi gym workouts were designed by a former navy seal whose focus is on natural body movements through calisthenics.

There are few downsides to this well-constructed gym pro pull up bar. It is solidly built and made to last. It does take a little longer to put together than standard pull up bars, in the range of around 30 minutes to put together. Another reported issue is that the foam pads are not glued on solidly. And the real downside is that it is sometimes out of stock, which can be irritating for those who wish to purchase. The bar is a little heavier than standard which may make it difficult to move from doorway to doorway.

Final thoughts about Perfect Fitness Pullup Bar

This is a well-made bar at a good price. It is durable, safe, and made to last, the most important feature of any workout bar. It is probably one of the best pull-up bars on the market all in all. It loses minor points due to the fact that it the foam pads are not glued on correctly and it is a little complicated to set up compared to other types of pull up bars. Click here to read about Iron gym Total body workout bar Reviews.