Build Mass For Your Forearm Workout at Home

When doing arm day at the gym, we typically concentrate our energy on our upper arms and neglect our forearms. Much like our calves, it’s an area of our body that we don’t really pay much attention to. However, well-defined forearms will do wonders for your looks, plus, you don’t want to have bulging upper arms that taper off to skinny twigs.

Building Forearms

Vanity aside, having strong forearms will only boost your ability to work on your upper body and chest by improving your grip strength so you can deadlift with ease. It will also help with chest and shoulder presses and other such exercises.

Now, your usual chest, back and arm workouts may seem like enough for your forearms, but they’re not. Just like how you dedicate several exercises to each area of your body, you should be building your forearms too. Let’s take a look at how.

How to Work Out Forearms

This simple guide will teach you how to strengthen forearms, how to increase forearm size, how to build forearms, how to get bigger forearms, how to get bigger wrists – basically, any forearm related question you may have, we have the answer. We will run you through a few workouts for forearms so you can find the one that suits you best.

Keep in mind that these workouts are designed as gym exercises for men.

Forearm workouts typically require heavy pushing, pulling and curling. Curl your fingers into a fist and squeeze as hard as you can. You should be able to feel your arm muscles tensing – this is what you should feel when you perform any forearm exercises.

Now, let’s take a look at a few forearm workouts.

Forearm Workout #1: The Farmer’s Carry

This is the best forearm workout there is – this forearm workout with dumbbells is guaranteed to bestow you with powerful forearms that complement your muscular upper arms. Plus, it’s a great way to cool off after a heavy gym session.

Simply pick up a pair of dumbbells, one in each hand. You won’t have to do any lifting, so pick a heavy weight. Then, begin walking around. Keep a good posture – back straight, chest out, shoulders back. You’ll find it’s easier to do if you tighten your core.

Simply do this for 10 minutes at the end of every workout session and you’re guaranteed to have well-developed forearms in less than a month.

Forearm Workout #2: Towel Pull-ups

If you’d prefer forearm exercises without weights, try a towel pull-up. I say “a” towel pull-up because this exercise is extremely difficult; you’ll probably only be able to do one your first try. Sounds like a challenge you want to take on?

Wrap two towels around a pull-up bar and grab one in each hand. Perform your pull-ups as you would normally do – keep your chest up and your shoulders down. If it’s too difficult, let go of one towel and grip the pull-up bar (the other hand should still be holding the towel). Alternate to make sure both forearms get a good workout. This is one of the best forearm exercises for mass.

Forearm Workout #3: Hand Exercisers

If you’re looking for a forearm workout at home, invest in a hand exerciser. These nifty little workout buddies are extremely convenient, you can use them while watching TV! Simply grip them and squeeze!

Of course, there are plenty of different kinds of fancy exercises you can do with a hand exerciser. They all achieve the same purpose though – stronger forearms. I’ve found that simply wrapping your palm around both handles and squeezing is a pretty good forearm strengthening exercise on its own; after all, it gets the job done. Do about 50 reps a day and watch your forearms blow up within a month!

Forearm Workout #4: Upside Down Kettlebells

There aren’t many forearm workouts with weights, most of them target your core, chest, upper arms etc while working on your forearms a little. However, if you try the upside down kettlebell, you’ll feel the burn in your forearms.

Hold a kettlebell upside down. Sounds simple? Think about it. You’ll have to balance the round weight above your hand while holding the handle from underneath. Double points if you can lift the kettlebell while still holding it in place.

It helps if you tighten your core and your glutes when engaging in this workout. Maintain a tight grip on the handle of the kettlebell, you don’t want it to slip from your grasp! If you can lift it, do about 5-6 reps on each hand and about 2-3 sets. If you can’t lift it on your first try, either swap the kettlebell for a lighter one, or practice just holding it in place until you’ve got the strength to lift.

Forearm Workout #5: Plate Tosses

Since we’re talking about good forearm workouts, it’s pretty important not to forget the plate toss. It’s a pretty difficult one, because you’ll have to snatch a heavy plate as it drops through the air. Then, you’ll have to maintain your grip on it, and bring it back up.

Stand with your legs slightly apart, firmly planted on the ground. This is important – if you do not have a good grip on the ground, you’re likely to slip and fall while trying to pull the heavy plate back up.

Hold a bumper plate by its end in front of your waist. Then, drop it. Quickly reach down to catch it by its end and bring it back up to your waist. Repeat. Once you feel like you’re getting good at this workout, switch to doing it with one hand (make sure to train both hands though!).

This is a great forearm exercise because of all the added benefits it comes with. Sure, it blows up your forearms, but it also sharpens your reflexes and hones your grip so you can get better at your deadlifts and other such exercises.

So, the next time you’re at the gym, spend at least 10-15 minutes on your forearms. You won’t regret it!