Best Kettlebell Reviews 2023 – Top Kettlebells Compared

Are you looking for the best adjustable kettlebell review for your workout needs? After testing the top-rated kettlebells for months, we’ve found the best kettlebell for home fitness and listed it here.

Today’s fitness is all about functional exercises – movements that you will use in real life as well. (Make Sure You Read Our : Best Kettlebell Reviews 2021)

[pullquote align=’none’]Exercises using a kettlebell focus on natural movements that you go through in a normal day rather than branch presses, dumbbell flyes, or lunges.[/pullquote]

This means that a person who does kettlebell exercises tend to find daily chores like carrying bags from the supermarket or hauling heavy stuff a lot easier than the rest.

There has been a lot of talk about traditional pieces of gym equipments like barbells, dumbbells, power racks and the like on my website. But very little has been spoken about one of the more alternative forms of exercise. What I’m referring to of course is kettlebells. (Make Sure You Read Our : Best Kettlebell Reviews 2021

Are Kettlebell Workouts Are Effective For Beginners?

Gone are the days when if you needed a muscular body, a gym and its exercise regimen was all there was available. 4 reasons why you try kettlebells

Ask anyone who frequently uses kettlebells, and they will tell you how effective it has been at transforming their ‘every-day’ routines. They will also tell you how much time they were able to save at the gym, because kettlebells are give you a much better all-round physique at 1/3 less time spent.

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What’s So Special About Kettlebells ?

1 For Great Physique

For a lot of people, a good looking body means one that is lean, and strong rather than big and bulky. When you hit the gym, you do gain muscle mass but at the cost of lean muscle, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Kettlebells on the other hand focus on all-round growth and development rather than focusing on certain areas of the body.

2 For Weight Loss

The key to lose weight during weights or resistance training, is to engage all the muscles you possibly can during workouts. A kettlebell engages all the muscles of your body to give you a complete workout and this will burn even more fat from your body.

3 For Better Posture

Kettlebells engage more muscles than an average workout at the gym and so you get a lot stronger. And this strength shows when you go through the rigors of everyday life, like lifting heavy stuff, trying to open a stuck jar, anything. These exercises also accentuate better posture, which people will notice about you.

4 Firm Up Your Rear

Since most of us slog away at desk jobs, our bodies don’t get the exercise we are supposed to. One area that needs attention, is your butt. Kettlebells can tone up sagging buttock muscles and give you a well-rounded look to your body. Literally.

Kettlebell Training- Why and How?

This is one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in almost every gym. It is shaped like its namesake, a kettle, and can help give you an overall toned body.

A beginner starts off with a kettlebell weighing about 5 lb. then moves on to about 15 lb. As they progress further, they will move on to 25 lb. and then 35 lb. kettlebells until they are working out with a 50 pound kettlebell regularly.

This is the path I see most often, but that shouldn’t stop you from customizing your own kettlebell program. Of course, this depends on your own body type and fitness level. These examples will act as a guide and give you a framework on which you can further develop your body fitness.

Kettlebell Training reviews by garage gym

Best Kettlebell Brand On The Market In 2021

There are various kettlebell brands that can give you top class products depending on your price range. RKC Kettlebell, Dragon Door kettlebell, Ader kettlebells and the Gofit kettlebell are some of the better known brands and you are well advised to start looking there. You can even get certification through training to a point where you can actually make a career out of teaching people how to use kettlebells.

A Significant Leader In Kettlebells

One of the more prominent leaders in the manufacturing of kettlebells is Dragon Door. They are the ones that created the RKC kettlebell which is a certified instructor program, which also includes the use of Russian kettle bells in its RKC kettlebells offering. It’s pretty clear Dragon Door is one of the foremost in kettlebell science.

Challenging Programs

Recently, Dragon Door offered a calisthenics training program which based on instructions with “Convict Conditioning”. This is a comprehensive program and also a primary allusion for people who are actually serious with Russian kettlebell products.

Conditioning Goals for Convict Conditioning

Basic guidelines concerning the Convict Conditioning program is that anyone who engages themselves for a period should complete at least one set of one-arm push-ups and one-leg squats per side. They need to achieve one one-arm pull up on both sides and a set of 5 leg raises hanging straight.

They should also be able to perform one stand-to-stand bridge and one one-armed pushup handstand style.

What You Need To Know Before You Choose

Anyone who is going to dedicate their time to using kettlebells should review their brands sensibly and obtain feedback from the market as to which ones are actually good and which of those help you out. The above guidelines are the basic requirements before you work up to harder objectives.

Kettlebell Exercises

First off, there might be this question lingering in your head as to how a kettlebell is actually different compared to a dumbbell or a barbell which you are actually used to. A kettlebell extends its center of mass when compared to traditional equipment and their workout range is quite different.

What this this means for you is that kettlebell workouts tend to be easier to perform than comparable dumbbell exercises.

Simpler Movements

Traditionally, kettlebell movements are designed to build upon a person’s strength and endurance levels while focusing on their major areas like shoulders, legs and lower back. Big swinging movements that are normally associated with kettlebells are simpler to execute.

Another point to focus on is the fact that when you are swinging that bit of weight, your grip also comes into play and this strengthens your hands as well. Even if you’re a fan of CrossFit, you can use kettlebells to augment your regimen.

Which Is Best For You in 2021?

The RKC Kettlebell

Dragon Door RKC Russian Kettlebell

The RKC Dragon Door is the brands most popular product and is an ideal fitness accessory for you. it is made with a cast iron core and features smooth grips and a metallic finish. You can use this kettlebell for advanced movements that are required in many exercises. Depending on weight, the price are average and for weights of 10 to 70 pounds.

GoFit Kettlebell – For Kettlebell Beginners

GoFit Kettlebell

I really like GoFit’s range of kettlebells for their build quality and the fact that they come in bright green is a huge plus! It is made for beginners and not aimed at pro-lifters. It makes it clear from the start with its range of bright colors red, purple, yellow, blue, orange, and green. They liven up the area without the traditional drab colors of the rest of the manufacturers. Yes, they look good but I also have to stress on the fact that they are pretty well-built.

Ader Kettlebells –Premium and Traditional

Ader Premier Kettlebell 24kg

This traditional kettlebells made by Adder use cast iron designs which hark back to the first successful kettlebell designs. Adder’s kettlebell has a smooth and consistent design but it doesn’t slip that easily. There are no rough edges or graininess that has been featured in Adder’s kettlebell range. The company also does not use epoxy as a coating agent as it can sometimes slip.

Weight To Start With?

Since kettlebells are usually used in one-handed routines proper form is important from the start to avoid any injuries. This means that if you choose a kettlebell that is too light or too heavy, you’ll get into bad habits and end up not getting the right workout or worse, injured for a length of time.

This article can give you a lot of insight into choosing the best kettlebell.

Recommended Weight

These are the weights I would recommend from various inputs from trainers in established gyms and my own experience as well.

A person who is not that active should start off with 25 to 35 lbs (14 kgs) as a man or 15 to 20 lbs (8 kgs approx.) as a woman.

Athletic people should opt for 45 to 55 lbs (20 – 24 kgs) as a man or 25 to 30 lbs (12 – 14 kgs) as a woman.

Getting a Fitter Body

Regardless of the brands you are going to go with (RKC, Gofit or Ader), each of them are designed to help you improve your co-ordination and muscles. Intensive kettlebell training is a unique method which promotes proper body mechanics and builds core strength and endurance by engaging all your major muscle groups.

Preventing Injuries

A lot of people get into kettlebell training for improving their odds against every day or sports related injuries. Athletes have been using kettlebells for a really long time to improve their body’s twitch mechanics and enable quick changes in direction.

This kind of fitness can help keep injuries at bay and help you perform at your best for a long time.

Burn More Calories And Fat

Athletes from Russia have been using Kettlebells as a part of their training regime for many years. The US meanwhile is only warming up to it now. A kettlebell is basically a weighted ball with a handle attached. While it might not be much to look at there are a lot of exercises that you can engage in using this simple tool for your workouts.

All kettlebells, despite their brand, enable more movement than dumbbells or barbells and hence burns excessive fat and calories.

The Typical Kettlebell

A kettlebell in its traditional form is a metal ball of specific weight and a handle attached to it. It is made up of iron, steel or other solid material which does not corrode easily and is seam and burr free.

The adjustable variety of kettlebells look like pretty much like the normal ones except for the fact that it has smaller plates with a pin on which they rest. The selling point of adjustable kettlebells is that you can add/take away weights from it making it suitable for people with smaller gym spaces who can’t have too many different kettlebells lying around.

While this might not be as sturdy as a typical kettlebell, people opt for this for their convenience.

Using Heavier Kettlebells Safely

Kettlebells may vary in weights from as low as 2 pounds to over 200 pounds. Its range of weight you will use is dependent on your level of fitness and the type of exercise regimen you want to pursue. Just be careful with kettlebells whose weight exceeds 30 pounds as they can cause injuries to your body and primary muscle groups.

Exercises With Lighter Weights

Exercises like windmills are to be used with lighter weights. Do not over exert yourself with heavier weights and hence promote bad form by twisting or swinging inappropriately. The optimum weight for windmills and swings is less than 30 pounds.

Presses And Curls – Basics

Kettlebells are not your traditional exercises and movements and they target areas that are completely different from regular dumbbells and barbells. They can be used for multi-functional exercises like chest presses and arm curls which are more effective than with the traditional dumbbells.

What You Should Look For ?

There are considerations that you need to think about when you are about to choose a kettlebell for your home/garage gym. The worst thing you can do is go out and get a brand without doing any research whatsoever. These are a few things that you should look for when purchasing your own.

Practical and Durable

When you choose a kettlebell, you ought to get it from a popular manufacturer as they can easily last upwards of a decade. You might have to pay more, but the additional money spent gets you high quality and resilience.

Choosing The Material

I generally opt for steel or iron over something that has a mix of materials for the obvious reason that they are generally sturdier and tougher than the rest. If you live in a place where there is high moisture you should opt for only stainless steel as they don’t corrode easily.

Say No to Vinyl

I’ve seen a lot of people get vinyl coated kettlebells. They might look good and hide general imperfections but I would prefer not to let slip a 30 pound piece of weight when swinging. It also tends to happen because when you sweat vinyl becomes slippery.

Opt For A Brand With Lifetime Warranty

A few brands come with a lifetime warranty on their kettlebells. I generally tend to think that if a company is good enough to offer a lifetime warranty, it goes without saying they are made to last. Premium brands generally come with a full lifetime warranty included.

Do You Get A Dvd With It?

This is something to consider if you are a beginner and getting it for your home gym. A DVD offers a lot of insight into proper form and training.

How A Premium Should Feel

When you pay for a premium brand kettlebell you need to make sure that there is no welding joints visible on the surface. Top of the range kettlebells feature thicker handles for men and wider handles for women ensuring the smooth performance of bottom-up drills. The finish of the handle is also uniform but never smooth.

Kettlebells are usually designed with specific exercises in mind, for example, kettlebells with broader handles are more suited for two-handed drills. Few companies have kettlebells designed with wider bases so you can do pushups with them or even rows.

Visit websites of popular brands to get an idea about what you get for the amount of money you spend.


Regardless of the equipment, what is important is that you get one suited for your training needs. If you want to keep yourself fit, don’t get really heavy ones and the opposite if you are looking to bulk up.

Remember to practice the right form rather than keep loading weights. All the best!