September 26


10 Best Ways To Encourage Your Children To Be Physically Active And Be Fit

When it comes to your children, having them live a healthy lifestyle is key. This guide will discuss the ten best ways to encourage them to be physically active so they can be fit for the long term. It’s always a good idea to make sure they are able to get regular exercise be it on their own or with friends or family.

They will be able to reap the benefits as they grow. They can even maintain an active lifestyle even into adulthood. Let’s take a look at the following ways that you can help make it happen.

It Improves Mental Health

Believe it or not, physical activity can be beneficial for mental health. Your child will feel less stressed, anxious, and even less sad. If your child may be experiencing mental health issues, you can find out more information on how you can get help through BasePoint Academy.

You can visit their website at If they have mental health issues, exercise can help keep symptoms and other instances at bay. Pair it with their treatment plan and they can make things manageable.

Help Them Build An Active Lifestyle

This starts with you. You can be a role model and help them take after you. This can include doing physical activities together.

This can inspire them to help them get moving on their own as they get older. You and your child can take exercise classes together. You can also take walks around the block or to a nearby park.

Or you can also find out whether your local recreational department offers sports for adults and children. There are so many ways to help your child build an active lifestyle. One of the major challenges may be that a child may resist doing this.

It can be an issue, but some of them may give it a try and they might like it for one reason or another.

Find Activities The Love

This is a key thing you should consider. Find an activity that they love while it helps keep them active. This can be an organized activity that you, your child, and the rest of your family can do together.

Make sure this is something they actually enjoy. If it’s something that doesn’t interest them, they’ll quit when the opportunity presents itself. Finding an activity can take time so don’t get frustrated if things start getting challenging.

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    Teach Them The Importance Of Physical Exercise

    The importance of physical exercise is something you want to teach your child. Talk about why regular exercise will be healthy for them in the long term. Reasons such as ‘because I said so won’t be as effective as you think.

    One of the things you want to focus on is the health benefits of exercise. Make sure you refrain from suggesting the idea of losing weight or trying to look a certain way. This can develop what might be potential image issues in the future.

    Talk about how it can make their heart healthy, live longer, and be able to live a healthy lifestyle when they are older. Overall health and wellness should be what they need to improve, nothing else.

    Block Of Time Dedicated To Physical Activity

    This can be a challenge because you have a work schedule. Plus, your child has a schedule of their own including school and homework. So it may be a good idea to schedule activities during the available time periods you both have.

    This will also teach them the importance of scheduling their workouts. Weekdays may be tough, but it can be manageable. Weekends may be easier since you both may not have to work or deal with other commitments on those days.

    Give Them A Safe Environment

    When it comes to physical activities, you should give them an environment where they can do this safely. Your own backyard will be the best place. You can also consider a nearby park or recreational center.

    Make sure that they are also wearing the appropriate attire. Wearing the wrong attire can be discomforting. Not to mention, the increased chances of injury can happen. 

    Give Them Screen Time Limits

    If there is one major distraction to an active lifestyle, it’s excessive screen time. Make sure your child’s screen time has limits. The free time they have from a screen can be used for the purpose of physical activities they can do.

    Make sure that this limit is in place daily. It’s also important that they follow this schedule. No slipping up either. Don’t be lax on the limits either. Set a limit and stick to it. Make sure your child does the same. Once they adjust to this habit, they can make physical activity a priority and they can live healthier life.

    Give Them Access To Active Toys

    This includes but is not limited to balls and jump ropes among other toys. You can play games with these kinds of toys so it can make physical activity more fun. You can also come up with ideas for games on your own or check out various YouTube videos and try them out for yourselves.

    Many active toys from Toynk are a good investment and are not expensive either. With toys involved, it makes activities a lot easier for your child to do. And it will want them to do more.

    Make Sure They Don’t Overdo It

    Overdoing it can lead to injury. In fact, most activities shouldn’t be too vigorous. The last thing you should do is see your child get hurt.

    This can lead to a loss of interest in the activities they previously enjoyed. 

    Plan Ahead

    This is the most vital thing possible. Planning ahead and scheduling appointments should be something you should do in order for you and your children to prepare. Plus, it can also build anticipation and excitement at the same time.

    If the weather is not cooperating, you can consider alternative activities and even change the place where it can be held. An indoor soccer game would be a good substitute for an outdoor one in the event that nature doesn’t cooperate.