CrossFit For Women - Why Should Every Women Do CrossFit

Why Women should CrossFit?

Are you looking for a reason that can motivate you enough to start the new crossfit workouts that everyone is doing? Even though there are many CrossFit reviews out there, they are either not specifically about CrossFit or they don’t tell you what CrossFit Olympia is all about.

If you are already a CrossFit girl, then you know the benefits and you are definitely enjoying good health. However, if you are not sure what this exercise is all about and you really want to give it a try, then you can find loads of helpful information in this article. You might have heard people say that CrossFit is not for ordinary people and only trained athletes can do it. But they are wrong, CrossFit is a fun exercise regardless of gender and training level. Anyone who wants to see significant improvements in fitness and overall health can try it. People tell you it’s dangerous and might do physical harm, so is CrossFit for me? And is it safe?

Well, yes if done correctly, CrossFit is safe and effective.

What Does CrossFit Do For You?

Many people ask is CrossFit worth it and when they find the answer, they start thinking about how to start CrossFit. This post is to help you understand what CrossFit is and how it helps you maintain overall health.

This is a high-intensity exercise program in which the person performs various strength and aerobic exercises like cleans, jerks, push-ups and sprints. All in all, these exercises are combined called the WODs or workouts of the day. Each WOD is about half an hour long. However, these 30 minutes are really challenging and track performance and progress. There is a healthy competition with yourself as you perform each workout.

How Does CrossFit Work

How does CrossFit work

Crossfit is a high-intensity exercise that encourages good health and fitness. Fitness means good health and form of a person due to regular physical exercise. There are certain ways to measure the fitness of a person such as

The strength of the muscles

The condition of the cardiovascular activity

Checking the composition of the body

Checking the flexibility of the muscles

The metabolic health of a person

In simple words, the fitter you are, the stronger you get. You can deal with the stress caused by the physical activity of the cardiac muscles. You become muscular and lose excess fat. Our bodies become more flexible because of exercise. The digestive system of the body gets better and stronger and can use food in a better way and regenerate it to fuel the activities in the body.

Does CrossFit Work For Weight Loss?

If you are starting CrossFit to lose the excess fat in your body and lose weight, then you need to understand the mechanism of weight loss. The supplement and weight loss product manufacturers would tell you long stories and complex phenomenon about losing those pounds from your body but the case is simple. Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume. There is no magic mantra to it, all you must do is eat healthily and stay active to balance the calories and fats in your body. If you do not let the excess fats accumulate under your skin, you will not put on any weight. However, if you are eating more and burning less, you are soon going to put the extra fat on. Crossfit alone, as an exercise, does not have a major effect on losing weight.

Paleo Diet and CrossFit

Women CrossFit industry has much talk about the paleo diet for unknown reasons. However, we all know that both are promoted and have a strong connection in the fitness community. The Paleo diet in simple words is eating like the cavemen when there were no candies, cereals or pasta. All you can eat on a paleo diet is grains, vegetables, nuts, fish, and meat. The Paleo diet is a great approach towards healthy eating as it is organic and keeps the person away from obesity.

However, this approach does not make sense because losing weight is directly related to burning more calories than you eat. If you are not losing the extra calories, then you are not going to lose weight regardless of what you are eating.

The point is that whether you are doing Crossfit or any other exercise, if you are not maintaining an overall balanced diet and healthy habits, then you are not going to lose any weight. Crossfit is a good practice to stay active and fit but if you are eating a whole load of chocolate and junk in your breakfast and then doing a 30-min workout then your exercise is not going to work.

If you wish to lose weight, you need a routine and a pattern that allows a healthy diet. Any exercise alone will not be enough to lose the extra pounds. You need to eat healthily, stay active, develop habits that are good for your health. If you are eating only organic foods but you are eating a good amount of meat just before you sleep, then your exercise and food are not going to work well.

How is Exercise Connected to Weight Loss?

People often ask what is the best exercise for weight loss and there are many who promote certain products and programs in the name of weight loss. There is a multi-million-dollar industry built around the weight loss mystery and the audience pays a significant amount to get rid of extra fat.

However, if you critically review the concept, the truth is that no exercise alone is enough for losing weight. Each exercise is good for burning calories and people adopt the one they are most comfortable with. If there are two exercises and doing each of them for 30 minutes’ burns 400 calories, then you cannot regard one as better for weight loss than the other. One of them won’t be more suitable for weight loss than the other because both burn an equal number of calories.

Similarly, CrossFit is a great exercise, but we can’t say that it is good or bad for weight loss in any case. Each workout is good for staying fit and people choose the ones that they like the most.

What is A CrossFit Workout?

There are four words used to basically define CrossFit, and these four words are the sport of the fitness. Crossfit girl workout includes a variety of high-intensity exercises that improves the physical fitness and enhance the performance of cardiovascular tissues.

The official website of the CrossFit says that it is a major strength program for many military pieces of training, police academies, martial artists, professional athletes and special forces all around the world. The program is not exclusive to a certain people but the best part is that anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit can take up the program. It is broad and inclusive by design which makes it suitable for both men and women, and people of all ages and professions. It is not just a fitness program but the power and strength that CrossFit develops are applicable in many areas of life.

According to this approach, people are fit when they are fit in all ten areas of the physical skills. These ten areas include speed, agility, strength, power, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, balance, accuracy, and coordination. Each of these areas represents different body muscles and all of them are improved through this program.

In simple words, CrossFit is a multidimensional exercise which involves demanding workouts in various areas each day. So, it is not like your regular gym where you are doing bench every day or a single workout with different intensity as time passes. The variety of exercises focuses on strength and performance of each area of the body. It is not about building a certain muscle or lifting a certain weight but it is more about being physically fit and preparing yourself for challenges that might come in your everyday life.

Another major conflict is the CrossFit workouts for women because a lot of people say that CrossFit is too tough for women and they should not try it. This claim is completely wrong as the exercise is equally good for all people regardless of gender, age, or profession. Women can improve their overall body structure and fitness with a high-intensity and versatile workout. The national library of medicine published a report in 2013, which said that CrossFit is not only good for men but also has great benefits for women to maintain good fitness.

You can start practicing the exercise as soon as you want. If you feel motivated working in groups, you can join a Crossfit gym near you or you can even watch online videos and join training programs while staying at your home. All you must do is take half an hour each day from your busy routine. Once you start doing the exercises, you might find them challenging at first, but eventually, you will develop a keen interest to do more and challenge yourself in different ways.

General Terms Used:

Crossfit has time, rounds and repetitions involved. Each workout of the day(WOD) will have different instructions when it comes to how many times you must do it, how many rounds are involved, how long you should do it etc. The AMRAP means as many rounds as possible while Tabata is a unique method where you perform a certain activity for 20 seconds followed by a 10-second rest. This usually occurs for 8 rounds that make a total of 4 minutes. (20+10 = 30, times 2). Timed exercises are great because they build a positive sense of competition and challenge. You can improve your blood flow and focus when working out in a time-bound manner.

Pros and Cons of CrossFit

Pros of CrossFit

CrossFit women know the benefits of CrossFit and enjoy doing the exercise. However, a beginner may not know how good the exercise is for them. To make it easier, here are 3 CrossFit benefits that you should know:

1. Great community

One notable thing about exercise is that it is always done better in groups. When you have a community of people doing the same thing as you and having the same goals as you, then you feel more motivated to perform and continue your workout. Crossfit has developed a very strong community in little time as compared to other exercises, which is a great plus.

2. Exciting

If you like to challenge yourself or you are always looking for that one extra push, then you are fit for Crossfit. As soon as you enter a CrossFit gym, you will hear loud music pumping up the energy of the people and badass people. This is exciting if you like kicking ass and testing your capabilities. It is bold and vibrant yet a fun thing to do.

3. Challenging the self

People who are always trying to be a better version of themselves as each day passes will find great interest in this exercise. The concept is all about going that extra mile and doing that last set when you feel like you have been drained of all energy. You can consider yourself as your competition and try to perform better than what you did in the last WOD.

Since CrossFit is a community thing, you can have competition in the gym with other people and see how you are doing. The trainer will keep you motivated by giving your fitness assessment and update of how your body is reacting to the changes. Not only that, but you always feel the improvements in yourself and your attitude towards demanding tasks within just a few weeks of the exercise.

Cons of CrossFit

There are always two sides of a coin, and this is no different. Here are the potential drawbacks of this exercise that you should know.

1. Lacks individual training

We have already discussed that CrossFit is a group activity but that has a major drawback. If everyone in a group is assigned the same task every day and all of them train the same, then there is something wrong with the program. Everyone is unique and has unique body structure, needs, and approach towards fitness. You cannot assign a Fran (a CrossFit workout) to a beginner and a professional both.

2. Lacks programming

The other major issue with this type of exercise is that it lacks programming. If you are lifter or builder, you will know the importance of programming. The right programming is the key to fitness. If you do not analyze individual performance, you will never know their weaknesses and strengths. You can’t help train different people in the right manner if you do not have a program for each. Programming is critical because it prevents future injury and shows the trainee which areas to work on.

Most Crossfit trainers just take the WOD posted on the official website and assign it to their trainees. These are all high-intensity exercises that are usually not made for beginners. If you are assigning a 1-mile run, 200 squats and 300 pull ups to everyone in the gym, you should remember that you may have a beginner. And how possible is it for a beginner to do all of this in one day?

Applying random WOD’s to everyone does not address individual weaknesses or allow space for individual growth.

3. Lacks scalability

Different people need different levels of training and take different time to achieve certain gym goals. The problem with Crossfit is that it’s not scalable. You cannot judge someone just because he couldn’t complete a high-intensity training program in his first week.

How Does CrossFit Change a Woman’s Body?

Crossfit demographics show that CrossFit body changes are significant in the case of women same as men. If you are regular and consistent with your exercise, you will see a major improvement in your overall health, fitness, and different physical areas.

  • Women who CrossFit become faster runners and can beat their existing time on a 1-mile race in just the first 2 weeks.
  • Your body performs well and your core gets stronger. In just about 6 weeks, you should be able to do 20 more sit ups.
  • Your upper body gets in real shape and your arm muscles get strong. You can push-up thrice as much in just the first month.
  • You become faster and stronger because you are doing a variety of exercises that strengthen muscles in different body parts.
  • You can perform daily activities better and your focus gets better
  • You develop a high level of confidence when you see your body doing miracles that you never thought you could do in the first place

If you had been wondering, ‘does CrossFit work?’,now you have the answers. It is definitely a great exercise for both women and men and the best part is that you get to be a better version of yourself each passing day.

Each exercise is unique and so is every person, so if you have an injury or a physical condition that might put you at some risk doing the high-intensity workouts, then you should consult your trainer or doctor before you start CrossFit.

All in all, CrossFit is not anything like the usually organized exercises that you do. It is highly challenging both physically and mentally. The high-intensity training might put you off in the beginning because when you are training alongside professionals they seem to have no problem doing a 30lbs deadlift. Don’t get demotivated if you can’t even complete your first round when others are just about to finish. In the beginning, you will have fear, you will have self-doubt and even frustration. However, this is good, let the emotions build up, let it all accumulate and take it out while your high-intensity training to keeps you supercharged.

Once you get into a routine and get used to the workouts, it will be one of the best things you have ever done to keep you fit both physically and mentally. When you are taking time out and investing it in your well-being, you will see significant changes in your morale and self-confidence.