How Much Cardio Does it Take to Lose Weight?

Cardio workouts are intense exercises. They raise the heart rate, tone the body, and improve blood circulation. There are very many cardio workouts that you can do either from the comfort of your home, from a gym, or from a fitness centre.

Cardio Exercise Equipment


Using the treadmill for cardio workouts is one of the most commonly used fat blasting cardio exercises. Treadmills combine both running and walking to slowly work up the heart rate. You can adjust the treadmill speeds to what suits you best. Beginners are advised to choose very low speeds until their bodies adjust to fast speeds.

Athletes and other professional sportspeople can adjust the buttons on the treadmill to mimic an incline position. This makes it feel like they are training in a high altitude area.

Treadmills are good cardio workouts for beginners. However, people are advised to start off with the treadmill beginner workout before they get comfortable on the treadmill. They should begin treadmill cardio workout by doing a 30 minute or less workout. After this, they proceed to a walk and jog workout.

This workout alternates between walking and jogging on the treadmill. They can do some light running with this pace. It’s only after they have mastered this pace and are comfortable, that they are they are advised to progress further to a sprint workout. During the sprint workout, they can speed up the treadmill for an even faster pace.

Anyone using the treadmill and doing speed sprints is advised to take some intervals between the workouts.

Elliptical Machine

This is also a cardio workout machine that works just as well as the treadmill. It is used in many gyms and fitness centers and it stimulates the act of climbing stairs. Elliptical cardio workouts can be adjusted from low to high-density workouts. People with injuries and first time cardio workout beginners are advised to be careful when using the elliptical trainer. They have handles and pedals that allow anyone using an elliptical trainer to target specific parts of the body. The elliptical is one sure way of burning fat and raising your heartbeat.


These are weights that look like dumbbells. They are mostly used by weightlifters and come either as one piece or in pairs. There are different kinds of dumbbells. These are adjustable dumbbells, fixed dumbbells and dumbbells whose weights can easily be changed when still using the dumbbell. They help in acquiring more muscular strength and toning the body. They also help in burning up fat from the body.

There are very many other cardio workout trainers you will find in most fitness centers. A few others are the flips, the walking lunges, and the sled drags.

Best Cardio Workout at Home

You don’t have to go to the gym or a fitness center to have a cardio workout. You can have a fat blasting workout from the comfort of your home and still lose the belly fat and stay fit.

Many people either don’t have the time to go to a gym or are not in a position to. You do not need equipment to have a good cardio workout. A 10-minute cardio workout will make a big difference to your health.

In a span of 10-minutes you can warm up to an exciting and rigorous 10-minutes of different cardio exercises that will be enough to burn up fat from your body and make your heartbeat rise. You can start warming up to your 10-minute cardio by doing bridges, do squats jumps, a plank with shoulder touches, you can do burpees, downward dog exercises and many more. Rest for a few seconds between the exercises. Waking up every morning to these exercises will have you losing extra pounds within a few weeks.

Other cardio workouts you can do at home are: -


What is the best cardio workout to lose belly fat? Aerobics is one of the best cardio exercises to lose belly fat at home. Doing aerobics burns fat very fast and it mainly targets the waist area. Try cycling, going for a swim, running on the spot, squats, dance to your favorite song, anything that will raise up your heart rate and make you break into a sweat.

Skipping rope

Using the rope as a cardio workout burns a lot of fat from your body. It raises your heartbeat and is a great way to stay fit. You can use the rope to do fast paced jumps and mild jumps.

Stair climbing

Stair Climbing or running up and down the stairs is another fat burning cardio exercise you can do at home. You can alternate between fast running up the stairs and a slow pace when going down. This exercise repeated several times in a day and a few times every week is a great cardio exercise.


Swimming is a great cardio exercise that burns up fat fast. It is also very relaxing and does great in toning the body.


Go for a hike or a walk. It will do your body some good and is another sure way of burning fat.

Fitness blender 10-minute abs workout

This is a 10-minute workout video you can watch to workout your abdominal abs. it helps you get an evenly toned and a flat belly. It has 10 abs exercises. Each exercise is 50 seconds and there is a transition period of 10 seconds between the exercises. If you are wondering what is the best cardio to lose fat belly? The blender 10-minutes abs is one of those ways.

Fitness blender cardio

This is a fat burning cardio workout specifically made for beginners. It is a 37 minute video with workouts that are not very strenuous. It is a good workout to do at home. Fitnessblender kickboxing is another very effective cardio workout exercise for high intensity.

What is the best cardio workout?

Whatever cardio workout you chose, the benefits are all the same.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

  • Helps with weight loss and loss of belly fat. The harder you train or exercise, the more calories your body burns.
  • Tones and firms the body.
  • It reduces the risk of heart diseases and other common diseases.
  • It strengthens the heart and lungs. A stronger heart pumps more blood to the body.
  • It relieves depression and stress and gives you a peace of mind.
  • It increases metabolism and improves the hormonal profile.
  • It gives the body better immunity and better ability to recover faster from ailments.
  • It increases and strengthens the bone density.