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12 Best Home Gym Equipment Under $100

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the number of people working out at home has risen exponentially. Constant lockdowns forced us indoors for months on end, and we began to realize that we could actually get great workouts in without paying for a pricey gym membership. To make things even better, there’s a range of home gym equipment you can buy to enhance your workouts and see better results.

Best Home Gym Equipment Under $100

Some home gym equipment is costly, but there are lots out there that can fit into the tightest budget. Looking to work out without breaking the bank? Here are the 12 best home gym equipment options for under $100:

Jump Rope

When it comes to fantastic forms of cardio, jump rope is right up there with the best. It gets your entire body moving, and you can burn hundreds of calories in no time at all. The best thing is, you can get a great quality jump rope that’ll last for years for under $20! A great addition to your home workouts if you want to burn fat.

Kettlebell Sets

Kettlebells are so versatile as they can be used in both strength training and cardio workouts. For beginners, you can get a set of 5-15lb kettlebells for around $50. For more intermediate lifters, you can get heavier ones for a larger price. Or, if you wanted just one heavy kettlebell, you can get ones that are 45lb or more for under $100 too.


Ab Roller

Want to get rock-hard abs and a strong core? Doing so will help to get rid of back pain and help you get a six-pack, and you can improve your ab workouts with an ab roller. It’s a simple device that pushes your core to its limit, and you can find them for around $15 – sometimes a bit more.

Suspension Trainer

A suspension trainer consists of a set of straps and handles that suspend off the floor. You can hang the straps over a bar, or you can buy a set with a door jam that lets you hook it to the top of your door.

They test your bodyweight strength and are perfect for replacing some of the exercises you might traditionally use machines or weights for in the gym. TRX leads the pack, though their suspension trainers can be a bit pricey. If you’re lucky, you can get one for under $100 in a sale, though there are cheaper versions from other brands that are just as good!

Resistance Bands

Home workouts are all about finding ways to do similar movements you’d do in a gym but without the need for a rack of weights or expensive machines. A set of heavy-duty resistance bands will be perfect for your home gym, replicating the resistance of weights without the costs. You can get a set of five bands with resistance up to 175lbs for around $65 – an absolute bargain.

a lady posing beside a swiss ball

Swiss Ball

A great addition to your home gym, a Swiss ball gives you so many options when working out. They can be used for ab workouts, leg workouts, glute workouts, yoga, and much more. Prices vary depending on the size, but you can typically get a top-quality one for around $50 or less.

Pull-Up Bar

If you have a pull-up bar in your home, you’re capable of so much. Pull-ups and chin-ups help to build big back and biceps muscles, but you can also use the bar for leg raises and other ab exercises. Plus, it’s great for hanging from, building grip strength, and stretching your lats. The great thing is, you can get ones that mount between your door frame, so you don’t need a special setup for them. A reliable one will typically set you back $80 or so.

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    Yoga Mat

    You need something to lie on while you’re working out, and a yoga mat is perfect for this. They stop you from sweating all over your living room carpet, but they also provide a nice cushioning sensation when you’re stretching or working out. Prices vary, but you can easily get one or more under the $100 budget.

    Parallettes Bars

    These small bars sit on the ground and can be used for so many exercises. Typically used for dips, you can also use them for handstand press-ups and many other interesting ideas. At under $100, they’ll make a great addition to spice up your home gym workouts without taking up much space.

    a man doing battle ropes

    Battle Ropes

    Battle ropes can be hooked around a supporting structure and used to add some serious diversity to your workouts. Great for improving cardio and developing shoulder strength, you can bag yourself a set of premium battle ropes for around $60 or less.

    Dumbbell Set

    Like kettlebells, dumbbells are great for cardio and strength training – though they are easier to hold and use for more strength-based workouts. Again, you can buy sets or just individual dumbbells, depending on your needs. A set with interchangeable weights is ideal and perfect for beginners to intermediates, and you can usually get them for under $100 from various manufacturers.

    Plyo Box

    Finally, if you want to bring some explosiveness to your home workouts, get your hands on a plyo box. They can be used for box jumps, box squats, incline push-ups, hip thrusts, and so much more. A 24″ one can set you back $95, but it’s definitely worth it for the versatility. Or, you can find ones that have varying heights – which can typically be changed by simply rotating the box and standing it on a different side.

    There you have it; 12 of the best home gym items for under $100 each. The beauty of this selection is that it’s entirely possible to select a few of these great products to create a home gym for under $100 in total! We’ve tried to select a diversity of items that might appeal to different people based on your goals. One thing’s for certain, with these things at your disposal, you’ll never miss the gym ever again.