October 11


Counting Your Blessings Using Money Counters

Are you an entrepreneur? Then computing your daily profit may be the best part of your day. But this exciting moment becomes a tedious task when you have to count your cash and coins manually.

It’s not only that—you also need to check if some fake notes and arcade tokens have been mixed up in your pot of goodies. The solution to your growing business problem: money counter!

A good money counter like that of Ribao Technology is a device that you will definitely need if your business is any of these:

Bank. As a safe keep for peoples’ money, banks receive and dispatch huge amounts of money on a daily basis. Although fund transfers are now possible online, there are still individuals who go to banks to withdraw and deposit currency. Money counters are essential tools to secure the accuracy the authenticity of the banknotes that are processed in such establishments.

Jewelry Store. One of the few products that are best purchased from a physical store is pieces of jewelry. For this reason, most jewelry stores that sell luxurious accessories and other items tend to receive from several patrons some good stash of money which might be difficult to keep and manage in a simple cash register. Having a money counter on deck makes transactions safer and more efficient for both customers and cashiers.

Gas Station. Many gas stations have begun offering more products apart from fuel, and a handful of these establishments are encouraging cash payments to cut back on credit card fees. Thus, there is a need for a counting machine that makes the end-of-the-day audit easier, enabling the establishment’s continuous 24/7 nonstop operation.

Casino. Being a wonderland for bored adults who seek a different kind of entertainment and thrill, casinos collect lots of cash and coins alike from their clients (who are mostly rich ones). Money counters help mostly in counting huge loads of currency and ensuring that the business is free from counterfeit money.

Restaurant. A good restaurant never runs out of customers that pay. Though some clienteles settle bills through online payment, many still prefer paying cash (and adding tips for great service too!).  It means that at the end of the day, restaurant keepers handle lots of cash that can be easily audited using a money-counting machine.