Asics Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross Training Shoes 2023

Why Asics Cross Training shoe is the best?

Originally, weightlifting shoes were made at the beginning of 20th century to assist the mechanics of weightlifters who participated in Olympic style weightlifting. By 1950, this evolved into something similar to what we have today. The main characteristics are a raised, stable heel and a low top shoe.

Before this kind of shoe was widely adopted, weight lifters wore flat canvas sneakers or boxing boots. But, later it was understood that having a raised heel can benefit weightlifters in several ways.

Why Cross Training Shoes ?

ASICS Men's Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe

The last decade has seen a rise in the type and quality of weightlifting shoes of all kinds. It goes without saying that for regular lifters weightlifting shoes are an absolute necessity. This can be attributed to a number of different reasons. For one, weightlifting shoes have a wider foot to distribute the load evenly across the surface. These shoes are designed for safety and power. Thus, they will have no cushion to absorb the impact, like typical running shoes, and will have a flat and solid base.

There are different types of weightlifting shoes geared towards the different types of activity performed. For example, Olympic weightlifting footwear is designed specifically for Olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting is a sport where the athlete attempts to lift the maximum weight with a bar loaded with weights. There are two lifts, the Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch. Three attempts are allowed in each. Thus, shoes designed for these lifts have to be stable and designed specifically with these two lifts in mind.

The ideal shoe for these types of lifts are the Nike Romaleos. Cheaper variants which can also do the job include the Adidas Adipowers and the Nike Romaleos 2. There are a number of other types of weightlifting shoes for regular lifting which incorporates a wider variety of weightlifting exercises. It is important to remember that there is no best shoe, just different types which are suited to different exercises.

Benefits of Cross Training Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe

Needless to say, CrossFit training shoes are not Olympic lifting shoes. And they are not standard weightlifting shoes either but are usually an acceptable substitute, given that weightlifting is a part of CrossFit. CrossFit is a very varied sport involving barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, running, climbing, sprinting, core, strength training and much more. Because of this CrossFit shoes have to be specially designed to perform under a myriad of different conditions.

CrossFit shoes are without a doubt the most multifaceted shoes available, and due to this factor, they come in all styles, shapes, designs and sizes. CrossFit is an intense variant of Cross-Training. Cross-Training refers to any activity which involves more than one primary sport. An example of this would be a Triathlon. But it could be anything. If the athlete decides to climb then lift weights, a shoe would need to be designed that was a good fit for the two different activities.

In CrossFit, there are few primary activities, but more of a hodgepodge of different exercises that can change at random. In other words, the participant could spend 10 minutes climbing, 10 minutes lifting, 10 minutes running, 10 minutes cycling followed by 10 minutes’ core. And this regime would be mixed up on different days. Thus, a versatile shoe is essential to meet the different training demands.

Buying Guide for Asics Weightlifting Shoes 2023

ASICS Men's Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe

The ASICS weightlifting shoe is a comfortable weightlifting shoe by any standard. It is ideal for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and comes in an array of stylish designs and colors. ASICS have taken the lead in terms of running shoes are their brand has an excellent name in terms of comfort and appearance. They have gone one step further by designed shoes that are not only comfortable and durable but also strong enough for weightlifting and other strenuous activities.

The material is made of the finest quality, with a Rhynoskin Toecap and resistant synthetic leather for more durability. ASICS are always comfortable to wear, and this model features rearfoot gel cushioning to provide the ultimate in shock absorption. It is always a tradeoff between comfort and weightlifting. Generally, this cushion will take away slightly from lifts as it absorbs the power. Standard weightlifting shoes will not have this cushion but will have a raised heel. However, in a sport such as CrossFit or Cross Training, this cushion is definitely a better tradeoff, as the amount of activity is too much to tolerate an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

In terms of lateral stability, it provides relatively strong support, to keep the foot grounded while training. While not a pure weightlifting shoe, it does do a good job for the majority of lifts and is ideal for a CrossFit or Cross Training regime, due to its stability and support. These ASICS lift trainers are also flexible enough to use as a pair of sprinter’s shoes. However, this is not what they are designed for and for sprinting professionally an appropriate pair of sprinting shoes is what is needed.

Benefits of Asics Weightlifting Shoes

The ASICS are pure multi purpose shoes. They are not built for specifically for lifting, climbing, running, sprinting or cycling, but do a decent job at each activity as needed. Perhaps the best aspect of these shoes is that they are stylish enough to double as an ordinary pair of shoes that can be worn for everyday use, and are incredibly comfortable to slip into. They come in a number of types and sizes. They are as cheap as ordinary shoes while being more durable, more useful, better looking and more comfortable. There is little reason not to invest in ASICS lifting shoes. All ASICS shoes reviews are in agreement.

Final Thoughts on Asics Weightlifting Shoes Reviews 2023

It is important to realize that in a sport such as CrossFit or Cross Training, being very good at one particular exercise usually translates to being ineffective at another. Thus, in these varied sports what is needed is a good mix or trade off between all exercises, and the ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe does just that. The Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Trainers are ideal for these sports.

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