Rogue Do-Win – The Best Weightlifting Shoes Review 2024

Why Rogue Do-win Best Weightlifting Shoes is the best ?

Without a doubt, weightlifting shoes are essential for any serious lifter. Weightlifting shoes are shoes designed for lifting weights. The main elements that set weightlifting shoes apart from other shoes are:

  • A raised heel
  • A flat sole
  • A stable foundation

Features of Weightlifting Shoes

Rogue Do-Win Powerlifting Shoes

These are the three vital factors that set weightlifting shoes apart from other shoes. Click here to know more about weightlifting shoes. In terms of lifting weights, the raised heel is the most important consideration. Heel heights generally range from a half-inch to a full inch. For squats, in particular, a raised heel determines the ideal position, which will add to the lift. A raised heel encourages the body to perfectly align itself for squats. The knees splay out to the sides, the body is deeper and the flexibility of the ankle increases.

Generally, taller heels will result in a better squat and snatch; however, taller heels can be problematic for deadlifts, which are better undertaken with lower heels. The height of the lifter has to be taken into consideration when determining the ideal heel height. It is also important for weightlifting shoes to have a flat sole. This is because a “squishy” sole will absorb all the force needed to get a better lift. A flat sole means that the energy goes straight from the ground through the body and pulls the bar vertically.

The original weightlifting shoes used a flat sole made of wood, but this has since been replaced with hard plastic. Harder soles are better because it enables more force to be thrust from ground. Exercises such as the squat benefit greatly from this feature. And the final thing distinguishing good weightlifting shoes are strong sides, meaning the lifter is less likely to pull and that the foot is firmly entrenched into the ground.

The best weightlifting shoes should be like an anchor to the lifter. To summarize what weightlifting shoes actually do, they maximize the lifts while minimizing the chances of injury. And they do this with a raised heel, flat sole and strong foundation.

How To Choose The Best Weightlifting Shoes?

Rogue Do-Win Powerlifting Shoes

In order to determine the best type of weightlifting shoes, it is necessary to first establish what type of sport is being undertaken. There are different types of shoes for different types of activities, and there is no one size fits all approach. Some shoes are better at some activities. Generally, weightlifting shoes can be divided into powerlifting shoes, CrossFit weightlifting shoes and Olympic (pure) lifting shoes. Though there is obviously some overlap, generally weightlifting shoes are designed to fit into one of these 3 categories.

Olympic lifting is a sport that involves two movements, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The athlete will use the max weight on the bar and gets three attempts. Thus, Olympic lifting shoes are constructed with these two movements in mind, along with their associated training movements. A good example of Olympic lifting shoes is the Nike Romaleos. They are used by the national lifting teams of Germany, U.S.A., and China. They are designed solely for these lifts. Regular lifting (also called powerlifting) shoes are generally cheaper and designed for a wider range of weightlifting exercises. These shoes include the VS athletics.

The Adidas Adipowers and the Nike Romaleos 2 also fall into this category but are of such high quality that they do fine for Olympic lifting, though neither is quite as robust as the original Romaleos. The last category would be CrossFit shoes. These are not pure weightlifting shoes but shoes designed with CrossFit in mind. Because the sport involves a large variety of movements including lifting, kettlebells, running, climbing and jumping, the shoes have to be quite versatile.

The variety in terms of CrossFit shoes is immense as they have to cater for such a diverse array of training. They have to be stable enough for lifts, comfortable enough for running and tough enough for the wear and tear of sprints, abrasion from ropes, jumping and squatting. Because of this they come in all shapes and sizes with many different features, as their functions are not standardized. CrossFit is a more robust version of Cross Training. While Cross Training might involve two or three sports, CrossFit involves many different types of training which can vary day by day.

Buying Guide for Do-Win Powerlifting Shoes 2024

Rogue Do-Win Powerlifting Shoes

With the above in mind, it is time to review the Rogue Do-Win weightlifting shoes. This Do Win Weightlifting Review will aim to analyze the shoes mainly in terms of value and functionality. The rogue Do Win shoes are not designed for CrossFit but for lifting weights, which means no running, no jumping, no climbing in these shoes. The Rogue Do-Wins come with a choice of either a half inch or ¾ inch heel.

These are standard heights for lifting shoes. The choice of heel height is really a function of the height of the athlete and the type of lifts that are to be executed. For powerlifting, the half inch is probably a superior choice, whereas for Olympic lifts the ¾ inch is a smarter option. For deadlifts, barefoot is often the best option, as the tall heels imbalances the lifter and does not confer any advantage.

It is important to note that while there are good practices, much comes down to user preference. There are niche groups of bodybuilders who prefer to use an inch to 1.5 inches in their lifts. A lot depends on body type, injuries, and mobility. Some bodybuilders contend that weightlifting shoes are effective only in the earlier stages of a career (as they correct stance and properly align the body), and they can become a hindrance later on. The majority of powerlifting record holders do not actually wear Olympic lifting shoes.

The heel of the Rogue Do-Wins is made of wood. Experienced lifters are aware that wood is the best material for weightlifting, as it has the appropriate mix of hardness and softness. It is also better matched to the frequency of the wooden platform that lifts are performed upon. The newer synthetic materials are too soft, a bad characteristic to have in any lifting shoes as they absorb the power away from the lift itself. Many of the new heels are using plastic, cork, and EVA, all of which are inferior to wood. Other shoes use injection mold plastics, the problem with these being they are too hard and inflexible. The Rogue Do-Win weightlifting shoes come with a wide foot, which is good or bad depending on the width of the lifter’s foot and the lifters personal preferences. Generally, a wider foot results in a better lift.

Features of Rogue Do-win Shoes

The Rogue Do-Wins tick all the boxes in terms of a high-quality pair of men’s weightlifting shoes. They are durable and last longer than two years in many cases. They are made of top quality materials with a wooden heel. They are useful for both Olympic and Powerlifting. Customers say that the Rogue Do-Wins are very stable when lifting, the ultimate quality to watch out for in weightlifting shoes. The grip on the Do-Wins is fantastic.

The Do-Wins come with two metatarsal straps which are good for lateral support, increasing lifting and decreasing the chances of injury. A loose foot is not efficient in terms of weightlifting, as energy is lost. The feet should fit snugly into the shoes. The main critique of the Rogue weightlifting shoes is that over time they can become uncomfortable. They were made with function in mind and will last for a long time, but are neither the most comfortable or the best looking in terms of style. They are quite heavy and bulky. The Do-Wins are ideal for close stance squatters and upright bars. They feature a low top, are stable, are built to last for years and are very affordable in terms of what they do.

Final Thoughts on Rogue Do-Wins Weightlifting Shoes Reviews 2024

These Do-Wins are a great powerlifting shoe and are also effective for Olympic lifts as well. For a regular gym regime that also incorporates some Olympic lifts, then these shoes are ideal for the job. Simply put, they are not shoes for CrossFit or any other type of sport. They are made for powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Rogue Do-Wins can be hard to find, and the Pendlay Do-Wins offer a viable substitute if the Rogues cannot be found.

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