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10 Workout Moves Every Beginner Should Know to Relax Muscles

10 Workout Moves Every Beginner Should Know to Relax Muscles

If you’re growing or are already in your prime, then you must have thought about working out at least a dozen times. Some of us shy away immediately, but most people always like to give it a crack before analyzing whether they are cut out for the fitness regime or not. If you are one of those who would like to give working out a try, then these are the best set of exercises to get you started. Who knows, you may even find your center, to start living and breathing the fitness lifestyle.

Getting Started

A couple of things that you may want to keep in mind is that most of these exercises require a proper training facility and expensive equipment. Get yourself a gym membership and you will have easy access to all of these. You can also consult the gym staff or other people in the gym if you feel like you’re not doing something right. Or, even if you feel excess pressure on the wrong muscle. Finally, it is highly recommended to stand in front of a gym mirror now and then to examine yourself from head to toe and appreciate the improvement. Trust us, it is incredibly motivating!

1. Lunges – a Warm-up Exercise

This is one of the most basic exercises that people may know even if they have never hit the gym. It is crucial for warming up your body and improving your balance. Additionally, it works out your legs and glutes as well. Get 3 sets of 10 reps each and you should be warmed up. Keep your hands on your hips while doing lunges.

2. Pushups – Simply the Perfect Workout

Push-ups are a surprisingly difficult exercise, but it strengthens the chest and shoulder. This exercise is meant for people who have been working on their biceps and upper body strength for a month or so, as it requires quite an effort. A good thing to remember is not to extend your elbows outwards while descending, but rather keep them close to your body. Aim for 3 sets of as many pushups as your current muscle strength allows.

3. Planks and Side-planks

This exercise requires you to lie straight and then lift your upper body in the air. Think of yourself as a table with your elbows and toes as the table legs. This exercise is important for building one of the most popular muscles of your body – your abs.If you are looking to create your home gym, then before building one, estimate the actual cost. If the cost meets your budget then go for it. Click here to get detailed insights on the budget and the cost of building a home gym.

4. Swimming, the Ultimate Workout

Swimming is an extensive exercise. It is a physical orchestra in which every muscle of your body has a part to play. This exercise will help you tone your body for the tougher exercises that follow.

5. Glute Bridge for Shaping your Muscles

Essential for working those posterior muscles, this exercise is a good one to get your body in shape fast. Start by lying flat on the ground with your arms by your side and palms on the floor. Raise your knees while keeping your feet flat. Then push your core upwards using your heels and lower body. Your upper back, hands, and shoulders should be in contact with the floor at all times. Keep lifting your body until it forms a straight line from the top of your knees to your core.

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    6. Burpees

    Among the most popular exercises, burpees test your overall body strength and build-up exceptional cardiovascular endurance. A good substitute for swimming if you do not have a pool available.

    7. Calf Raises

    This exercise is specifically aimed at building your lower leg muscles (as the name implies). Position your arms straight down by your side and hold a dumbbell in each hand (enough weight to put pressure on your calves). Then exert pressure using your toes to hoist your body up in the air. Like the upwards extension we do in crowds to gain a higher line of sight, in 3 sets of 10 reps.

    8. Lying Leg Curls

    This exercise is an excellent option for building your lower body strength – especially your calves. You will need a leg curl bench for this exercise. Just remember to keep your spine relaxed, your hips lowered, and your gym gear ready. Here, it’s better to do this workout move in front of a gym mirror, as it will help you to maintain the right posture.

    If you are looking to buy such niche equipment and create your home gym, then make a plan, and estimate the actual cost. If the cost meets your budget then go for it. As for the mandatory mirrors, you could check out Fab glass and mirrors. They have top-quality options, catering to a wide variety of applications – from dance rooms to home gyms.

    9. Squats

    This exercise increases lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility in your lower back and hips. There are many different squat exercise positions like the split squat, goblet squat, pistol squat, and many more. Start by standing straight with your feet wider apart than normal. Keep your chest and chin straight and assume a sitting position. As if you were going to sit in a chair except there is no chair. Once your knees make a 90-degree angle with your thighs, return to your normal standing position. Do 3 sets with 15 reps each.

    10. Pull-ups/Chin-ups

    This is the hardest exercise on the list and should not be attempted until you have reasonable muscle strength, along with a good understanding of your body. The method itself is simple so we won’t waste your time explaining it. However, remember to build up your upper body strength using dumbbells before you start doing this one (which by the way, is very satisfying to brag about).

    Wrapping Up!

    These exercises should help you get ready for the big leagues. We strongly urge you to set fitness goals and find ways to improve your health. Also, figure out how to maintain your calorie intake, which is as important as knowing which exercises to do and how. Most of all, keep checking yourself out yourself in the mirror. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the improvement in your shape and fitness over time. Have fun working out!


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