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Many people today are turning to yoga to benefit from its numerous benefits especially in fitness and health -including psychological health. To make it convenient to practice yoga from any venue, including at home, people are embracing the use of yoga DVDs. There are several best yoga dvds in the market.

In this article, we focus on the Hatha & flow yoga DVD, one of the best yoga DVDs for beginners.

Review of Hatha & Flow Yoga

Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga could be considered the top yoga DVD for beginners for a number of reasons. The 60-minute DVD is divided into two 30-minute workout sessions. It is an excellent introduction to Yoga.

The instructor, Tamal Dodge, gives a very comprehensive introduction to yoga just before the sessions begin. He clearly lists the benefits of yoga and the introduction is very helpful for a person who is not familiar with the practice. He sells the concept even to a newcomer making it easy to understand without much effort.

Importance of Yoga in Our Life

Importance of yoga in our life

The first session of the Hatha Yoga DVDs is a comprehensive introduction to yoga. Focusing mainly on inhaling and exhaling correctly, achieving good posture, enhancing flexibility and relieving stiffness; it is not anything strenuous that a beginner would find too challenging to do. The use of a strap makes the learning easier, especially mastering stretching. With a little practice, following this session is fairly easy.

Serene Environment

The session is set in the outdoors on green grass, in a very serene environment with the clear waters of a swimming pool increasing the serenity of the setting. The setting makes the learner relaxed even before participating in the session. The weather is very fine; bright and still, with no wind, and the blue sky is cloudless.

There are beautiful green trees in the background and flowers are in blossom, with birds occasionally dotting the serene skies. The beautiful ocean in the background is peaceful and a distant ship in the horizon increases the fulfilment of watching this relaxing session.

Reassuring Instructor

A number of Hatha & Flow yoga dvd reviews bring out the same message about the ease of mastering the sessions. The instructor speaks in a calm, soothing voice and his instructions are very clear and given in a pace that is slow enough for even a beginner to follow comfortably.The step by step introduction to yoga is very comprehensive. Movements are introduced slowly and systematically.

Friendly Pace

The pace of the instructions is friendly and not threatening. There is gentle music playing in the background which keeps up with the pace of the sessions. The use of music is very professionally done. The facial expression gives the impression of happiness, relaxation and enjoyment. It makes it easy to follow the pace of the instructor.

Correct Posture

Corrct Posture in Yoga

The DVD gives a step by step introduction to yoga, beginning with correct posture. The first part of the session focuses on learning how to inhale and exhale correctly. The session is very effective in releasing tension in the upper body; the shoulders, arms, neck, chest and stomach. This session pays attention to even the small parts of the body such as the chin, fingers and toes. Literary every part of the body is exercised and trained to be flexible.


This session takes care of detoxification of the body which is achieved through twisting the body to rest at different angles that lead to the massaging of internal organs.

Stress Relief

Practicing the release of stress before allowing the body to rest is well covered in this session. In yoga, relaxation is practiced in order to clean the body and mind in preparation for meditation.

Guided Meditation

There is a simple introduction to meditation which cleans the mind and improves mental focus. A simple exercise with use of imagery is very effective in making meditation a reality. Sound effects are used very well too during the meditation session, literary bringing what is spoken into life.

The benefits of meditation are apparent even with such a brief session on the topic. One literary feels the stress and tension leave the body and mind, resulting in more happiness and a positive outlook to life. The meditation is simplified so much that even a beginner can achieve results in the very first session.

Use of Imagery

It is normal to go through life without noticing much of the surroundings. This DVD makes it natural to connect with the world around and to appreciate the environment. When he uses the imagery of a river, it makes it very easy to notice the ocean in the background. The use of sound effects to make the imagery come alive is very effective.

Smooth Transition to Session 2

The transition from the first to the second session is smooth. It is more like a continuation from where one left off in the previous session. It begins with practicing inner peace. There is a lot of emphasis on correct breathing. Focusing on improving balance and flexibility as well as increasing strength. It is more challenging than the first session.

A beginner needs some practice to get this session right. One needs to have mastered the principles taught in the first session to some extent to be able to flow into the second session smoothly.

Benefits of Yoga

The Hata yoga DVD improves cardiovascular strength and stamina, tones muscles and aids weight loss as it exerts most parts of the body. Parts of the body that are worked include; the back, shoulders, arms, legs and hips. The exercises might push one to limits not achieved before but this session strengthen the lower body, is beneficial to the back, and can sort out back pain; especially if it is possible to combine both sessions.

It is not a far-fetched idea to use this yoga DVD for weight loss. Learning how to achieve perfect balance might not be too easy for a beginner and does require some practice but it is achievable.

The instructor says that performing these sessions also aids in getting quality sleep, increasing self-esteem and increasing confidence levels. These are benefits that might not be immediately apparent but with the level of activity, they are most likely to be achieved.

The two sessions can be practiced individually or they can be combined. Being able to do both gives the best benefits for the body, giving amazing balance. A beginner might find it very challenging to do both sessions together in the initial stages and might benefit from taking breaks.

Yoga helps one to get in tune with one’s body and its needs, and it is not meant for one to overexert and lead to injury. With practice, one is able to become more flexible and to achieve poses never achieved before.


The pace in this full body workout is a bit fast but it is not too difficult to keep up with because of the repetitiveness of the actions. Repetition helps in gaining cardiovascular strength besides enabling the learner to find their own pace.

The instructor helps one to appreciate this program by mentioning the benefits of each move as it is executed. That gives one the determination to master it. He also repeats the instructions about the correct way to breath, even mentioning the number of breaths to be taken at any one time. The easy to follow training in inhaling and exhaling strengthens the lungs.

Positive Mood

The mood of this best home yoga DVD is very active and encouraging. The instructor does not push or harass but uses words of encouragement. He reminds the learner that there is no need to push oneself beyond what is possible, but to just follow one’s mood and stamina, take a break when necessary and continue when in a position to. The words of assurance make learning the steps more enjoyable.

Most training programs focus on training for physical strength and stamina but not so with yoga. Yoga means unity of a combined physical, mental and spiritual awareness. The core message that yoga is much more than workout or physical training but a training and healing of body, spirit and mind comes out very clearly in what could be one of the top rated yoga DVDs. The peaceful and relaxed pace as well as the relaxation that is practiced at the end of each session, makes this come out very clearly.

Other Recommendations: Best Yoga DVDs

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Shiva Rea Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD is ideal for people with busy lifestyles. It has seven 20-minute long routines that are easy to fit into your busy day. It also comes with a customizable yoga matrix that allows you to practice for a longer duration when you have the time. Practicing the 20-minute routine is an excellent way to restore strength, balance and much-needed energy. It also helps sculpt lean muscles and build stamina.

Yoga For The Warrior

Bob Harper Yoga for the Warrior

The Yoga for the Warrior program is perfect for more advanced yoga practitioners. It will stretch your body to the limit and target every muscle. In addition to the conventional practice of yoga, this program incorporates more vigorous routines. It requires focus, concentration, and maximum physical output. This DVD is the one for you if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary that will give you a hardcore workout.

Flow Yoga: Elements of Yoga: Air & Water with Tara Lee

Flow Yoga: Elements of Yoga: Air and Water with Tara Lee

This 2nd award winning DVD from Tara Lee is not a complete beginner’s DVD but can be mastered with a bit of practice. It consists of 3 separate sections and is almost 2 hours in length. The first section focuses on flowing poses and the upper body, ending with some core workouts. The second section is core-focused with a range of core specific poses such as planks. The poses in Section 3 again work your core, but also focus on flexibility.

Final Thoughts about Best Yoga DVDs

The Hatha & Flow Yoga DVD is a great way for beginners to get introduced to the transformative discipline of yoga. It is easy to get sold out to this highly beneficial practice which brings one in tune with the body and its needs. This is a great way for the body to rejuvenate and recharge.