At Garage Gym Planner, we are in the business of improving lifestyles and health. To this end, we would like people who can put across ideas through enthralling content. You will collaborate with our team of writers and editors to produce articles that change people’s lives!

General Guidelines To Writing For Us


  • Grammatically correct articles. We can’t spend much time on editing articles, so the onus is on you to validate your article before you send it across.
  • Titles need to capture the essence of the article as well as the audience’s attention. Try something that hasn’t been written about.
  • Put the hook right at the beginning of the article. Make the introduction engaging.
  • Make your points clear to understand. Ask someone else to read it out and check if they get what you’re trying to say.


  • Articles that tend to lean towards being SEO-centric. Please understand that content farms and other entities that create content just to promote a brand are not for us.
  • Using profanity, sarcasm or being overly snarky does not help anyone, least of all the reader.
  • Hyperlink in huge clusters. Try spacing out your hyperlinks evenly across the content. Also, take care not to hyperlink an entire paragraph.

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Topics We Write About:

  • Before you start on an article, always remember that a friendly and positive tone is key to getting the readers interested.
  • All submissions are property of and it may be edited to suit our audience.
  • Your content should resonate with the readers while also educating them about things they didn’t know.

Here are the categories to choose,

  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Healthy Eating
  • Life Experiences