Weider Ultimate Body Works Reviews

Why buy a Weider Ultimate Body works?

A home gym can have many advantages over conventional gym membership, in terms of cost, time, privacy and convenience. However before buying it is first good to do research into the different types of home gym available. Home gyms are divided into their types mainly by the type of resistance employed to complete an exercise.

Different Types of Home Gym

There are essentially two main types of home gym. The first is the stacked weight home gym, which uses weights as a form of resistance. These are the most frequently seen in gyms. Often multiple machines will be interlocked.

The second type of home gym is the band resistance machine. These use cables and pulleys to form the resistance, which comes from the elasticity of the cable itself. Aside from these all in one home gym machines, there is the more traditional form. This usually involves purchasing a number of different pieces of equipment in order to form a personal home gym.

The advantages of this are that the gym can be tailored exactly as you need it. You buy the extra brand you want for a specific workout. It is not worth buying a home gym if you only do the bench press. The seat might not be comfortable enough and that is a lot of money to waste.

So, for people who only focus on a few exercises, it might be a better idea to get a barbell and weights. One of the benefits of a home gym is that a variety of exercises can be completed from the same machine which is convenient, and the fact that everybody in the home can use it. In the last decade, there have been many variants of the standard box home gym as manufacturers have gotten more and more innovative.

This includes the Weider home gym which is a bench with resistance bands, making it ideal for those who favor natural body movements instead of intense, heavy lifting.

Is a Home Gym Worth it?

A home gym is worth the money in certain circumstances. The first is that you are serious about your gym routine and you really intend to do it. Over a longer period, home gyms are definitely worth the money if you are training 3 or 4 times a week. Yearly gym memberships are expensive. But obviously, if the home gym is not used then it is a complete waste of money.

Home gyms may also save money in a number of indirect ways. It can save money for family members. It cuts down on transportation costs to and from the gym. You can go to your home gym at any time and it will never be shut. And there are advantages to having a home gym. The kitchen and television are not far away, and neither is the room and shower. You will never have to wait for weights. All in all, a home gym is definitely worth it if you use it.

When buying a home gym, it is important that you intend to do a full workout routine that will vary. If you only do Olympic lifting then you only need a barbell, weights and a mat. And there are quite a lot of exercises that can be completed with a set of kettlebells or even a standard pull up bar. If you are only focusing on a particular area and are not serious about a gym routine these can be 50 times cheaper than expensive personal home gyms.

So, identify your goals first before buying a home gym or it will not be worth the investment. Make sure that you have space available for the gym as they can be quite long and quite tall. Once you are sure you have space, the money and the discipline to work out regularly, then it is simply a matter of finding a high-quality personal home gym, such as the Weider Bodyworks. All gyms should be durable, multi-functional and come with a long warranty.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Many home gyms target all muscle groups effectively, are ergonomically designed, incredibly comfortable and built to last.

The Weider ultimate body works is not a home gym in the conventional sense. But it allows for over 50 exercises. It is more akin to a calisthenics machine with resistance bands. Four adjustable power bands give 50 extra pounds of resistance beyond your own body weight.

It is a more natural and organic form of exercise than machine lifting which will have the user toned and fat-free in no time. It is not really for serious body builders but is more than sufficient for the majority of users. It is compact and light. Which means it can be easily placed into a different position and it is easy to set up. This is at odds with the heavier duty, large, cumbersome standard home gyms that take hours to set up and are impossible to move.

The Weider Home Gym even folds for easy storage and comes with wheels on the bottom. It allows for a large range of motion with its cable and pulley system.

The gym does not come with the 5-year warranty that may be associated with many of the more expensive purchases but with a 90-day parts and labor warranty. However, there have been no reports of problems with this machine. It is a bench press with cables attached and these are highly durable. The Weider is also very easy to put together. The seat has a highly adjustable incline.

There are not many criticisms of the product itself, other than the fact that it is not a heavy lifting machine, the handles may need to be upgraded and that the height adjustment could be a little better. But aside from this, the cable system is excellent, the product is well made and durable, it is cheap and easily stored, meaning it is a winner on many counts. It also comes with a Weider ultimate body works workout guide which comes with a Weider ultimate body works exercise chart and a Weider ultimate body works exercises which are very useful.

The range of exercises that can be completed with a bench, a body, and some cables are extensive. The Weider home gym equipment is an excellent purchase. Additional Weider home gym workouts can be downloaded from the website. There are also hundreds of YouTube videos outline how many exercises can be done with it. More than the 50 exercises officially stated by Weider.

Final Thoughts About Weider Ultimate Body Works For Home Gym

The Weider Total Bodyworks 5000 is not designed to get you built like the hulk, but more of a natural, fit, toned, lean, Bruce Lee strength. It is a perfectly natural system of strength and conditioning and put it with a good workout bar and you have all that is needed for a complete conditioning system.

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