Best Treadmills

A treadmill can be a fantastic addition to the home or personal gym. Running outside can be hard on the feet and means that your exercise routine is dependent on the weather. Because treadmills are expensive, it is essential to get a good quality brand that will last for a long time. The best treadmills depend on your price range and what the treadmill is needed for. Some treadmills are good for runners, some for long distance runners, some for cross-training and others for walking. There are even folding treadmills, good for convenience but not the most durable technology. Excellent treadmills can be bought for under $1000, however, if you are a serious runner then perhaps you may need to spend upwards of $3000. Individual preferences also come into play when choosing the right treadmill. How interactive the touchscreen is, how the treadmill looks, what accessories it comes with and whether it has a guarantee or not are all valid concerns. The best treadmills should come with high definition touch screen technology, with a browser and multiple built-in training apps. The best treadmills should also come with a holder for a water bottle, an overlooked but essential part of any good treadmill.