ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t dream of a perfect body? To make this dream come true, it is of vital importance that you workout on a regular basis. If it is hard to fit in a gym time in your day, why not exercise from home? Recumbent bikes are a great choice when you think of working from home. The ProForm 440 ES recumbent bike is one of the best in town. Keep reading to know why.

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We are here to give you an unbiased ProForm exercise bike review which will include the features of ProForm stationary bike, the advantages of exercise bike and more.

Key Features

To begin with, the ProForm stationary bike reviews let’s first get started on the features as it will help us understand the product much better.


The pro form bike has a height of 58.9 inches, a width of 22.25 inches, and a length of 52 inches and can support a maximum user weight of 350 lbs. which is the highest among all recumbent bikes available. All other bikes can support a maximum of only 300 lbs.


The pro form recumbent exercise bike has 25 levels of digital silent magnetic resistance which can ensure you with a smooth and quiet ride even when you switch among the resistance levels.

Workout Programs

The bike comes with 32 built-in workout programs which make your workout more intense by automatically adjusting the resistance level. The digital silent magnetic resistance makes this process all the more efficient. There are different programs focusing on calorie burn, endurance, and speedy performance.

Drive System

The ProForm exercise bike comes with an 18-pound flywheel drive system which provides you with a smooth and natural circular motion so you can maintain your form and pedal just like outdoors. The drive system is lightweight and supports only lighter workouts.

Personalization Features

You can connect to iFit Live mode where you can download personalized workouts, create your own workouts, track results and race against other runners. The display is a 5” backlit one which will help you track your workout progress. The workout data includes speed, time, distance, pulse, calories, and resistance.

Design Features

The ProForm recumbent bike has a durable and strong design with a 3-piece crank which separates it from the spindle. The foot pedals are extra wide ergonomic ones with straps which ensure stability and comfort for your foot. There is also an adjustable leveling of feet which makes sure you that your bike is stable on uneven surfaces. Most of the ProForm stationary bike reviews miss out on this design feature which is a huge advantage of this recumbent bike.

Heart Rate Monitors

The ProForm 440 ES comes with a built-in dual-grip heart rate sensor which will monitor your heart rate during the workout. It also has BLE compatibility.


The transport wheels help you to move the bike easily around the room, and it also has adjustable leveling which ensures your bike is stable wherever it’s kept.


The bike comes with an input port for your iPod or MP3 player and also has USB charging station for your phone. It has an integrated tablet holder which can keep your tablet safe throughout the workout while providing you with entertainment. There is also a water bottle holder to help you stay hydrated throughout the workout.

Advantages of ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Bike

A significant part while discussing the ProForm desk bike review is talking about the advantages of the bike as it tells why you should purchase this particular recumbent bike. Here a few advantages.


Recumbent bikes should have a good comfort level to ensure that you do not strain or injure your back. The ProForm 440 ES has an oversized seat with added cushioning and easily adjusts as per your posture. It also has an extra lumbar support which makes sure that your back doesn’t hurt while you ride the bike. There is also a 2-speed CoolAirTM workout fan which can keep you cool during intense workout sessions.

Amazing Console

The best part of the 440 ES is the amazing console which comes with 32 built-in workout programs. These workout programs all have the capability of adjusting the resistance automatically as per the intensity of your workout.

The added feature of being able to customize your own workouts by connecting to iFit Live mode gives the bike an extra point. You can track your progress and also compete with other runners through the help of this console. The ProForm recumbent bike manual gives you a detailed description as to how to use this feature.


The first thing you have to look into while choosing any product is its quality. While all other recumbent bikes provide a 10 or 20-year warranty, the ProForm 440 ES comes with a lifetime warranty. This itself speaks volumes about the quality of the product.

The Not-So-Great Part

Most of the ProForm 440 ES reviews fail to mention about the 18-pound flywheel which can support only light workouts. If you are looking to have intense workout sessions this bike might disappoint you. Also if you want to monitor your heart rate continuously when going hands-free, you will have to install a chest strap separately.


The ProForm 440 ES recumbent exercise bike offers good value for money. It is strongly built and has excellent design and workout features. One big plus which this bike has is the lifetime warranty which no other bike offers.