Powerline Power Rack Ppr200x Reviews

Why buy a Powerline Power Rack Ppr200x ?

A power rack is a large, rectangular block made of steel or some other type of strong material. It is made specifically (but not limited to) for barbell exercises. The barbell height can be adjusted to different heights and safety catches to prevent injuries. The power rack is generally for more serious lifters or for those who really just want to focus on particular exercises.

The squat is one of the best exercises for the body and the power rack assists with this movement. There are a number of power rack benefits. There is no need for a spotter. When training alone, safety is paramount, especially while lifting heavy weights. The power rack has an adjustable height and safety catches meaning there are no worries about lifting max weights. The power rack targets a precise range of motion with the adjustable safety catches. So, you can target a particular region to work on. And while the power rack does have a huge range of exercises, it definitely targets the most important in the safest manner.

Benefits of Power Rack Training

Power racks can often also be used as pull-up bars. The most common power rack exercise is really the squat, and this is a primary exercise for Olympic lifting and a primary exercise recognized as working out a large range of muscle groups. But the power rack can also be used to perform a number of other exercises including:

  • Inverted Row
  • Barbell Bent Over Rows
  • Barbell Curl
  • Upright Row
  • Overhead Press
  • Rack Lockout Rack Pull
  • Bench Press
  • Close Grip Bench Press
  • Barbell Shrug

Most power racks also come with some form of pull up bar so users can also perform dips, pull ups and chin ups, hanging knee raises, hanging leg raises and numerous other exercises associated with pull up bars. Specific power rack models may also allow for specific exercises including the lat pull down, cable row, triceps pushdown, cable face pull, cable pull through, biceps cable curl and more.

When choosing a power rack, it is important to keep your personal goals in mind. You should only get a power rack if you intend to go lifting exercises including the ones above, as it is good at specializing in these particular exercises. They can be quite expensive so make sure you know what your goals are. However, if you find yourself going to the gym every day to simply perform squats, the bench press, some curls and some pull-ups, then a power rack could save quite a lot of both time and money.

Aside from this the main considerations when buying a power rack are the weight, height, max capacity, length, and price. But then there are the specific considerations which will tailor more to individual needs. These will include the pull-up bar type, cable pulley system, landmine attachment, spotter arms, dip bar handles, plate storage, band pegs, chain storage, color options, bar storage, home spacing, weight cups, safety catches, frame gauge and numbered posts (frame spacing really refers to the thickness of the steel used, which translates to the strength of the metal itself. The lower the number, the stronger the steel, with 1 being the best).

Before buying a power rack identify whether you are looking for a best value for money rack, a best all-purpose rack or a rack with specific requirements needed for your sport or workout. It is also good to keep in mind space considerations (you need to have the space available to place the power rack and a suitable space around the power rack for convenience) as well as your own lifting experience. Some racks are made for experienced lifters who need heavy weights and other are more orientated towards beginner lifters. Below is a review of the best value for money power rack on the market, the Powerline Ppr200x Power Rack.

Powerline Power Rack Ppr200x Review

This is a solid investment for multiple reasons. It is a simple, solid, no frills attached power rack that performs exactly as it is supposed to. It has a wide walk in design which is good for side to side movement. It comes with 18 positions and two saber style safety rods as well as two heat tempered lift-offs. The power rack measurements are 44 x 82 x 46 (Weight x Height x Depth). It weighs 136 pounds.

It is not the heaviest or largest power rack but is still very solid and capable of taking a lot of weight. It also comes with a straight pull up bar (there is knurling on the pull-up bar) and there is an option to purchase a lat tower attachment. It comes with a 600-pound max capacity, which is more than enough for all except the most serious of lifters. Assembly takes around two hours for one person.

The safety rails on the ppr200x are solid steel all through. A common tip when buying this rack is to buy two .75” x 12” pipes and 4 .75” pipe caps. Put them through the bottom back hole of the steel frame. This will create a very convenient weight rack. This can also help to anchor the rack down to alleviate the tendency of the rack to tip when completing certain movements.

The only issue with this power rack is that it tends to move around a little if heavier weights are lifted. This can be avoided by simply putting weights on the bottom or outside of the power rack in order to keep it grounded. Also, if you do happen to be lifting 800 pounds plus, this may not be the power rack for you.

It is an excellent value for money purchase but this may be overdoing it a little and it may be a better option to invest in a sturdier rack as opposed to really trying to save money. At 800 pounds, you are a serious lifter in need of a professional power rack. For all others, this is a tremendous purchase. Another criticism of the powerline ppr200x is that the paint can come off the racks, but this can again be solved with foam noodles or tape. A powerline pla200x lat attachment for use with ppr200x power rack is also available for purchase with the power rack.

Final Thoughts About Body Solid Powerline Ppr200x Power Rack

The powerline power cage is a solid and well-built power rack suitable for all except the most serious of lifers. The online reviews are overwhelmingly positive about how sturdy this product is at such a great price. It is easy to assemble and looks well and is not overly heavy or large. And with the quick fix of adding the weight rack the only real criticism of the powerline rack has been resolved, as it prevents the rack from tipping. A solid purchase for medium and beginner weightlifters wishing to focus on exercises including squats, shoulder shrugs, and bench pressing. You can also check out XMark Power Cage with Power Dip Station Reviews for further information.