XMark Power Cage with Power Dip Station Reviews

Why buy a XMark Power cage ?

A power rack is a rectangular cube typically made from solid steel. The main exercise associated with the power rack is the squat, one of the most important competitive and beneficial exercises. The power rack is ideal for this movement, as a spotter is not needed due to the safety latches that come with power racks.

Do I Need A Power Rack?

There are a number of other exercises that can be done with a power rack, including the bench press, pull ups and their variants, barbell curls, rack pull, shoulder shrug, upright rows, rack lockout etc. Some specialized types of bench press even allow for movements including the cable face pull, biceps curl, triceps pushdown and more. In order to determine whether or not you need a power rack, there are two real questions to ask. First is how often you actually use the gym.

The second is what types of exercise you intend to focus on. If you go to the gym regularly while focusing on squatting, benching, pulls ups, dips and shoulder shrugs, then it makes sense to get a power rack. Because you won’t have to wait for any more machines to become available in the gym, you won’t waste money on transport and gym membership costs, and you won’t waste time traveling to the gym. It is much cheaper, easier and more efficient to have it in your home with all the benefits that this offers.

If you squat or bench now and again then there is no real point investing in a power rack. Simply put, look at what you do and see whether a power rack is worth the investment. Some can be quite expensive.

X Mark Power Cage With Power Dip Station Reviews

The Xmark Power Cage is an upper range power rack, which comes with a number of extra features typical of the high-quality power cages. It comes with four pairs of bar catches, two on the front, one in the middle and one in the back. A lat pulldown attachment is optional the power cage. It is a somewhat heavy power rack at 290 pounds and its dimensions are 61 x 48 x 83 (length x width x height). It comes with triceps dip handles and a split grip pull up bar. It has a scratch resistant powered powdered finish so the paint does not get scratched off over time

It is fit for the use of an Olympic 7-foot bar and has a wide 48-inch walk in design. It comes with sturdy 11-gauge steel 2” x 3”. The addition of the bar catches and pull pins means that there are a variety of different exercises that can be completed as opposed to power cages without these bar catches, for a power cage that in some ways may resemble a home gym.

This Xmark Power Cage Lat Pulldown and Low Row Attachment Xm-7620 is built very solidly. This pull-up bar cage features cross support for spot during bench pressing and two sets of rubber j hooks. One issue with the Xmark power cage is that the dip station may unbalance the rack so a counterweight is necessary (this is a common complaint across a variety of different power racks).

The place of the dip handles also means that the rack may lean forward for people of significant weight. Also, the grips on the dip handles could be a little better, as the cantilever outside the rack in certain instances. And some purchasers have reported that there are often parts missing with the Xmark power cage. This is a very small gripe against an otherwise excellent power rack. The loading capacity of the Xmark Power Cage is 800 pounds, more than enough for the vast majority of serious lifters.

The Xmark power cage is an excellent all in one home gym system, and the optional attachments are far cheaper than those that could be bought from other manufacturers. Aside from dips, the Xmark power cage is incredibly sturdy. It simply does not budge so when you set it up initially make sure that is where you intend to keep it. A great purchase for people serious about lifting, designed for big lifts and long term use.In Addition to this you can find more information about Rogue R6 Power Rack Reviews.