August 10


Personal Trainer Business Ideas You Can Do From Home

If there’s one good thing that happened during the pandemic, that’s when everyone had a renewed commitment towards fitness and health. Most people who haven’t had the time to squeeze their workout during a busy day may now do so without leaving their homes. And you–as a personal trainer–should take advantage of this situation while demand is high.

If you’re struggling to monetize your love for fitness, we’re sharing with you several business ideas you can start from home. Let this article be your guide as you discover personal trainer business ideas that are easy to start and convenient.

Resell Premium Vitamins and Health Supplements

If you’re already doing some of the things we mentioned above and you still want to earn extra, try your knack at reselling premium health supplements. Since many people would prefer to have their vitamins delivered at home, you can tap this market and start earning more through resellers.

Not only that, being a reseller allows you to hone your sales and marketing skills, which is essential to your journey as a freelance personal trainer.

Hold Your Fitness Training Outdoors.

With lockdown measures slowly easing, you have more opportunities to hold group fitness training outdoors. Whether you hold outdoor classes for yoga, Zumba or HIIT, you have a lot of space to accommodate more trainees.

If you’re holding one-on-one training, consider going to a park. Everything you see there can be used for working out, such as ladders, talking trails, and benches. You not only earn for every session you hold; you also get to save on costs since you’re using the resources nature has to offer.

Distribute Home Gym Equipment

When gyms temporarily closed at the start of the pandemic, many people were forced to live, work and play indoors. As a result, many have invested in building their home gyms because no one knows when it will be safe to work out in a fitness center. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to go away soon, so we recommend that you start becoming a distributor of home gym equipment.

To do that, you’ll need upfront investments. Suppose that you don’t have enough budget to cover a downpayment. Getting loans will go a long way. You can distribute or resell different types of equipment–whether heavy machinery like a treadmill or training accessories like dumbbells. The money you’ll need will depend on the equipment you plan to distribute.

Start One-on-One Coaching

If private training is more your thing, then doing one-on-one coaching is best for you. This is particularly helpful for personal trainers who used to provide their services at the gym. You can use everything you know to help someone get back on track with their fitness goals. If you have the equipment, you can also use that to train someone who doesn’t have them.

While doing group sessions will make better use of your time, you also have to consider those potential clients who want to keep things private. That’s another market segment you can tap. People who prefer doing one-on-one coaching either have concrete goals in mind, such as building more muscle or losing more pounds in a short period. You could also charge more for clients who want to be trained in their private space.

    Get the latest exercise types, equipment reviews, fitness tips and exclusive offers to help you on your fitness journey.

    In terms of improving your client’s welfare and health, no factor should be compromised. Make sure you provide a full-proof service that will be the best fit for your client. This means taking into consideration their overall health and being prepared for any emergency. Online courses in advanced cardiac life support, for instance, can provide you with both the knowledge and the certificate that will take your credentials to a whole new level. 

    Be a Virtual Yoga Instructor.

    Being a yoga instructor during the pandemic has many perks: apart from being an in-demand form of mindfulness exercise, it is also the most popular virtual class in 2020.

    In fact, Mindbody–a software-as-a-service company that allows users to book gym classes and spa appointments–said that 32% of virtual bookings are for yoga. Also, having customer service via social media can help you interact with your clients to know about different yoga class types and increase your sales. 

    If this is your niche, consider teaching yoga classes to students or people around your area through scheduling software for personal trainers or a WordPress appointment plugin. For example, you can create your own Facebook group, or use your Instagram profile to host live yoga sessions for a fee.

    Start a YouTube Channel.

    Creating a YouTube channel has become a norm, especially for those who want to earn on the side by creating videos online. You may use Promo video maker to help you create professional-looking videos that you can upload on your YouTube channel.

    You don’t need to be an expert video editor to use Promo, the tool is very easy to use. It’s also a form of self-expression: you get to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and workout routines with people from all walks of life.

    The key to being successful on YouTube is by choosing a specific niche. For example, if you want to teach yoga and mindfulness, you can create content that’s centered around that. If you’re going to upload classes on HIIT or CrossFit, you can also do that.

    There’s a multitude of topics to choose from. Just make sure that it sounds authentic, and do your research about your target market. Knowing if there’s a specific audience for your upcoming YouTube channel will help you get more views and watch minutes, which are the primary considerations when earning on the platform.

    Your Possibilities as a Personal Trainer Are Endless.

    The fitness industry took a massive blow during the pandemic, but there’s also significant demand from people who want to get started or want to continue their fitness journey. So make sure to do your research and connect with like-minded individuals who will point you in the right direction.


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