A Simple and Complete Routine to Get the Perfect V-Cut Abs

What are the Best Exercises for Lower Abs?

Are you trying to get that perfect v-cut six pack ab muscles? It could be frustrating especially when you are not focusing on quality of the workout. Instead of rushing through 1,000 crunches in no time, it’s better to slow them down, focus on each movement and put in a concentrated effort. In no time, you will notice that your v-cut has started appearing as your ab muscles tighten.

Getting abdominal v isn’t easy. You may have read hundreds of articles on how to get v cut abs, spent countless hours in the gym trying to work on your lower abdominal muscles and still see no results. It's a common scenario and the BIG reason I've decided to write this v cut guide.

Explore what exercises burn belly fat and how to get lower abs in days.

How to Get V-Cut Abs

Are you looking for ab workouts for men without equipment or the best ab exercises for women? You are about to find answers.

To get the lower abs in the perfect shape, you need to lower body fat level and add cardio workouts to your routine. As you burn more calories, your body will start using more stored fat for energy.

The only problem is that your body will use fat in lower abs area only when it has no other reserve left. That means you not only need to do exercises for lower ab, but you also need to pay attention to your diet.

You can include specific exercises in your workout routine to target lower abs. Ideally, these activities will make use of your lower body as resistance. For example, try some leg raises. You will immediately feel that your lower ab muscles are being worked.

It’s time you figure out how to target lower abs.

Best Exercises for V-cut Abs

The exercises below will help you get that elusive abs cut.

Leg Raises

If you are wondering how to get v cut abs with just one exercise, then ‘leg raises' is the answer. You can do variations of the same exercises to get the most out of it.

You can do regular leg raises to work on your lower abdomen muscles. Switch between legs, then try it with both legs. When you are comfortable with these variations, try jackknife to increase the intensity.

To get even more out of leg raises, buy a workout station. This will help you keep your back in the perfect position. As a result, you can focus on your abs and do the exercise correctly.

After a while, you may feel the need to bring more variation in this simple exercise for lower abdomen muscles. Try using a pull-up bar with leg raises. It's a very tough exercise, but if you can do it correctly, you will see your abs appearing within a few days.

Exercises on Ab Wheel

Ab wheel is extremely useful for working on your abs at home. You will roll on the wheel and engage your lower abdomen muscles.

A noticeable benefit of using ab wheel for lower abs is that it also works other muscles in your body such as shoulders, arms, lower back, and chest muscles.

Exercises on ab wheel are easy to perform, but they are difficult to do accurately. Be sure to watch some fitness videos so that you know exactly how to do this exercise to get most out of it.

Exercises on Stability Ball

A stability ball can help you lose weight, burn fat, and work on ab muscles for perfect six packs.

You can try different workouts with this equipment but be sure to include Saw Pike in your routine. To perform this exercise, simple place one foot on the stability ball and pull in. Then go back to the starting position. Repeat this while keeping the ball and your body stable.

Ab V-Hold

Ab V-Hold is another excellent exercise to work on your ab muscles. To perform this exercise, raise your legs so that they make a 45-degree angle with your body. Lean your body backward a little and hold the position for a while.

It’s important that you keep your lower back straight during this exercise to work on your ab muscles.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunch is among the best ab workouts for men at home. Unlike traditional crunches, bicycle crunches target your lower ab muscles. If you are not sure how it’s better than simple crunches in case you want to work on your abs, be sure to read crunches vs ab workout.

90-Degree Static Press

90-Degree Static Press is an excellent workout for your abs. It's a low-intensity exercise so include it at the beginning of a workout session and use it as a warm-up routine.

To perform this exercise, lie on the floor and raise your legs in a way that your knees are making an angle of 90 degrees with your hips. Now press your thighs without your palms over them. Inhale when you press and exhale when you release the pressure on your legs.

To make this exercise harder and more rewarding, try to lift your shoulders and head slowly when you press your thighs.

Resisted Single-Leg Stretch

This exercise for lower abs is inspired from Pilates workout. To perform this exercise, you will have to lie on the floor with your knees bent into your chest. Now hold your one thigh with your palm and extend the other leg, making sure that it stays parallel to the ground. As you extend your leg, raise your head and shoulders in a way that your upper body curls over your ribs. From this position, push the thigh that you are holding towards your chest.

Repeat this exercise by switching legs. You should do around 3 sets with 10 repetitions.


U-Boat is another simple exercise that works on your lower ab muscles.

To perform this exercise, you need to sit on the ground with your knees bent. Place your feet on the ground and lean back a little. Put your elbows on the ground and support your back with it while keeping it at a distance from your arm muscles. Now lift your legs so that they are in a vertical position to your body. From this position, lower your legs and then lift them upward as if your knees draw a U shape in the air.

Repeat and do at least 20 reps by altering legs with each rep.

Reverse Plank Hover

Reverse Plank Hover focuses on your lower abdomen muscles and helps you develop abs. You can combine this move with other exercises or use it as a standalone exercise for abs.

To perform this simple exercise, sit on the ground and extend your legs. Now align your hands with your legs on the outside while your fingers are pointing towards your feet. Lift your hips off the ground while bending your knees slightly and scooping your knees towards your abs. Make sure your heels stay on the ground at all times.