Best Inversion Table Reviews In 2023- For Back Pain Relief

What Is An Inversion Table?

Inversion tables are usually used in inversion therapy by people that have lower back pains. This is done to relieve pressure on the spine nerves and ease the pain. Inversion tables are basically flat tables that come complete with soft foam, a firm mattress, ankle straps and other straps on each side of the table to hold on to. Also Check out Other Important Exercise Equipment for your gym.

Inversion tables for back pain are made in such a way that they can easily incline to an angle of 90 degrees and are very comfortable to use. The inversion tables can be folded back after use. They help in stretching the body to relieve pressure on the spine nerves and regulate the circulation of blood and fluids in the body.

When using inversion tables, the ankles are secured with straps on the table and the body held in a straight position, and then the table is inverted upside down so that the head is left facing downwards and the feet facing upwards.

Are inversion tables safe, are they effective? Before delving into inversion tables, it is best to understand first what inversion therapy is all about.

What Is An Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy involves being set in an upside down position, preferably on an inversion bed, with the head facing downwards and the feet facing upwards. This therapy is used to stretch the back and create some spaces in between the vertebrae.

This helps in ridding the spine of any waste fluid trapped in the discs that may be causing pains. Increasing the spaces between the disks in the spine helps also in proper circulation of fluids and it takes off pressure from the nerve roots. This brings about relief and relaxes the back and the whole body.

Is Inversion Good For Your Back?

A majority of people suffering from lower back pains attest to feeling relief after using inversion therapy. The relief comes from the stretching of the vertebrae which creates spaces between the discs, ridding the body of any trapped waste fluid and drawing in clean fluids that help the muscles to relax. It also helps in better posture. Back pains can lead to poor posture because of the accumulation of unwanted fluids.

Other Amazing Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

  • Inversion of the body helps the heart to pump more blood around the body and to supply more blood to the brain.
  • Inversion therapy also helps the lymphatic system to circulate more fluid around the body. This mainly helps in removing waste products from the muscles and other body tissues. All this action helps in better circulation of blood and fluids in the body.
  • Inversion therapy helps in stretching muscles and body ligaments.
  • Inversion therapy stimulates the inner ear during inversion and this makes the body become more aware of its spatial orientation and balance.
  • Inversion therapy helps in relieving motion sickness and stress.

Can Everybody Use Inversion Therapy?

While inversion therapy is highly recommended for anyone having back problems, not everyone can use inversion therapy. For anyone out to try inversion therapy, it is best to first get advice from a doctor.

The following people are not recommended to use inversion therapy unless otherwise advised by the Doctor;

  • Pregnant women: The stretching of the back can be harmful to the unborn baby. Also the inclined position of the head facing down makes the blood flow to the brain and this too may be harmful to the unborn child.
  • Anyone with high blood pressure: Inversion of the body may bring a rise in blood pressure and for those who already have high blood pressure, it is highly recommended not to try inversion therapy.
  • Obese people
  • Anyone recovering from a stroke
  • Anyone with blood coagulation problems
  • Anyone recovering from spinal injury or any other injury
  • Anyone with cancer or undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Anyone with Glaucoma
  • Anyone with a history of dizziness
  • Anyone with vertigo

Why Use An Inversion Table?

Are inversion tables good? Inversion tables are mostly used in inversion therapy because they are easy to use. They come with soft foam mattress, straps and pivot joints and can support almost every weight.

They are easy to clean and can be easily folded back into a bag. An inversion table, also known as a body inverter, can be shared. That means, if you don’t have one but know a person who has one, you can easily borrow it for use and return it.

They are safe to use and there is no danger of the straps breaking off when you are in the inverted position.

How To Use An Inversion Table

Always make sure there is someone with you to help with the straps and inversion the first time you use an inversion table.

1. Read the instructions on the manual carefully before anything else!

It is always good to get to know what you are getting into before attempting anything, especially for anyone using the inversion table for the first time.

2. Secure your inversion table on a flat surface

Always make sure the table is on a completely flat surface for better alignment of the body on the table. Besides the flat surface, make sure there are no obstructing objects nearby for better movement of the table.

3. Make sure you wear soft shoes

It is not right to use an inversion table barefoot. Soft or very light sports shoes are recommended for this as they give an extra firm support when the table locks into place. Shoes help to avoid leaving you feeling uncomfortable.

4. Put your back towards the table.

Put your feet into the straps and slowly lean forward with a straight back on the table and pull up the lever and lock your feet into place.

5. Hold onto the straps on either side of the table.

Firmly hold onto the straps and then push your body forward so the table can move up and your body is inverted.

6. Time your sessions

The instructions manual will tell you how long to use an inversion table or how long you are supposed to stay on the inversion table per session. It is always best to follow the instructions as overstaying might harm you because of the blood flowing to the brain. Also for a first time user, it is advisable to seek a Doctor’s opinion about how long and how often you can use the inversion table.

7. Clean up your inversion table after use and fold it back to its bag or a safe place.

Like every gadget, there are dangers of using an inversion table. These are;

  • High blood pressure: Because of the state of being upside down, the heart may slow down and this might elevate blood pressure. Anyone with hypertension is at risk when using an inversion table.
  • Increased pressure in the eyes: This is so especially for people with glaucoma. The pressure on the eyes due to inversion may cause bleeding.
  • Muscle cramps: Inversion tables may help in reducing muscle pains but there is a likelihood of pulling a muscle because of hanging upside down.
  • Pressure on the diaphragm: Because the stomach is pushed inwards during the inversion, this might cause it to press against the chest which in turn will weaken the diaphragm.

Alternatives To The Inversion Table

Besides the inversion table, there is the inversion chair which serves the same purpose but which is much easier to use.

Inversion Chair

With an inversion chair, instead of lying down flat, with your body lying across, you lie down and get into an inversion state while sitting down on a chair. Instead of hanging by the ankles, you sit on the chair, strap yourself around the thighs, and ease the chair back into an inclined position.

Inversion table reviews consumer reports of those who have used an inversion table and an inversion chair, say it feels safer to use a chair than a table. An inversion chair, besides tackling back pains, also helps with painful knees and legs. It is also best recommended for the older people as it is easier to use and less terrifying.

What To Look For While Shopping For An Inversion Table

1. Safety

What is the best inversion table? A good inversion table does not only provide the desired results but it is also safe for use. Check the materials used in the inversion table and confirm that they are safe enough for use. Check if the table can hold your weight without it coming apart in pieces.

2. Durability

How durable is the inversion table you are purchasing? Will it break into pieces after using it a few times? Go for a table that you are sure is durable. Don’t go for a cheap inversion table that will not be able to give you good service. It is advisable to go for the best inversion table for the money

3. Comfort

How comfortable are the table and the mattress used? You don’t want to buy a table that will make you uncomfortable when hanging inverted.

4. Easy to use

Go for an inversion table that you will easily assemble yourself before use, and easily fold back after use

5. Cost

Go for a good quality inversion table, at times this might be costly. However check the market first. You might get a quality inversion table at a better bargain by shopping around.

The Best Inversion Tables In the Market

The following have been rated as some of the best inversion tables in the market.

Teeter Hang-ups

Teeter Hang-ups

Teeter hang-ups is the leading company in the inversion table market. Teeter Inversion table reviews show that it has very good user ratings and has a wide range of high quality inversion tables, chairs and other inversion equipment. Their products are tested and certified.

Ironman Gravity Tables

Ironman Gravity Tables

Inversion therapy reviews show that Ironman gravity inversion tables are also known to be top rated inversion tables. They also have a wide range of infrared inversion tables. These have heated pads and the heat calms and relaxes the body.

Ironman inversion table reviews show that many people like them.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Tables

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

Health Mark pro has tables that are designed differently. They have tables where you can work or incline with the face up or the face down. The tables have preset buttons and all you do is press the buttons to choose the angle you want to lie at.

They have the only tables that allow for hand free hanging.

Final Thoughts About Best Inversion Table Reviews

Whatever inverted table you decide to go for, make sure it is durable, sturdy and can support your weight.

Do not do inversion therapy if you don’t have to. There are other methods you can use instead of inversion therapy to get rid of that back pain. However, if you feel that your body needs inversion, then inversion therapy is the way to go. Let the gravity do good to your body. Let the inversion tables help in easing off that pain, combating stress, improve your joints and work your muscles to relaxation.