Why should I use Insoles ?

The foot is the part of the body that often tends to receive little to no attention. That is why the presence of flat feet can be dismissed or overlooked as a common occurrence. The reality of the situation is that lack of adequate arch supports for flat feet can result in serious health complications.

Fallen arch, most commonly known as a flat foot, is a condition whereby the arch of the foot caves in and leaves the whole foot in contact with the ground surface. Tendons that connect the foot and heel from the arch do not pull together evenly and thereby result in no arch. The main function of the arch is to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed on the feet. When the pressure shifts unevenly it leads to severe pain and discomfort experienced on the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Children are naturally born with flat feet and the arch forms naturally as they grow up. In some cases, the defect extends to adulthood and presents on one or both feet.

How to Know If You Have Flat Feet

Due to the fact that flat feet can be presumed to be normal occurrences, professionals in the medical field came up with simple ways to identify it.

Some of the tell tales of flat feet include:

  • Shoe soles that wear out specifically on one side.
  • Walking with the feet pointed out and kneecaps facing each other.
  • Footprints that show complete imprints on a flat surface.
  • The appearance of slightly bent Achilles tendons.

The origin of flat feet has been attributed to a myriad of causes, some fictitious and others factual. When seeking treatment, the severity and factual cause should be taken into consideration so as to get proper correctional equipment.

The symptoms can be monitored and kept under control by the use of special inner shoe linings-insoles- that restore balance to the foot. The best insoles for flat feet help restore the feet to normal functionality and stability to the heel and arch areas.

What are Insoles?

An insole is the lining of a shoe that is added to the footwear. For the sake of flat feet this is done to supply the fallen arch with the required support. It is at the bottom of the foot and is the first point of contact of the foot with the ground.

Insoles for flat feet can be added to daily footwear in order to assist the foot in distributing the pressure and relieving the stress that may be centered at one point. Insoles provide the best support for flat feet in terms of firmness and pain relief.

The best insoles for flat feet work to reform and reinforce the natural function of the bones located at the foot.

In order to ensure that you select the best insole for flat feet, several features and functionalities should be taken into consideration. A fully functional insole should be able to;

  • Provide the right balance for shock absorption.
  • Evenly distribute weight around the foot.
  • Provide enough arch support.
  • Fit the shoe well to ensure comfort is not compromised. Do not depend solely on the manufacturer’s size charts, they tend to be misleading.
  • Have features that will allow consistent use for a period of time without succumbing to wear and tear.
  • Relieve any pain and discomfort around the foot area.
  • Restore normal motion and rotation of the knees, hips and feet.

Types of Insoles

Insoles are usually designed and custom made for different types of activities. Your search for arch inserts should be compatible with the intensity of the type of activity that you want to engage in.

Best insoles for flat feet fit perfectly and the general performance greatly impacts the occurrence of symptoms, ultimately easing execution of daily activities with peace of mind.

There are four different types of insoles;

Comfort Insoles

These shoe inserts for flat feet are made specifically for comfort. The material and design assist in providing extra cushion and they absorb extra shock that is produced during mobility. They are ideal for people who move around a lot and also stand for long hours during the day.

Support Insoles

This type of insole is made from hard foam and the design is formulated to offer full support. Support insoles are recommended for people with foot posture issues.

Athletic Insoles

This type of insole is made from hard foam and the design is formulated to offer full support. Support insoles are recommended for people with foot posture issues.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotics for flat feet are the most common types of insoles. They offer maximum arch support and assist in returning the foot to its natural position after experiencing over pronation- foot rolling inwards when in motion.

Orthotic insoles comprise of a personalized arch insert that is fitted in a shoe to assist the foot in circulating the impact of ground forces in the foot.

Orthotic insoles aid the foot in weight distribution and shock absorption. When worn, they effectively restore the foot to the natural position. Unlike the other types of inserts for flat feet, orthotics has an augmented arch support that shapes and helps the arch to maintain its position. The material is hard and ensures that the arch does not collapse while walking or running.

Do Flat Foot Insoles Work?

Yes. Flat foot insoles are positioned underneath the bottom of the foot to replace the original shoe sole that offered no support for flat feet.

By naturally aligning the bones on the foot and the ankle, insoles pacify other health issues in different parts of the body. The best insoles for flat feet not only work on the arch, heel and ankle areas, they also help in reducing the pressure around sensitive areas of the foot like bunions and corns.

Once an insole is purchased, the feet will need some time to adjust to it. During this period, the insole should be worn consistently to allow the feet to adjust.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet and Knee Pain

The best insoles for flat feet have the ability to mold perfectly into the foot and aid in mobility. The ultimate goal for using an insole is to restore the natural structure of the foot. While purchasing an insole, it is important that you research on the product’s ability to give your foot what it needs.

Here are some of the best insoles for flat feet

Superfeet Insoles- Green Premium

Superfeet Insoles- Green Premium

Superfeet Insoles have an exclusive design that offers ultimate stability and comfort. The shape is structured to give support to the foot arch and protect it from other complications that are associated with the defect.

The main function for this insert for flat feet is to align the foot to the rest of the body. It reduces the stress on the ligaments and muscles on the foot which is integral in making sure that the foot is properly set. Superfeet Insoles solves problem that most normal shoes are designed with i.e. lack of a proper foot arch support. They have a wide range of insoles that fit different user needs.

The Green Premium edition of Superfeet insoles are recommended for shoes that are wide around the heel and have a detachable sole. The premium comfort feature is ideal for people who stand for long hours in the day and ultimately eliminates the possibility of foot injury from this prolonged stress.

Superfeet insoles are made from a material that fits into the symmetry of the shoe and molds itself to the foot. This environmentally friendly fabric- Agion- inhibits the growth of microorganisms. It is also less susceptible to friction and foot odor.

It also has a sunken heel cup structure that facilitates the foot in absorbing shock when the foot meets the ground.

Superfeet is affordable and offers complete value for your money. It has been recommended by healthcare professionals for its functional capabilities.

Stride Insoles from Tread labs

Stride Insoles from Tread labs

Strides Insoles from Tread labs has been recommended for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. This is known to cause pain on the heel of the foot. It is the best insole for flat feet as it has four arch heights that can accommodate different degrees of flat feet.

Stride insoles take into consideration what is required to come up with a product that will fit comfortably in any type of footwear. The result is maximum comfort in going about your daily activities. This insole is ideal for people with over pronation.

These insoles have dispensable top covers that are bought separately to keep the insoles fresh for a long time. The cover is layered with a treatment that destroys bacteria that is present in shoes. The structural low profile design is enhanced for athletic shoes for flat feet as they are more firm and can comfortably accommodate long periods of running.

Sole Insoles DK Signature Edition

Sole Insoles DK Signature Edition

Sole insoles are known for their prowess in delivering quality insole products that help people with flat feet achieve comfort. The design helps the foot to get into proper alignment.

This DK Signature edition is fitted with heat moldable technology that helps the insole to perfectly mold into the foot. The insole has three layers that serve a unique purpose. The top layer inhibits bacteria and eliminates moisture and foot odor. The next layer comprises of a double EVA foam cover that cushions the arch and provides support. The lower layer has less density and gives the foot enough cushioning when in motion.It is praised for its ability to stimulate the muscles located in the arch and promote foot motion.

DK Signature edition is lightweight and ideal for rigorous sporting activities.

Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles

The Original Samurai Insoles

Samurai insoles were designed by a foot and ankle physician who initially prescribed them for his patients. Their success rate was impressive and to this effect, the niche in the market for the best orthotics for flat feet was filled.

Samurai Insoles provide all round support for flat feet. They are the best insoles for flat feet in terms of prolonged comfort to the arch eliminating the possibility of leg fatigue.

They are medically prescribed for treating injuries incurred while engaging in sports and also aid in preventing over pronation. They fit well into any type of shoe and do not compromise the ability to absorb shock on the flat foot.

Samurai Insoles assist the foot in maintaining control and are made of a fabric that reduces heat, moisture and keeps the feet dry. They are known to be the best orthotics for flat feet.

Spenco Polysorb Total Support Insoles

Spenco Total Support Original Insole

This insole has the best arch support for flat feet. It also has deep heel pads for maximum stability. The arch support assists the flat foot in realigning the muscles and tendons around the arch area to their natural position.

Spenco Polysorb total support insoles have patented a technology that alters the impact of the ground that is experienced by the feet.

They are recommended as the best insoles for flat feet that regulate and monitor gait and general motion.

Orthaheel Full Length Orthotic

Orthaheel Active Full Length Insole

These arch inserts have specifically been designed to provide arch support. They have been reviewed severally as the best orthotics for flat feet. The Orthaheel Full length Orthotic insoles work to straighten the effects of excessive pronation and ultimately reduce pain and discomfort that is experienced around the heel and ankle.

The heel cap is deep enough to absorb shock resulting from the impact of running or walking as subjected to the foot.

Powerstep Original

PowerStep Original Insoles

Powerstep Original is one of the oldest brands. Over the years, it has developed a strong design that is very important in maintaining stability and support. The design incorporates a built in arch support and a double cushion layer that gives comfort. No trimming is required as it is designed to fit all kinds of shoes.

These orthotic foot insoles have been recommended by healthcare professionals as treatment for abnormal foot rotation and relieving any pain that the wearers experience on the ankle, heel or knees.

Sof Sole Fit Series

Sof Sole Fit Performance High

This luxury brand features three different types of insoles. Each design has a particular arch height that uniquely fits the need of every flat footed individual. It is recommended for people who usually have long standing hours in their day or athletes running long miles during training.

Sof Sole Fit series are the best insoles for flat feet with regards to reinforcing the natural posture of the flat foot and the arch.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet and Knee Pain

Running is an enjoyable activity that keeps your body fit and helps the body to relax. Many people have a daily running routine to maintain good health.

Some people with flat feet have discarded this activity due to pain or discomfort that is experienced when running. Hope is not lost for these people that like to run. Getting the right running shoes that have been modified for people with flat feet can help them incorporate this activity into their lives with ease.

When selecting running shoes the following factors should be taken into consideration to ensure that you get the right running shoes for flat feet.


The best running shoes for flat feet should be able to withstand shock and provide the required amount of insulation to the feet from the brunt of contact with the ground


Heavier shoes are designed to provide comfort through the excessive cushioning. Although this offers protection to the flat footed, it greatly weighs them down and reduces the speed of the runner. On the other hand, lighter running shoes could help in speed and durability but their ability to protect the foot is reduced.


Running shoes with inserts for flat feet should be able to distribute air inside and around the shoe. This feature ensures that long sessions of running do not leave the foot sweaty and squeezed.


Traction is defined as the running shoe’s potential to grip the different running surfaces. This feature is necessary for the structural makeup of the shoe and for the users convenience during motion.

Sole Composition

Running shoes for flat feet are generally made up of three sole layers. The outermost sole is the first point of contact with the ground. This layer should be durable and strong as it receives the impact every time the foot hits the ground.

The middle layer which is the insole provides adequate cushioning for the impact on the foot through the shoe. Lastly, the uppermost layer offers covering for the shoe. It aids in securing and protecting the foot inside the shoe.


Bearing in mind that the running shoes are worn for long periods at a time, they should be able to provide comfort to the flat foot.

Reaction and Responsiveness

The running shoe has to respond well to every time the foot connects with the ground while in motion. It should be able to absorb shock adequately.

The running shoe has to respond well to every time the foot connects with the ground while in motion. It should be able to absorb shock adequately.


An ideal running shoe for flat feet should have the ability to navigate any type of running terrain. The grip should be designed to offer support on various types of terrain and not discard safety or the speed of the runner.

With these features in mind, you are now ready to proceed to purchase the best running shoes for flat feet.

Brief Reviews of the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike LunarGlide 7

Nike Men's Lunarglide 7 Running Shoe

This is the best Nike running shoe for flat feet. They are fitted with straps that aid in securing the feet into the shoe without making the shoe bulky. They offer great support and stability and enhances motion control. Nike LunarGlide 7 is suitable for everyday use. It also regulates gait movement and ultimately makes them the best mens running shoes for flat feet.

Saucony Omni 13

Saucony Women's Omni 13 Running Shoe

Saucony Omni 13 is equipped with technology that makes it the first of its kind to offer an advantage to the various types of athletes. The insole is centered to provide outstanding comfort and stability to runners with flat feet. It is also light in weight but wide enough to support the gait movement and ensure motion control. This shoe is ideal for runners who require ankle and heel support.

Brooks Beast 14

Brooks Men's Beast 14

Brooks Beast 14 is the best type of running shoe for arch support and dealing with over pronation. It is also equipped with adequate support in terms of stability and comfort. The middle sole is thickly padded therefore securing the feet and the arch comfortably. The design of the upper part of the shoe allows breathability. It is well known for its impeccable arch support and realignment.

New Balance 860v4

New Balance Women's W860wb4

These running shoes have a lightweight design that does not compromise on safety or comfort. New Balance 860v4 has good traction on a variety of running terrains. The breathability on the upper part of the sole is good and therefore eliminates any possibilities of excess moisture from sweating or blisters. It is highly recommended for dealing with over pronation.

Align Footwear DK

AlignFootwear DK

Align footwear review on certain ecommerce sites state that Align footwear have come up with Arch mobility insoles that are designed to not only give support to your feet while running, but also align and correct the posture on every part of the body. Align Footwear DK are ideal for people with injuries and also people who wish to restore balance to their feet.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoe

Light weight and maximum protection, these are the magical words that any person with flat feet would like to hear in regards to running shoes. The design is laid back and Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 has a stability level that entices flat footed runners to the product. It offers heel and arch support that is much needed while running. These running shoes have internal straps that secure the feet inside the shoe.

Asics GEL Kayano 22

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

The Asics GEL Kayano 22 running shoes for flat feet have gel cushioning that is effective in the management of shock absorption. The midsole is twice as heavy and provide a layer of comfort and protection to the feet while running. It is equipped with an exoskeleton heel padding which specifically improves the level of support that is offered.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

These running shoes provide the flat footed runner with comfort and stability that is necessary for this activity. The response level is precise and flexible to incorporate natural motion control. This running shoe targets flat footed runners that are looking for support and adequate moisture control while running.

Saucony Guide 7

Saucony Men's Guide 7 Running Shoe

Widely rated as a stable running shoe, Saucony Guide 7 is ideal for flat footed runners. They are fitted with a top notch cushioning insole that gives the runner foot protection and comfort while running. It is optimized for the people seeking to restore the foot from over pronation and have maximum support while at it.

Karhu Strong 5 Fulcrum

Karhu Strong 5 Fulcrum

This running shoe provides maximum stability through the running period. It can be used for daily training without succumbing to wear and tear and can also assist you to stay on track by providing motion control and gait guidance.

How to Care for Insoles

Many insoles for flat feet have a lifespan of up to one year with a consideration of the activity and the amount of time worn daily.

Keeping insoles clean automatically lengthens the life of the insole. Although it is not recommended to use a washing machine or excessive water to wash the insoles, a small toothbrush can be improvised to work together with a damp piece of cloth to make the insole clean. Insoles should also be air dried after every use.

The insoles should not be exposed to heat. After purchase, they should be worn for not more than two hours for the first three days in order to break in the insole and get the feet well-adjusted to this addition.

The same break in schedule should be used on athletic insoles as well. The initial discomfort is normal and will decrease as the foot adjusts to this new addition. Be certain to look out for any visible indications of discomfort like blisters after wear. If there are any signs present of blisters, discontinue the use of the insole.

Pros and Cons of Insoles

The benefits of using insoles greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Comfort and support: Using insoles ensures that the foot is supported and comfortable as you go about your daily activities. It also allows you to participate in high impact activities without experiencing any discomfort or pain.
  • Stability: Insoles offer stability and reduce over pronation thereby eliminating any pain that may be experienced in the foot, knee or heel.
  • Prevents further complications: Insoles offer stability and reduce over pronation thereby eliminating any pain that may be experienced in the foot, knee or heel.
  • Distribution of pressure and shock absorption: Using the best insoles for flat feet ensures that pressure on the feet is distributed evenly. It also assists the feet in absorbing shock when they connect with the ground while walking or running.
  • It has non-slip pads that allow you to focus on the lower side of the body.
  • Insoles can be costly. Due to their complex nature and design, the best insoles for flat feet are highly priced and this factor makes people opt out of purchasing them.
  • Some also have wider surfaces that require trimming so that they can properly fit the shoe. This is already a compromise to the features of the insole.

Final Thoughts on Insoles for Flat Feet

Having flat feet does not have to mean that your life is limited to certain activities for a certain period of time. With proper research and professional consultations, you can find the best insoles for flat feet that will give your feet 100 percent performance.

Be sure to read product reviews and do product comparisons based on the reviews. This will give you an idea of what to expect out of your insole and what to do to optimize its performance. Seek medical advice also if the condition is severe and demands more attention than over the counter insoles.

Patience and consistency should be in play when using the insoles as they take some time to deliver feasible results. Using the best insoles for flat feet can ensure that you can go about your normal routine activities without the burden of complications and restrictions.