September 8


Gym Games For Elementary Students

The school has never been a pleasing environment for elementary students. In most cases, the scholars have to keep up with the “boring” sessions while being kept away from enjoying the “freedom” they would prefer.

This aspect leaves the teachers with the task of reigniting their interests in academia, something that is quite challenging.

This article highlights some easy gym games teachers can help the students play. The good news is that some sporting activities can be played indoors, making managing younger pupils more interesting.

Which Are The Indoor Games For Elementary Students?

Sometimes it might be important that students stay indoors, either as a preference or due to uncontrollable external factors. However, this attribute doesn’t mean they remain dormant, which is difficult for average elementary students. Hence, you might want to consider these options:


You can play a yoga video or take the students through a personal version of the same. As you continue the exercise, you will realize that kids pick up the practice quickly, enjoying themselves while at it.

Surprisingly, elementary students are more flexible and receptive to many drills. The relaxation and fulfillment that comes with yoga are undisputed. Hence, if you are looking for an exercise that requires no equipment to practice yet will leave your students happy and content, you won’t have to look further.

Dance Routine

One thing that is very evident with children is that he likes dancing. Perhaps you might not be a dance teacher, but this shouldn’t discourage you from giving her children the time of their lives.

You might just run to YouTube and learn a few dance moves that will be useful for the students. Once you have mastered a few steps, you may start guiding the students. Be sure to play some music while at it.

Jump Rope

This might be an old-school favorite. However, you wouldn’t want to miss the great exercise it can give the students. Jumping rope is incredible when toning down the body and increasing the heart rate. As a teacher, give the children some ropes and watch them enjoy themselves. You can also teach them a few old-school games and see how far elementary students can stretch their creativity.


Even though this might appear absurd, children love doing gymnastics. Perhaps it might be the best exercise when it comes to the relaxation of the muscles.

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    However, it would be best to consider that most elementary students cannot withstand much pressure. So, you can start by training them on soft skills such as cartwheels and bridging, then watch them practice.

    Winter Gym Games For Students

    Weather might not always be favorable, but students must continue living normally. Interestingly, elementary kids seem to be intrigued by the cold winter temperatures. Since you can’t keep them confined, it is better to let them join the following exciting activities:

    • Treasure Hunt

    Unleash the students’ curiosity by taking them on a treasure hunt in the snow. Hide a few things and let them play the hunter role to possess the hidden items.

    • Snow Baking

    Pack hard snow in cookie sheets and let the children pretend to be baking. Let the students explore to the depths of their imaginations as long as they feel it’ll make a perfect treat.

    • Build A Snowman

    This is a great team-building activity. You can let the students in groups, and each group takes turns picking a set of equipment from a common collection. Once each member has picked an item, you task the students with modeling a snowman.

    This is one of the games that will unleash much of the student’s creativity. Also, it can be comfortably done indoors, which makes it more interesting.

    What Are Some Fun Gym Games For Elementary Students?

    Are you looking to let the students enjoy themselves without attempting to ignite any mental activity? These gym class games will do the trick;

    1.    Cat’s Corner

    This is a dodgeball-style game. The throwers (cats) chase and try to hit the runners (mice) with a ball. Runners start at a safe space within the gym and try to make it to the other end of the gym without being hit. Perhaps this might be one of the most interesting games as it presents the students with a chase to play dodgeball.

    2.    Sharks And Minnows

    In this game, one of the students acts as the shark while the other minnows. The shark chases the minnows, and each student who is touched by the “shark” is converted from being a minnow to a shark.

    It is an exhilarating game as students enjoy dodging and confusing each other with an attempt at being the only minnow left during any given chase.

    What Benefits Do Elementary Students Gain From Playing Gym Class Games?

    As a parent, you might be interested in knowing what your child stands to gain from playing the easy gym games. Here are a few that might interest you:

    1. The games enhance emotional and cognitive well-being. For example, gym games for elementary students expose them to shaking off the pressure from class. As a result, they experience a new environment, enabling them to perform better.

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    2. Gym games help to strengthen bones. Exercise is the best way to strengthen an individual’s muscles. Elementary students are not an exception, especially when it is considered that they are still under active development. Hence, the games enable them to thrive, avoiding possible lifestyle diseases.

    Strong and efficient lungs. Most of the gym class games involve a lot of movement. As a result, a lot of air moves in and out of the lungs, increasing their efficiency and capacity. This ensures that the lungs strengthen and become better at their role as the children advance.

    The games help the children to realize the value of teamwork. Games such as building a snowman teach elementary students the value of teamwork. This ensures that they learn how to select and build teams and the best strategies to use whenever they want to complete any assigned tasks on time.

    Final Thoughts

    Gym games for elementary students play a critical role in their growth and development. Hence, as a parent or teacher, you must ensure that such activities are run without fail. With the benefits outlined above, we believe you can map out games that best suit your students or children.