Developing Your Biceps With Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

Most people who want to develop their biceps simply go to the gym or lift heavy weights. However, that isn’t always the best way to do things. Lifting heavy weights over the long term can be harmful to your joints and muscles, leading to damage as you get older.

One of the best ways to combat this and reduce the damage to your body is to do free weight biceps exercises. These involve using your bodyweight as the source of resistance rather than lifting weights.

So, you are probably wondering what is body weight biceps training and how is it done? Basically, you don’t need to touch any weights, you can perform the exercises from the comfort of your home, and you can complete the exercises whenever you want.

Some examples of popular bicep exercises done using only your bodyweight include push ups, pull ups, burpees, and anything else like this. Include these in your workout routine today – you will notice the difference!

How to Workout Biceps Without Weights?

It can sometimes be difficult to find the best body weight bicep exercises. No bar or any other weights are ever needed (except for something like a chin up bar, which can be useful from time to time). Working out the biceps without weights is easy and can be completed by anyone!

One of the best bodyweight biceps exercises are bodyweight biceps curls. These are extremely simple, and will really get your arms working. You can adjust the difficulty of the movement by changing your body position, and they are therefore suitable for people of all fitness and strength levels.

How to Maintain Biceps Routine?

One of the best ways to maintain your bicep strength is through a simple calisthenics arm workout routine. Calisthenics are basically any exercises which are repetitive and which involve nothing more than you and your body.

Some great calisthenics exercises for maintaining your biceps are pushups and chin ups, both of which can be completed in a few minutes before or after work. Including these in your daily routine will help you look great, but will mean that you don’t have to put a lot of work in.

Do Push Ups Work Your Biceps?

Although pushups don’t usually specifically target the biceps, they are still a great exercise for maintenance and for general arm muscle building. Pushups are still great bodyweight bicep exercises, as they do tend to work the bicep a little, and they can give you a rest from doing other, more taxing movements.

They are great for the maintenance phase of any workout routine, and can therefore be included as part of every bicep strengthening routine. Pushups will also strengthen and bulk up your triceps, making sure that your arms remain balanced and keep an overall healthy look about them.

What is a TRX Bicep Curl and Are They Useful?

TRX bicep curl

A TRX bicep curl is a calisthenics exercise which mainly targets the biceps, but which also works the forearms and shoulders. They work great, and are a crucial part of any bodyweight biceps routine.

If you aren’t sure exactly what a TRX bicep curl is or how you should complete them, a simple Google search will reveal videos outlining the correct techniques and the right way to do them.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises For Shoulders

Pushups are also great for your shoulders. Strengthening the muscles on and around the shoulder is extremely important as doing so helps prevent injury and stabilizes the joint – which can otherwise be a little fragile.

Some great upper body workouts without weights specifically target the shoulders and biceps, making them a must for anyone aiming to maintain a healthy, fit body image.

How Can I Build My Arms Fast?

There is no magic formula or sure fire solution when it comes to building muscle fast. Like any part of the body, building strong arm muscle requires hours of long, hard training sessions spread over weeks or even months.

However, there are some things that you can do to help speed up your arm muscle building process. Tricep bodyweight exercises are very efficient, and they generally help tone the entire arm – something which is very beneficial. The following tips will help you build arm muscle fast:

  • Use a balanced workout plan, making sure that you target all of your arm muscles equally.
  • Eat well and make sure that you are consuming enough protein.
  • Rest well between workout sessions to make sure that your muscles have plenty of time to rest and recover. This rebuilding phase is essential for fast muscle growth.

How Do You Work Out Your Forearms?

Working out the forearms can be a little difficult. However, they are thankfully exercised during the course of most arm workouts. No weights are necessary to exercise the forearms, and you can target them through a few simple exercises.

Any body weight arm exercises which involve a lot of movement around the wrist and lower arm will target the forearms, especially if the movements are highly repetitive and need a large amount of force.

How Do You Make Forearms Bigger?

Although bodyweight exercises are great, you may find it difficult to bulk your forearms without any external equipment. One of the easiest ways to make your forearms bigger is by doing arm exercises with free weights.

Free weights are those which can be easily manipulated and moved around. They don’t have to be heavy or difficult to lift – they just have to provide some resistance to your forearm muscles during the workout.

Can You Work Out Your Forearms Every Day?

It is never a good idea to work out every day, especially if you are trying to build muscle and muscle bulk. You need to rest between sessions to give your body the chance to recover and rebuild itself, otherwise you won’t see the gains you deserve.

One alternative for your days off is to complete chest workouts. Bodyweight exercises targeting the chest muscles will help you maintain an overall image of fitness and health.

Good luck and happy exercising!