Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises for Home Workout

Do you enjoy working out, but aren’t really sure if you are doing the right things? Have you been lifting weights for months to try and build muscle, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere? If yes, then you are in the right place!

In this article, I will outline my killer shoulder workout, as well as a few shoulder workouts for mass gains. Any home exercise routine can be difficult, and it can sometimes be hard to get yourself motivated to workout at home. A lack of equipment, easy excuses, and simple laziness are the biggest causes of missed exercise sessions.

It is therefore logical that the best shoulder routine and home shoulder workout is one which can be done anywhere, at any time. Bodyweight exercises allow this. They can be done at any time of the day or night, they generally don’t need any specialized equipment (or any equipment at all!), and they can be done by anyone of any fitness level.

Keep reading to discover the best bodyweight exercises to develop your shoulders and upper body!

Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

Shoulder exercises without weights

If you have ever wondered how to broaden shoulders without weight, then go no further!

It is actually extremely simple to broaden your shoulders without lifting a lot of weights. Maximal muscle gain is usually achieved through a lot of repetitions of a light weight – something bodyweight exercises allow you to do.

Since they relatively simple and can be modified according to your strength and fitness level, most bodyweight exercises are suited to everyone – if you aren’t sure what is best for you then you can consult a personal trainer or someone like this.

Body Weight Workout Routines For Beginners

As a beginner, it can be difficult to start exercising. The internet is full of information, and it can sometimes feel like you are being overloaded.

How do you know where to start?

How do you know which exercises are actually useful?

Well, a good place to begin is with bodyweight exercises for back strength. Developing back strength will give you a good base to build on, and it is essential in preventing injury and reducing your risk of debilitating muscle strains.

Deltoid exercises without weights are also a good place to start. Simple things like a crab walk, planks and side planks, and pushups are easy and will leave you feeling sore and satisfied for days afterwards!

Developing A Shoulder Workout Routine

Developing a shoulder muscles workout can be difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. One of the most important things to include is a range of high quality exercises to strengthen shoulders.

If you aren’t really sure about the best exercises for you, then it is probably best to talk to a fitness professional like a personal trainer. Alternatively, there are some great YouTube videos and shoulder workouts out there, but just be careful that you don’t choose one which is too difficult or too taxing.

What is Calisthenics? What is the Calisthenic Workout Plan For Beginners?

Calisthenic workout plan for beginners

Calisthenics exercises are those which are simple and appear easy to perform, but which become difficult with repetition. Some great examples of this include running, pushing, or grasping. A good quality calisthenics shoulder workout can be a great way to set yourself off on the path to muscles goodness.

Beginning calisthenics workout routines can be both difficult and confusing. Until you start exercising, it can be difficult to get your head around exactly what calisthenics is, and can therefore be difficult to develop your own program.

What Are Bodyweight Trap Exercises? Are they Useful?

Bodyweight trap exercises are those which strengthen your trapezius muscles, the muscles on your upper back. They are extremely useful when it comes to developing strong shoulders and big muscles, as having strong traps allows you to much more easily develop your shoulders.

Strengthen shoulders and shoulder muscles today by performing simple trap exercises such as dips or pushups. You will find that most of these exercises actually work not only your traps, but also your shoulder muscles at the same time.

How Do You Get A Wider Upper Body?

A range of varied, good shoulder workouts is the first key to developing a wider upper body. Make sure that you complete a professional style routine which targets every muscle in your upper body. Note that it is also extremely important to have plenty of rest between workouts to allow your muscles to build themselves and become stronger.

How Do I Make My Shoulders Bigger?

Most people would have wondered how to get bigger shoulders or how to get broader shoulders at some point in their lives. Well, the good news is that with the repetition of a few simple bodyweight exercises, you will have shoulders that even bodybuilders can be jealous of!

How Can I Increase My Chest Size?

Dips Workout

The first step to increasing your chest size is to identify the best shoulder exercises and develop them into a workout routine. However, doing this if you aren’t used to working out or don’t have the first idea about exercising can be difficult. Below you will find a list of my top shoulder exercises:

  • Pushups and their variations are a favorite, closely followed by
  • Dips and their variations and
  • Handstand pushups and their variations. Some other useful exercises include:
  • Planks and side planks.
  • Pull ups and their variations.
  • Many simple calisthenic exercises.

If you put together some sort of regular workout plan which includes a number of these exercises then you will find that your chest and shoulder size increases in no time.

What Is The Best Shoulder Workout?

To finish on a positive note, what is the best exercise that you can do to strengthen and develop your shoulders? How should you do it?

Well, according to many experts, pushups and pushup variations are actually the best bodyweight shoulder exercise you can do, closely followed by dips and handstand pushups. Now you know the secret – if you want big shoulders, then get out and do as many pushups as you can, as often as you can!