Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym Review

Why buy a Bodycraft Galena pro Home gym machine?

Like before buying any product, the first question to ask is whether or not it is really needed. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a personal home gym as opposed to going to a conventional gym.

Benefits Of Having A Personal Home Gym

The first advantage is the main reason people purchase home gyms. Ease of use. This ease of use/convenience will enable the purchaser to use the gym anytime at no extra charge, unlike standard gyms with closing times on holidays and limited opening hours. There is no time lost when traveling to the gym as it is in the same house.

There is no queue or waiting in line for any of the machines. And there are no badly stacked weights or rules and protocols that you have to adhere to. The bottom line is that that it is your own personal gym which you can use at any time, day or night, sun or snow (which could also prevent the individual from going to the gym). The main benefit of a home gym is in terms of time. You don’t wait for anything and for those people with busy lifestyles having more time available is crucial. You can plan a regular routine and get it done quickly at maximum efficiency.

Before buying it is appropriate to consider whether or not the gym is actually going to be used extensively. It is foolish to buy an expensive home gym on the basis that it may encourage you to go to the gym more regularly. This psychological tactic does not work as well as commonly believed. Whether or not you have the space to store the machine is important, and space is also needed around the machine in order to maneuver effectively and perform workouts, as well as for the sake of having space.

A crowded gym with intense people looking to make gains as quickly as possible is not the most therapeutic of environments to be in. And having a home gym means you don’t have to change with other people or purchase overpriced drinks if you become thirsty. Personal home gyms are personal and can be tailored to whatever environment you wish.

Home gyms have the added benefit of privacy. You can put artwork, graffiti or motivation quotes on the walls, or play heavy metal music if you wish. Or it can be a peaceful sanctuary where you quietly work out. Or you can invite friends over for regular workout schedules.

The point is there are no other people or circumstances which dictate to you how long you work out for, or how loud you can be, or what times you may perform your exercise routine. For people who are serious about their health, this is a huge bonus and worth its weight in gold.

And finally, when all is said and done, home gyms might just be cheaper than standard gym memberships. Because you may have to take into account money lost on the actual gym membership, on expensive drinks and shakes, on gas spend to get there or transport tickets, on time lost waiting for machines and weights and on time and peace of mind that is also lost by having to go to an overcrowded gym instead of working out from the comfort of your own home.

Home gyms are built to last 5+ years minimum which you can use anytime. If you intend to work out regularly then a home gym could actually be a significant saving when all costs are accounted for.

Bodycraft Galena Pro For Your Home Gym

If you are certain that you want to go ahead with the purchase of a home gym, then the Bodycraft galena pro is an excellent purchase It is a little bit more expensive than most home gyms, but if you are purchasing a product that is intended for use every day for the next 5 years on, then it may be worth putting in the extra couple of hundred dollars. The Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym is one of the best home gyms due to its superior design-build and its durability.It includes a number of accessories prevent the consumer from having to spend more money on extra accessories. Bodycraft home gyms are a well-known brand that produces high-quality gym machines. A total of 25 different exercises can be performed on the machine which is standard for home gyms. Where the Bodycraft galena gym really stands out is in terms of its design, which comes with two adjustable seats with high-density foam and a pec deck. A leg press is optional.

The machine comes with a bodycraft galena workout chart and a training DVD to get the user started. It also offers a warranty on the frame and all moving parts, means it is made to last and if it does not, you get a replacement or your money back. Bodycraft gyms offer live chat and support to answer any queries and body craft home gyms are among the best available.

One of the disadvantages of the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym is that the max weight is 200 pounds, and more weight cannot be added. However, the fact that the smallest weight is 5 pounds means it is suitable for beginners and gym veterans. It is also very heavy as it is built using heavy-gauge steel tubing.

It weighs around 480 pounds and is 80 inches tall, over 70 inches long and 58 inches wide. A lot of space is needed for this machine. But if you are going to invest in a machine for the long term it may be a better idea to get a well-designed, highly functional large machine than a less well designed, less functional small one, just for the sake of saving space.

Final Thoughts About Bodycraft Galena Pro

All in all, the Bodycraft Galena Pro is an excellent gym that should last a lifetime, at least according to the warranty. It is well made and durable with many accessories and comfortable seats. One of the better home gyms, the only downside is that the weights cannot be upgraded, but 200 pounds is a lot of weights to lift for all except perhaps competitive weightlifters. And while a little expensive it is definitely worth it over the long term. And if you have someone who also wants to use the product it should not cause too much difficulty, as it has two seats so that both people can use the Bodycraft Galena Pro at the same time. Click here to read about Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Reviews.