Best Sleep Masks For 2024 Review – Identify the Best Sleep Mask

Why You need Sleep Masks?

Sleep is essential for relaxation and much needed rejuvenation for the brain and body. However, most people are unable to get enough sleep each night. Sleep masks are one sure way to get to help one sleep effectively. They block out light especially when one is unable to control the light source.

Sleep masks come in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers of sleep masks have also been able to tailor them into both masculine and feminine sleep masks. One can find a mens sleeping mask in a variety of designs and fabrics. It is also possible to find a sleeping mask for women who want to keep their beauty sleep unperturbed in various classy shapes, fabrics and contoured designs.

Types of Sleep Masks

Sleeping masks come in different shapes, sizes and features. The main sleeping masks featured here are:

  • The Alaska Bear Sleep Mask
  • The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask
  • The Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask
Rank Product Picture Details
1 The Alaska Bear Sleep Mask The Alaska Bear sleep mask
2 The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask The Bedtime Bliss sleep mask
3 The Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask The Earth Therapeutics sleep mask

The Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

The Alaska Bear sleep mask

The comfortable, lightweight fabric of this mask made from natural silk will block out light to give the wearer uninterrupted sleep. Bright light is completely blocked with this mulberry silk sleep mask. Its fabric is breathable and gentle on the skin.

Its elastic straps can be adjusted and you can easily find the mask that is a perfect fit for you. At the back of the mask is an adjuster that enables you to sleep comfortably on your side. There is no need to worry about long hair being caught in the mask since there is no Velcro used on it. The padded straps of the Alaska Bear sleep mask and its cooling aromatherapy gives the executive comfort needed for a good night sleep.

The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask

The Bedtime Bliss sleep mask

This mask is contoured and designed with soft and comfortable fabric to block light effectively for you to sleep effectively. The space between the mask and the eyes is enough to open the eyes without pressuring the eyelids.

It is possible to wear the eyeshades for sleeping comfortably in hot weather due to its adjustable straps. Its contoured shape makes it a great choice due to its ability to fit anyone wearing it well. This sleeping mask comes with Moldex earplugs and a case to carry it in.

The Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

The Earth Therapeutics sleep mask

This is a cooling sleep mask that comes with a Peppermint and Valerian scent that guarantees you relaxation for good quality sleep. The calming peppermint aroma is an extra added on to the mask for some therapeutic experience. The small sleek design ensures total light blocking and its silk and cotton feel makes it easy on the skin.

Benefits Of Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are one of the easiest ways to keep insomnia at bay. Darkness has been found to be a causative agent responsible for the production of the sleep inducing hormone melatonin. With an eye mask, it is possible to achieve total eye cover for sleep. Sleep increases significantly among people who employ the use of sleep masks.

Sleep masks are an affordable way to achieve good quality sleep for those who suffer from various sleeping disorders. Sleep masks come in a variety of trendy shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Travellers and night shift workers tend to sleep during the day. A sleep mask is an ideal investment for such people who will find it difficult to go to sleep in glaring light.

Do Sleep Masks Improve Your Quality Of Sleep?

Benefits of sleep mask

The sleeping experience of individuals with sleeping disorders or difficulty finding sleep can be improved with the use of sleeping masks. Wearing one to cover the eyes would block light completely and trigger the production of melatonin responsible for sleep. The increased melatonin levels in individuals who use sleeping masks had them receiving more uninterrupted sleep. The use of sleeping masks together with earplugs has been found effective in increasing REM sleep.

Getting used to eye masks may take some time. With time, it feels more natural and one may even end up purchasing more eye masks to wear on a rotational basis. People who naturally sleep deeply may not find sleeping masks very needful. The production of Cortisol (the waking hormone) is stimulated by light hitting the back of the eye. Eye masks may hinder this from happening causing such individuals to take even longer to wake up.

Does An Eye Mask Actually Help You Sleep Better?

Eye masks are a sure way to get and sustain sleep. These sleep masks are made to keep light away from your eyes in order to achieve good sleep. They are ideal for people with sleep disorders and other sleeping problems and they help them achieve quality sleep. These sleeping disorders have seen the development of sleep-inducing products for individuals who find getting good sleep evasive.

Best Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

Individuals who tend to sleep on the side have also been catered for when it comes to sleeping masks. A well-contoured flexible mask that is not tight on the face is ideal for any person with the habit of sleeping on the side. Side sleepers looking to purchase an eye blindfold should look for one that does not dislodge while sleeping in various positions.

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Sleep and Do Eye Masks Help?

What Are the Benefits of Deep Sleep and do Eye Masks Help?

Sleep is just as important for good health as air, food or water. Skipping or having inadequate sleep warrants the advent of sickness. Without sleep, the body is unable to regulate crucial systems like the hormones, nerves and other organs. It is important for the stabilization of processes like metabolism and emotional balance.

Deep sleep is a stage in the sleeping pattern where the body rejuvenates and replenishes the energy reserves. This enables the body to keep the immune system strong, stimulate growth, and rejuvenate muscular tissue while maintaining overall health.

Melatonin is a hormone produced to make one feel sleepy when darkness sets in. Without light, the body is able to release more melatonin to the system to trigger sleep. Sleep is a cyclic pattern with four stages:

  • Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Stage
  • The Light Sleep Stage
  • The Deep Sleep Stage
  • The Rapid Eye Movement(REM) Stage

1. The Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM)

This is the stage whereby there are non-rapid eye movements. It is divided further into NREM Stage One, NREM Stage Two and NREM Stage Three.

2. The Light Sleep Stage

It is possible to be awakened by any slight movement or interruption in this stage of sleep.

3. The Deep Sleep Stage

In this stage, it is more difficult to wake up. Once sleep is interrupted in this stage, dizziness and disorientation are likely to be experienced.

4. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Stage

This is the dream stage in which awakening causes weakness and drowsiness.

On average, every sleep stage lasts for approximately 90 minutes. For one to get enough deep sleep, every stage must be completely accomplished.

Deep sleep is beneficial in many ways. Some include:

Rejuvenation of heart muscles: Maintaining a healthy heart is possible with a high frequency of deep sleep cycles. Keeping the heart healthy is possible with regular deep sleep. The slowdown of the heart rate allows for the rejuvenation of the heart muscles.

Regulating hypertension: High amounts of Cortisol or adrenaline causes lack of enough deep sleep. Blood pressure goes up in such conditions. In order to achieve a reasonably low blood pressure, deep sleep relaxation is important.

Enhancement of immunity: Cell and organ health can be achieved through regular deep sleep. Antibodies and immunity cells are reproduced in high quantities during deep sleep for the prevention of diseases and pathogens. Brain cell rejuvenation also occurs during deep sleep. The necessary neurotransmitters and hormones that stimulate the production of brain cells are released during deep sleep to keep mental disorders away.

Improved memory: Memory and creativity can be improved by regular deep sleep. Better learning performance and creativity has been recorded among individuals who get deep sleep regularly. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative condition that causes the gradual decline in brain memory capabilities. Deep sleep affords the brain a chance to rejuvenate and repair itself to keep conditions like Alzheimer’s away.

Regulating obesity: Lack of sleep causes food cravings, which lead to unnecessary weight gain. Ghrelin (the hormone responsible for triggering hunger) and Leptin (the hormone responsible for surfeit) can be regulated better for prevention of unhealthy weight gain. The mutation of body genes that cause obesity can be inhibited by regular deep sleep. The cell reparation during deep sleep keeps metabolism issues and obesity at bay.

Replenishing the digestive system: The digestive system replenishes itself during deep sleep. Eating right before going to bed impairs the ability of the gut to revitalize itself. This causes the digestive system to work on overdrive in order to digest the meal as one sleeps. That is why it is always advisable not to eat heavy meals right before bedtime.

Repair and Regeneration of body cells: One of the most significant benefits of sleep is cellular regeneration. Body proteins work to replenish and repair damages made by toxic substances, free radicals and harmful microorganisms. Wounds tend to heal faster and better with regular deep sleep.

Increase in melatonin: Eye masks work well to prohibit light receptors in the eye from receiving more light. Consequently, the body receives signals to cause a reduction in serotonin and an increase in the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). Body temperature reduces and defense mechanisms are fortified by the melatonin produced.

How To Increase Your Deep Sleep Cycles

7. How to Increase Your Deep Sleep Cycles

It is during deep sleep that numerous health benefits like body rejuvenation and cellular regeneration takes place. The health benefits that come along with regular deep sleep are countless. Diet considerations must be made when planning to optimize deep sleep patterns.

Total relaxation must be achieved in order to transition into deep sleep. Some drugs can be taken to increase the amount of deep sleep cycles experienced by an individual. However, the possibility of side effects makes them a last resort option. Having a sleeping blindfold can be another way to help one get quality sleeping experience.

Choosing The Ideal Sleeping Mask

Sleep masks can be useful while travelling or even at home. One can also use a sleep mask for a power nap, while another may use it for meditating or relaxing.

One of the first things to know is the purpose for which the sleep mask will be used for. This makes it easier to choose a sleep mask to suit the wearer’s need. When the amount of light to be blocked is quite high, then an ideal mask would be one with strong light blocking capabilities of approximately 99-100%.

Not all faces are the same. This means that not all masks may fit well enough. Finding a sleep mask that fits can help block a higher percentage of light. Your sleeping experience will be disturbed if you do not have the most comfortable sleep mask. A sleeping blindfold that gives you the right amount of light block and comes with adjustable straps that fit right would be the ideal purchase.

When finding the ideal eye mask, it is good to look for one that:

  • Fits comfortably without being too tight
  • Is dark enough to block light well
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Has gentle washable fabric
  • Does not pressure the eye too much
  • Holds well enough to open eyes
  • Is functional

Final Thoughts On Sleep Masks

Sleep is important for body systems to work effectively. Good quality sleep is sleep that is uninterrupted and adequate. However, many still have trouble getting adequate sleep. One of the most effective ways of getting sleep is the use of eye masks.

Finding the best eye mask for a great night’s sleep should not be a daunting task. A variety is now available from which it is possible to choose the best sleep mask. Many sleeping mask reviews show that users are hugely impressed with how much the sleep covers improve their sleep.