Best Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massagers to Help Make You Good in 2024

Are Electric Massagers Good?

Hand-held deep tissue massagers are meant to tailor the target area and intensity of your massage, in order to achieve maximum relaxation and revitalization.

These electric back massagers come with rechargeable batteries, or power connection cables, providing more flexibility and better energy.

In fact, professional handheld massagers come very close to a relaxing massage by a therapist who structures his fingers to relieve your tight muscles.

You can use an electric back massager anywhere on your body- back, neck, shoulder, thigh, arms, and legs, to soothe sore muscles and to release body-stiffness.

In 2021, numerous high-performance deep tissue massage tools are available in the market. We will evaluate and review here ten best electric hand massagers that help you feel better after a workout at the gym or a hard day’s work.

Top 10 Handheld Electric Massagers

Pure Wave CM7 Massager by Pado

PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager

The Pure-Wave massager by Pado is a powerful yet placid body massager, with 6 multi-tip massage heads that provide deep tissue massage with acupressure, Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. It has changeable motor speeds, giving you impeccable control on the intensity of your massage.

The Pure Wave massager reviews call it the best massager, and for good reason. It’s super-versatile. The Pure Wave by Pado CM7 model has adjustable ‘percussion’ as the default mode, but can be changed to ‘vibration’. It has an oil stick that allows you to apply massage oils even on areas that are hard to reach, and for scalp massage that gets rid of those nasty headaches and migraines- all leading to relaxation and better circulation. With this noiseless, cordless and lightweight unit, you can also massage and wash your hair, and massage in hair conditioners. There’s more- the facial massage sticks let you put creams and cleansers onto your face. The gentle vibration mode works them into your face for a more vibrant effect.

Pure-Wave CM7 (Extreme Power)

Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager Body + Facial (Dual Mode) For Foot, Legs, Neck, Back, Shoulders (Black)

There are many hand-held vibrating massagers out there, but the Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Full Body deep tissue Massager is one of the best body massagers in its niche. It has a very sleek and ergonomic design, with a silicon handle, 6 massage heads, and variable speeds, to work perfectly for many body parts. It’s the best body massager for sensitive joint areas such as the knees, scapula, ankles and shoulder joints. If firm acupressure technique is your thing, this electric hand massager might be the one for you. The powerful percussion motor, along with pinpoint acupressure tip will allow you to drum into those persisting tight spots. It has both vibration and percussion styles, allowing you to refreshingly massage your face, neck, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Zyllion ZMA-16

Zyllion ZMA-16 Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager with Heat

The Zyllion model ZMA-16 is a professional percussion massager with a vibrator option. It has an infrared heat mode to ease out aching muscle groups and it encourages more blood flow to the affected spots. The infrared heat option comes on when the button is pressed on/off once. This gadget can go up to 140-degrees F. within about 6 minutes on the on-mode. Whether it’s relaxing knotted muscles, de-stressing after working out and exercise, soothing hurting feet, arthritis aches, or fibromyalgia, this deep-tissue massager calms it all. The 3 interchangeable massage nodes and adjustable speed work at whichever intensity level you desire. The handle is very maneuverable and non-slippery. The unit is remarkably light at 2.2 pounds and connects with a 6-feet long cord.

Brookstone 672469 Handheld Massager

Brookstone 672469 Sport Handheld Massager

This professional back massager is a favorite with athletes. The Brookstone ActiveSport Massager’s deep percussion action penetrates tight, aching muscles all over your body and increase blood circulation to not only improve flexibility but help you sleep soundly as well. The deep tissue massager has customized speeds and 3 interchangeable nodes to give you just the kind of massage your exhausted muscles require. The pinpoint node is perfect for target sore spots precisely, and the general spots can be worked on with the ball node. The wide-coverage node works its magic on the larger muscle clusters to cure that ‘hurting-everywhere’ sensation.

The ActiveSport Massager’s percussion massage will help speed recovery from workout soreness, getting you back in the gym before you can blink.

ThumperSport Personal Massager

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager

The ‘Sport’ model E501 NA is the best massager for active lives. It is a powerful, professional grade, yet affordable handheld vibrating massager to use at the gym, in the office, at home, or while traveling. It weighs a light 3 pounds. You can use it effectively over your clothes, or directly onto the body with or without oils. 5 customized speeds and a deep percussion mode for energizing your muscles relieves tight, sore spots, making it one of the best percussion massagers in the market. The system technology prevents the massager from stalling at low speeds and enables it to operate in the range of 20 to 40 thumping pulses per second.

If you have tight neck muscles, aching arms, and legs, or even tight abdominal muscles, this device’s tapping manipulation heals it all. The nifty, easy to hold handle helps the thumper reach over your entire body, from shoulders and spine to your legs, relieving lactic acid buildup, and that burn you may have after biking, running or trekking.

Wahl 4290-300 Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

The Wahl® 4290-300 deep tissue therapeutic massager is a professional back massager that will ease out body pain and muscle fatigue with a deep-kneading action that allows you to massage with preciseness your joints, neck, upper back, mid-back, and the difficult to reach lower back. These qualities make it one of the best electric massagers with vibration option available to you.

The Wahl vibrating massager unit has variable speeds that you can choose, depending on what you’re in need of- a low intensity, prolonged massage, or a deep vigorous tissue knead. 3 interchangeable heads enhance your massage experience- four-finger flex attachment, acupoint attachment, and the raised bump attachment. Users vouch for the good this Wahl Vibrating massager does to the knee. If your quadriceps- the muscles that keep the knee flexible, are hurting, a massage to the kneecap will relax them by benefitting the ligaments and tendons. This massager works wonders with pains and aches associated with sports injuries, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

LiBa Massager

LiBa Back and Neck Massager

The LiBa is a wonderful professional percussion massager. It comes with 3 different massager head attachments that are designed to relieve body pain, release muscle tightness and muscle strain. A sturdy electric motor and variable speed settings give this deep tissue massager handheld unit the ability to cover everything from chronic pain to muscle tension. It gives you the freedom to cover the entire body and heal all achy parts.

The LiBa electric hand massager has a rotator action that works at the speed of 5000 pulses each minute, giving you long-term and enduring pain-reprieve. Whether its tightness, muscle stiffness or spasms, with this soothing percussion massage your muscle strength will increase along with better flexibility, increase blood circulation and agility.

Alessandro Yarosi Cordless

Yarosi Cordless Curve Therapeutic Device

The Alessandro Yarosi Mini Therapeutic Massager is one of the best massager for an all-over body massage, and relief from soreness and muscle aches after rigorous sports. This handheld vibrating massager helps in relaxing muscles and healing aches by stimulating the nerve endings at the surface of the skin. It aids in releasing feel-good hormones in the body, making it relax and calm naturally. The general feeling of physical well-being that these hormones perpetrate regulates your breathing pattern and slows down the heartbeat.

The Alessandro Yarosi offers 20 patterns of pulses and 8 speeds. Its small size makes it easy to get to those hard-to-reach spots. The tip of this handheld device is supple and bendable, thus molding itself to the contours of your body. The cordless design makes it portable. A soft, cushioning silicone coating gives it a good feel, grip and finish. The coating is 100% safety-certified and extremely long-lasting. The massager can be exploited in a hot bath too, given its waterproof design.

iHausPlus Massager

iHausplus Massager

This professional percussion action massager with a soothing double-head design has an advanced percussion action system that is non-intrusive and effectively targets specific areas of your neck, back, head, foot, and legs, delivering deep-tissue body-kneading massage for that much-needed relief from muscle soreness and tightness.

With this electric deep-tissue back massager, you can customize your massage by using the variable-speed feature that lets you set the strength that you prefer, while the 2 pivoting head-attachments easily allow you to choose between a gentle or firm massage. It’s sleek and ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver.

The IHausPlus is a great gift idea for over-workers, runners, athletes, senior citizens, tired housewives or just about anyone experiencing aches and pains.

The HoMedics® Model HHP-350 Percussion Massager

The HoMedics® Model HHP-350 Percussion Massager

This is one of the best body massagers in the cheaper niche, with dual pivoting heads and variable speeds that you can control. The professional handheld massager comes with 3 massage attachments for firm, gentle, and heat, and a sleek handle to hold easy. For tense neck muscles, headaches, aching muscles of the back, legs, arms, shoulders, and sore feet- this is the best massager for all your hurts and pains.

The HomeMedics percussion massager is not a vibrator or rotator. It moves up and down- quite like a hammer or piston. The heat can be turned off if you have poor circulation or swelling. You can change the attachment from ‘soft’ to ‘hard’ according to the way you want it to work on your body.