Best Bicycle Lock Reviews 2023 – Get The Best One

What is the best lightweight bike lock for your money?

When you buy a bike, you want to keep is safe from thieves, especially with bicycle theft on the rise in many cities.

If you are living in one of the cities with a higher rate of theft, bike theft is difficult to manage unless you buy the best bike lock and protect your ride with it.

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To act proactively against bike theft, your best bet is to buy a high quality like that is impossible to break and takes only a second to lock the bike to it. Unfortunately, the bike locks you see around these days don’t REALLY solve the problem as they are easy to break.

Top Bicycle Lock Brands to consider in 2023

What is The Best Bike Lock?

By now, you might be thinking about the best bike lock already. You will find all the help you need in this article as it will explain different lock types, allowing you to see how the best rated bike locks stack against each other. Click here to view the top outdoor bikes.

Buy a lock from the list below, and you will be able to keep your bike secure no matter where you live. Even in cities where bike theft is epidemic, these locks will discourage thieves. Read top bike lock reviews below.

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The Strongest Bike Lock in the Market – Kryptonite 997986 Fahgettaboudit U-Lock

If you are looking for a bike lock that is impossible to break, then there is nothing better than the modern Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit. This lock is the strongest it gets when it comes to bike locks.

But that quality and strength come at a price. So, expect to pay more than the best cable lock in the market.

In return for your money, you will get unbreakable bike security and total peace of mind.

Features – Why buy this lock?

Here is what you get in exchange for the money you spend on this unbreakable lock.

  • Made from hardened steel
  • Weighs four pounds
  • 18mm thickness
  • Comes with three keys
  • Powerful LED included making it functional at night
  • Small size lock makes it impossible to operate heavy tools to cut it after you lock the bike with it.
  • Covered in vinyl coating on the chain so your bike won’t get scratches from the lock
  • Impossible to break or cut using hacksaws and bolt cutters
  • Double deadbolt design for enhanced security as a thief would need to cut both shackles to steal the bike.
  • Lock uses a disc cylinder, making it impossible to pick.

What’s bad about this bicycle lock?

Although not much, this lock has some downsides that you should know before you go ahead and spend your hard-earned cash on it.

  • A major problem with this lock is that it is heavy. But that’s something you will have to live with if you are expecting a solid lock made from hardened steel.
  • The lock doesn’t offer a frame mounting hardware.
  • If you are living in the area with humid weather, you may have to grease the lock often to keep it from rusting and lock mechanism getting stuck.


When it comes to the best bike lock, Fahgeddaboudit from Kryptonite is the best contender out there. It is strong, tough, and frustrates thieves.

Evolution Chain 999515 12mm by Kryptonite – The best bike lock

Evolution Chain is one of the best bicycle locks that you can get your hands on to discourage thieves from stealing that expensive bike you bought recently.

Kryptonite has some amazing locks, but Evolution Chain is the toughest amongst them. It’s heavy, but that’s something you will have to live with when expecting unbreakable security.

Read the pros and cons of this best bike lock 2023 below.

Features – Reasons to buy Evolution Chain

There is more than one reason to buy this lock for your bike. Here are the top features of this best bicycle lock from Kryptonite.

  • 12mm thick
  • Flexible and easy to lock the bike
  • Durable and strong
  • The small size makes it impossible to cut even with an angle grinder
  • Six-sided hex style chain construction
  • Weighs 8.5 pounds
  • Made from manganese reinforced steel
  • Reinforced Kryptonite Signature Shackle
  • Impossible to pick four-cylinder shackle design
  • No scratches from the chain as its covered in fine nylon fabric material

What could stop you from buying this best bike lock in 2023?

Evolution Chain is a great lock that would actively protect your expensive bike. However, it comes with some flaws that you should consider before spending your cash on this bike chain as it’s not cheap.

  • It’s heavy, and it could hit your bike frame hard if you don’t clip it properly
  • Needs care during wet weather


If you want to protect your expensive bike with the best bike lock, then Evolution Chain is a great choice. It’s hard and impossible to cut. It is expensive, but it can deter even the most notorious thieves.

Krypton Series 2 Standard U-Lock – The Safest Bike Lock at Budget

Krypton Series 2 Standard Lock is among the best locks for bikes for budget cyclists. It doesn’t cost a fortune and still offers strength and durability of a top bike lock.

This lock, like other best U locks, is a good bike lock especially if you are on a tight budget but want a quality U-lock to discourage thieves. It’s flexible and versatile.

Read the features of this lock below and see why it’s on the list of best bike locks.

Features – Why buy this bicycle lock?

This sturdy standard U-lock has the following distinguished features.

  • The Best U lock for bikes
  • U-Lock means it is difficult for thieves to cut
  • Comes with an extended 4-foot long cable
  • You can lock both wheels with a single lock
  • Easy to use with simple two-wheel locking mechanism
  • Can be used to lock two bikes with one lock
  • Weighs only 3.23 pounds
  • Easy to carry
  • Strong lock with 13mm thickness

Who shouldn’t get this bicycle lock?

This standard lock is a budget lock, and that means you shouldn’t expect top-level security with it. If you have an expensive bike and you live in an area with high bike theft crime rate, don’t buy this lock.

  • Provides medium-level security
  • Thieves can cut the lock with advanced tools


It’s a good lock for someone who lives in an area with low threat of bike theft. It can secure your bike from occasional threats and help you lock two bikes, making it perfect for partners planning to go long distances together.

Abus Bordo Foldable Bike Lock – The Best in Foldable Category

Abus Bordo is a foldable bike lock, and it’s the best bike lock in this category. It’s strong, lightweight, and has some great features. Read the bike lock review below.

Features – Why Abus Bordo is so highly recommended?

Abus Bordo is among top selling locks. It’s the best bike lock for city. Below, you can read the reasons why it’s such a hit.

  • Unique foldable design that confuses thieves
  • Best lightweight bike lock
  • Efficient and effective bike lock
  • Lightweight so you can carry it on long distances
  • Unique construction where six metal bars fold out to act as a chain
  • Weighs only 2.6 pounds
  • More compact compared to U-lock
  • Steel bars are covered with rubber to protect your cycle frame from scratches
  • High-quality cylinder that provides protection against lock picking
  • Difficult to break the hardened steel metal bars unless the thief is using a metal grinder
  • Easy to manage with a frame bag and mounting gear that comes with the lock

When not to buy this lock?

This lock is a good choice for anyone searching for an unconventional but secure bike lock. However, it has some flaws that you need to consider before you make a buying decision about the best bike lock.

  • You need to turn the lock to the unlocked position when locking it. This might prove frustrating when you need to lock your bike quickly.
  • The foldable mechanism will become lose over time. Although it doesn’t effect lock strength, you might have a difficult time folding and unfolding the lock.


If you are looking for something different as you believe thieves in your area have learned to break U-lock, then foldable Abus Bordo could trick them.

Master Lock 8290DPS 22-inch Street Cuffs – Lightweight and Inexpensive

There is nothing like the Street Cuffs when you are looking for a lock that keeps the thieves away. They won’t come closer to your bike as they would see it cuffed instead of locked.

Now that’s something thieves don’t have to face often.

Apart from the unique looking style, this lock from Master Lock provides tight security with its 22-inch 9-link chain. On top of that, it’s a cheap option that can protect your bike like an expensive best bike lock.

Features – Why this lock is theft-safe?

Master Lock Street Cuffs lock is as safe as it gets. It’s the right lock for anyone who wants a stylish lock that deters the casual thieves and protects against professionals who use advanced tools.

Here are some reasons why it’s the best lightweight bike lock.

  • Best bike chain lock
  • Lock your cycle with two cuffs, making it more secure than a traditional lock.
  • Easy to lock as you only need to attach one end of the cuffs to your bike and the other end to a bike rack.
  • Easily foldable lock as you can place one cuff over the other.
  • Made from hardened steel to ensure maximum safety and security against thieves determined to use advanced cutting tools.
  • Unique cylinder makes it impossible to pick this lock.
  • Weighs only 2.9 pounds

Who shouldn’t buy this lock?

If you are living in an area where thieves are using grinders to steal bikes, then this lock isn’t for you. For everyone else, this Street Cuffs lock is the best bike lock at this unbeatable price.

The standard version of this lock offers a reach of 12 inches. However, you can buy the 9-link version if you need more reach to lock your bike properly.


Master Lock offers high-quality lock in the cuff style. It offers excellent protection against thieves with its hardened steel construction. Due to flexibility, strength, and price, Master Lock Street Cuffs lock is the best bike lock for a majority of people.

Final thoughts: Bicycle locks 2023

Hopefully, these bicycle lock reviews would help you find the best lock for your cycle in 2023.

If you haven’t found the right bike lock yet, read more bike lock ratings and then make a decision.