Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling Reviews 2023 – Top Fitness Trackers Compared

Can I use Fitness Tracker for Cycling?

With a fitness tracker strapped onto your wrist, you can easily collect all the data you need to track your fitness.

So, if you are cycling for fitness, you should consider buying a high-quality fitness tracker that will not only collect data accurately but will also collaborate with 3rd party apps for insight into performance.

Why Should I Buy A Fitness Tracker?

Forget about the old trackers that would only tell you about your heart rate and maybe a few other things. The modern fitness trackers for cycling are able to provide information about your speed, distance and cadence.

So, whether you are cycling for fitness or training for some professional competition, wearing a tracker will benefit you. You will become a better cyclist with minimal effort.

Below are the best cycling wearables. These are some of the best gadgets available in the market these days.

Fitness Trackers Worth The Money In 2021

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge is the most powerful horse in the Fitbit’s stable. It comes with GPS capabilities with a large LCD wrist display; providing you the most accurate stats. The device has a touch screen and three side buttons to control the screen.

The Fitbit’s Surge device comes with a heart rate monitor; providing you the real-time workout data. In addition to this, eight different sensors make it track more metrics which most of the other devices lack. A built-in altimeter provides the most accurate stats of the floors climbed.

The GPS technology helps you to track the best cycling route for you. At the same time, it will help you to track your performance for pace, calories burned, elevation, and heart rate.

GPS is the best option to get a detailed tracking without having to carry your cell phone during your workout session. You definitely will love this feature the moment you are out on the road. You can find exercise shortcuts, including weights, spinning, cycling, elliptical, yoga, kickboxing and martial arts.

Let’s tell you how to begin your exercise session with Fitbit Surge. Choose your track and then choose ‘Bike.’ Surge will need GPS signals to track your workout details. While you’re cycling, you can see the time spent, average speed, how many calories you burned during exercise, distance covered, average beats per minute and elevation lost or gained.

At the end of your practice session, log into the app to view a summary of your workout. The review will show you the time you took to complete the drill, distance, and your average speed. You will also find the map of your cycling track, a graph of your speed, fat burn, time you spent in different heart rate zones and peak cardio. Complete insights of your exercise session which will help you understand and improve your workout pattern.

Garmin Edge 520

Garmin Edge 520

The Garmin Edge 520 is a popular fitness tracker perfect for pro cyclists. The Edge 520 offers you GPS technology to keep track of your location and cycling route. In addition to this, you get barometric altimeter functionality; giving you the accurate stats of floors climbed.

You can set your desired route before beginning your ride and your Edge 520 will record the metrics automatically. The device will keep a track the time traveled, distance covered and ascent. Moreover, it will display VO2max and functional threshold power (FTP).

Unfortunately, Edge 520 can’t tell you the heart rate until you connect it with a Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) tracker of your choice. You can easily find an HRM tracker online with a little research. You can also pair Edge 520 with a power meter to display you to show your energy levels, etc.

Edge 520 is another best fitness tracker for biking as you can also be competitive with your friends by challenging them through Strava Live-segments.

If you’re looking for an elegant fitness tracker for cycling, then Edge 520 is a top choice.

Nike FuelBand SE

Nike FuelBand SE

FuelBand SE is the successor of the legendary Nike FuelBand heart rate monitoring tracker. FuelBand SE is sleeker, slender in design and colorful looking than the old one. This activity tracker for cycling is made of hard plastic with an outer layer of silicone. You can turn on LED display by clicking on “Status” button.

FuelBand series comes with Bluetooth technology, so you can connect it wirelessly to your computer and share your data. Moreover, you get USB cable along with the device, so you can connect it to a computer and charge the device.

You can track distance, calories burned, duration of your session, and Nike fuel points. The best activity tracker for cycling firmly emphasis on a reward system called “Nike Fuel Points.” You can set your daily goal on the band before starting the workout session. During the session, the ring on the application will keep filling up until you reach your final goal.

There’s a new feature added which is known as ‘sessions.’ You can select your location and activity, and add your friends who are accompanying you during the session. Once you click start, the timer will start, and the application will keep accumulating your Nike “fuel points.” When you stop the timer, the app will show you a breakdown of your performance. So, you can know how much improvement is there. Also, it will be a good friendly competition with your friends.

Moov Now

Moov Now

Moov’s fitness tracker for cycling has such a design that it fits onto the wearer’s ankle. It may not be as elegant as the other modern activity tracker for cycling are, but you get plenty of functionality as a biker. It’s like going out to war with the deadliest weapon than an attractive one.

Moov’s tracker comes with 9-axis motion sensor which stands out this best fitness watch for cycling in the market. The moment you attach the tracker to your ankle, it can record the total amount of turns a wheel will take while you’re cycling. This data is enough for you to calculate the amount of distance you have covered during your cycling session.

Moov tracker also provides you fitness plans and tools that will keep encouraging you to improve. Moreover, the package also contains training schedules for pro cyclists to try out. Pro cyclists can toughen up their schedule through hard training.

Though, these training plans may be little too demanding. Still, if you need an “all-round” activity tracker for cycling, then this device could be a perfect fit for you.

Garmin VivoFit 3

Garmin VivoFit 3

Garmin’s VivoFit 3 is a slimline interchangeable fitness tracker for biking. The tracker is waterproof, and you can swim while having it on. That’s the main feature that stands out this device from its competitors in the market. The tracker is lightweight and super soft that it fits on your wrist without much hassle.

The VivoFit comes with a cell battery that promises to last up to 12 months. It’s another feature you won’t find in other similar products. There’s a backlight to help you read the results at night time. You can locate the time, steps that you took, steps remaining to reach your daily goal set, date, activity tracking, distance covered, and estimated calories burned.

You can pair VivoFit 3 with any HRM to get accurate heart rate monitoring. Ignoring the heart rate monitoring capability, VivoFit 3 is best fitness tracker for cycling and running. Move IQ function allows the device to detect running, walking, swimming and biking automatically. It can also track your sleep time, and provide an auto-goal, which works according to what you did on the previous day.

Move bar also gives you prompts to stay active and keep on exercising. However, you don’t get vibrating alarm function with VivoFit 3.


PowerTap P1 Meter Pedals

PowerTap is best fitness band for biking for the pro bikers. It provides precise results to satisfy pro biker’s desires for raw data.

Advanced bikers and cyclists like the power meter feature of PowerTap. Moreover, the PowerTap P1 Pedals keep track of energy generated while cycling; providing more accurate and advanced results to the Pro cyclists and bikers. Most of the professional cyclists call these high-level measurements as the gold standard for tracking performance.

PowerTap activity tracker for cycling shows how efficiently a cyclist is using his muscles while exercising. Also, you get to know whether you have the right back according to your body or not. Pro cyclists recommend PowerTap as the top tracker.

PowerTap’s fitness monitors and laptops show you detailed insight once you attach your pedals to them. Team cyclists trust the advanced data analytics that PowerTap offers. It’s costlier than regular performance trackers, so regular riders should not buy it. It’s suitable for the pro cyclists and advanced amateurs.

Most people don’t worry about heartbeat rate; however, they strive for data that you only get through PowerTap power meter feature.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple watch offers you good-quality built-in heart rate monitor. It will monitor your heartbeat and calculate it automatically every ten minutes. Later, the app will log the details to the Apple’s health application. The application will continuously track your heart beat rate during your cycling session if you are using the native Apple workout application.

The workout app enables you to leave your phone at home while you’re exercising. It will calculate your distance traveled, heart rate, and how many calories burned. You can also keep a playlist, Bluetooth headphones, and your Apple Watch, and enjoy music during your workout.

Apple watch provides you accurate heart rate while you’re cycling with its optical pulse sensor. Unlike other devices in the market, Apple watch doesn’t drop off its accuracy while you’re doing intense workouts. However, you can only get accurate results for exercises like cycling. For other drills like cross training, weight lifting and rowing, you don’t get accurate results.

However, you can improve accuracy by pairing your Apple watch to a Bluetooth sensor to your phone; making it the perfect activity tracker for cycling.

The “activity application” of your Apple watch is easy to use, clean and straightforward. It provides you daily goals like calories burned goal and exercise goal. Moreover, you also get the silent alarm and idle alerts to help you improve. The interesting thing is that all your data gets automatically sync to your iPhone. So, you can review your data later in detail and define next day’s workout strategy.

Apple watch also features some trending sports applications. You can start and stop tracking your exercise on your wrist and see the results later. There are many applications specifically designed for the cyclists and the bikers. You can get them on your Apple watch to turn it into your best tracker for cycling.

The watch comes with a touch screen and two buttons on the side of it. One of the knob switches is known as the digital crown. You see your watch face on the screen. Once you push the digital crown button, it displays all the menu options where you can access your “watch” application.

You can swipe down from the watch face to see your Apple phone’s notifications. You go to the “glances” screen if you swipe up. You find all the glanceable information about the apps you have installed on your Apple watch. You also get music controls for your music platforms such as Spotify of iTunes.

The Apple watch battery offers you a day and a half idle timeout. The built-in gyroscope will put your watch to sleep when you’re not using it. Even if you’re not looking at it, the gyroscope will put your watch to sleep.

Apple watch gives you a couple of cycling options. Firstly, you get the built-in Apple workout application to track your cycling activity. Otherwise, you can use any third party service. Let me tell you that the data you get for the calories burned, distance traveled while cycling, and heart is most precise using the native workout application. However, there’s one drawback that the app will not graph your workout pace. You will only view a list of your data points.

Moreover, Apple watch fetches your data through the GPS from your phone. So, if you use any third party service, you will have to keep your phone with you during your workout sessions. Though, you don’t need to bring your phone with you if you use built-in native workout app.

Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin Edge 1000 comes as the last option in our list. It’s known as the Flagship of Garmin devices. You aren’t finding any better Garmin product in the market which is the best activity tracker for cycling than Garmin Edge 1000. With a generous 3 inches of touch screen display, Garmin Edge 1000 is a waterproof premium bike computer.

Edge 1000 is a top choice for all the professional bikers who want to navigate in unknown terrains. The integrated GPS keep you on-road during your whole workout session. It also comes with barometric altimeter sensor.

Comparing to the Garmin Edge 520, Edge 1000 comes with a larger screen with better resolution and touch functionality. In addition to this, you can create and edit your cycling route on the Edge 1000. So, you don’t have to worry about the obstacles on the path you decided before starting your exercise. You can edit it anytime you know about the hurdles.

Moreover, you can pair Garmin Edge 1000 with a variety of compatible sensors and pedal power meters to enhance your tracking options. It will provide you an advanced level of data; useful for the pro cyclists to improve their workout.

You can also challenge your friends on specially defined map segments on the Edge 1000 device. You can share it with your mates so you can be in a friendly competition. While you’re exercising, your data will sync automatically to the Garmin Connect platform; making it best activity tracker for biking.

Do you want a long battery life? Garmin Edge 1000 offers you 15 hours of battery backup. Pro Cyclists can go on long rides without having to worry about the devices going off. Pro cyclists recommend the Edge 1000 to be the best fitness watch for cycling as it offers long battery backup and advanced level of reports.