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Write for Us

Passionate about Fitness, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Life Experiences?

Here at Garage Gym Planner, we are in the business of improving lifestyles and health. To this end, we would like people who can put across ideas through enthralling content.

Garage Gym Planner has a monthly visitor count of over 50,000 members which means you will be writing for a huge fitness-centric audience.

You will collaborate with our team of writers and editors to produce articles that change people’s lives!

Quick Guidelines to consider:

  • Titles need to capture the essence of the article as well as the audience’s attention. Try an idea that hasn’t been written about!
  • Make the introduction engaging and make your points clear to understand.
  • The article shouldn’t be plagiarized and should be original.
  • We have all the rights to edit for grammar and formatting at our end.
  • Submissions should be more than 1500 words in length.
  • You’ll be given a do-follow link.

Article topics we publish

Topics must relate to –

  • Fitness
  • Physical well-being
  • Workouts/exercises
  • Yoga
  • CrossFit
  • Weight lifting/strength building
  • Cardio exercises
  • Running
  • Fitness equipment/accessories

Send your written articles to : garagegymplanner (at) gmail (dot) com