Precor RBK 835 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Precor is one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers. Like all other pieces of equipment made by Precor, the Precor RBK 835 recumbent bike is a top-of-the-line model. It is a part of the Precor’s Experience series.

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We are here to present an unbiased Precor Recumbent bike review. Let’s first look into the features of Precor recumbent bike.

Key Features

The Precor stationary bikes are all loaded with extraordinary features. This particular Precor bike is a part of the Experience series which was launched along with top models of EFX cross-trainers.


The Precor RBK 835 has a length of 67 inches, a width of 23 inches, a height of 50 inches and weighs 210 lbs. It can support a maximum user weight of 350 lbs.


The recumbent bike has 25 different levels of resistance. In addition to this, the resistance can be manually adjusted by using the lever on the console.

Workout Programs

The RBK 835 comes with 12 preset workout programs which include 3 types of interval training routines. The other workouts are manual, heart rate, weight loss, performance, and variety. The manual workout requires you to adjust all the factors including the resistance. The performance workout program features the Hill Climb and Watts Target programs. The variety workout comprises of the Random and Cross Country programs which can be customized as per your need.

Heart Rate Monitors

The handles on either side of the seat have built-in heart rate monitors. They transmit heart rate data back to the console. The bike also has telemetry compatibility where you can monitor your heart rate via the Polar chest strap.

Personalization Features

The bike comes with an oversized P30 LED console. It displays the resistance, RPM, speed, calories burnt (per minute and hour), heart rate, elapsed time, time remaining to complete the workout, target heart rate and a complete summary of your workout. You can compare your workout summaries and track down your progress as well

Design Features

The Precor RBK 835 has an extraordinary design which puts your comfort first. It has an air flex seat with high-ventilation seat back, a suspension system which ensures that the seat back moves with you so that you can be comfortable. It has a step-through design which has a very low step-over height of 4 inches so that you can enter and exit the bike easily. It features wide, dual-sided pedals which can be used with or without pedal straps.

Drive System

The Precor exercise bikes ensure that your cycling efficiency is never compromised. To achieve this, it comes with a special system known as the Knee Over Pedal Spindle biomechanics. It is also called the K.O.P.S system. The same is used in Precor’s upright bikes as well.

Advantages of Precor RBK 835


The first thing to consider when it comes to recumbent bikes is the comfort factor. Only when you feel comfortable, you will be able to workout efficiently. The RBK 835 has a seat which comes with 11 adjustment levels, and it can be adjusted while you are on or off the bike. The seat is ergonomically contoured creating an optimum seating position with ample back support. The front of the cushioning tapers downwards so that you have freedom while moving your legs at the same time giving a perfect angle to the display screen.

The position and the angle of the crank add more to the comfort level. The K.O.P.S system seals the deal with respect to the comfort factor. In short, the Precor bike workouts ensure good comfort for your back.

Amazing Console

The RBK 835 features an oversized P30 display console. It is of vital importance that you track your performance. Be it tracking your heart rate or making a comparison with the previous workouts; an accurate feedback can be of great help. The P30 display console provides you with a wide range of metrics. It displays the resistance, RPM, speed, calories burnt (per minute and hour), heart rate, elapsed time, time remaining to complete the workout, target heart rate. The information is displayed on a layout which is easier to read.

The P30 also supports Precor’s Entertainment and Personal Viewing System attachments.

Disadvantages of RBK 835

The only thing which may seem like a disadvantage when it comes to RBK 835 is its price. It costs around $4,299 without the Polar chest strap.

It also lacks an exercise fan.


The Precor RBK 835 recumbent exercise bike is loaded with extraordinary features and offers excellent value for money. Most of the precor recumbent bike reviews miss out the warranty factor. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds, a 10-year warranty on the parts and requires very less maintenance. It delivers quick and smooth rides. The significant factor is the comfort that this bike offers. There are several benefits of recumbent bike which you can reap if you workout on a regular basis. If you are looking for a high-quality recumbent bike that provides you with challenging workouts, go with the RBK 835.