Pendlay Do-Win CrossFit Weightlifting Shoes – Best Weightlifting Shoe Reviews in 2023

Why Pendlay Do-win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes?

Without a doubt, weightlifting shoes add to weightlifting performance. This is due to a number of reasons. The real superstar of weightlifting shoes is the high heel at the back of the shoe. This is not the same as the typical running shoes which are in vogue at present. These running shoes have a cushion running throughout the shoe, which means that the shock of the impact is absorbed. This is not what is wanted in terms of lifting shoes.

Benefits of Do-win Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes need the heel at the back to be elevated in order to perform lifts more effectively, as well as preserving the correct alignment and positioning. The shoes are generally quite flat and hard, which means that more energy is channeled towards the bar, as opposed to lost in the shoe cushion found in running shoes. There are a large number of benefits associated with weightlifting shoes in this article. For one thing, they will ensure that the distribution is correct over the center of the foot.

Misalignment is the number one cause of injury and also the number one cause of weightlifting inefficiency. High-quality shoes will ensure your body stays in alignment throughout the lift. Alignment of the feet will lead to a natural alignment of the knees, hips, torso, neck, head and shoulders, as alignment starts from the ground up. It is difficult to get injured with an aligned lift, and this also leads to maximum performance. The human body is designed to function in certain ways, and misalignment is a huge source of wasted energy.

Another crucial benefit of weightlifting shoes is that the shoes work as a form of ankle support. No further wraps or bandages are needed to support the ankle with a correct pair of shoes. The shoes themselves should act as a form of ankle support. No serious weightlifter should be lifting without a high-quality pair of lifting shoes. They are simply tools of the trade and it is a huge mistake not to invest.

Buying Guide for Pendlay Do-Win CrossFit Weightlifting Shoes 2023

Pendlay Men's 14PBlack - Weightlifting Shoes

Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes are precision tailored to the weightlifting community. Pendlay is owned by is jointly owned by MuscleDriver USA and a USA weightlifting coach, Glenn Pendlay. The shoes feature a ¾ inch heel, which is ideal for Olympic weightlifting. Also on offer is the Pendlay do win weightlifting shoes for women.

The Pendlay Do-Win weightlifting shoes are an excellent mid-range shoe offering good value for money, rivaling the VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe in terms of value, while possibly lacking in terms of the durability of the VS shoes. They are somewhat more flexible than the standard weightlifting shoes, due to the fact that they use real leather in their design. It is obvious that these shoes are designed with weightlifters in mind, and that a USA weightlifting coach had an input in their construction.

Features of Adidas Adipower Shoes

All the features are in line with what one would expect in a pair of high-quality weightlifting shoes. And despite that fact that high-quality materials are used the construction of the Pendlay shoes, they are still relatively affordable. The absence of synthetic materials is rare in the design of weightlifting shoes, but the Pendlay lifting shoes seem on point. There is nothing inherently wrong with synthetic materials, however, natural products seem to last longer and have a nice touch.

This is in contrast with many weightlifting brands such as Adidas, which tend to make heavy use of synthetic materials. Pendlay is also known for having top notch customer service, a nice addition if something goes wrong with the purchase. A free pair can be shipped out quite quickly if the wrong size was ordered or delivered.

The Do-wins are great for all the standard Olympic movements, designed perfectly for weightlifting performance. One of the standout features of the Do-Wins is the mix of leather with a black nylon mesh construction. This high-quality material simply makes for a better-quality shoe. Though not quite as appealing as shoes from Adidas, the Pendlay shoes are still quite stylish without any unnecessary fluff. Because of their color and quality, they are unique compared to other shoes, and they seem to stand out without being overly stylish. In other words, they are distinctive.

Advantages of Adipower Shoes

The ¾ inch heel is good for squats and also for ankle flexibility, but may cause issues in relation to deadlifts. It is a little high for a weightlifting shoe. The dual strap design is a traditional favorite among weightlifters. It is thought by many that more weightlifting shoes should incorporate straps than the few at present. All good weightlifting shoes should provide a snug, tight fit for good horizontal and vertical support. Otherwise, the foot might be loose, leading to a loss of energy and a possible injury while lifting a heavy weight, something to be avoided at all costs.

The shoe is wide, which is a good thing in terms of weightlifting, but only if your foot fits snugly inside. Distributing weight over a larger weight is a good technique known as “distributing the floor”. It is important to bear in mind that weightlifting shoes are a tighter fit than ordinary shoes, to maximize lifts and minimize injuries. They will usually be around half a size smaller than the typical shoe size.

Final Thoughts on Pendlay Do-Win CrossFit Weightlifting Shoes Reviews 2023

I Hope you enjoyed this Pendlay weightlifting shoes review. This is a good brand and gives excellent value for money, and do all the things a good pair of weightlifting shoes should do. They are the best mix available for both Olympics lifts and CrossFit Training. Not many shoes are able to cater to both markets effectively but the Do-Wins have done just that. They are a reputable brand providing affordable shoes at a good price and with excellent customer service.

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