Tone Your Legs with These Simple Exercises

Leg workouts are equally important as those exercises for biceps, chest muscles, back muscles and other parts of your body. Have you ever seen people with phenomenal abs and pectorals but with no toned legs? That’s right; you haven’t!

However, we are not going to talk about those people; we are going to talk about you and how to get lean and strong legs. We will present some exercises for your legs, how to do them and why you should do them.

How to Get Super Sexy Legs

Let’s be real; guys and girls alike want to have well-toned sexy legs.If you want that too, you will have to workout and not skip leg day. In fact, besides the usual leg exercises, you may want to do at least thirty minutes of jogging every day. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can ride a bike or go for a long walk.

Just keep in mind those images of toned legs before and after that you “googled” (everybody has done this once or twice, especially when they have to go on their first day to the gym). Keep an open mind, remain positive and no matter how hard it gets, keep doing those leg exercises.

Other Benefits of Leg Exercises

If you can’t or don’t like working your biceps, triceps or other muscles, you can do leg exercises easily. The advantage of doing leg exercises is that you can read a book or watch TV while doing so.

Also, leg muscles need a lot of calories. So, by doing a legs toning workout every day, you will also maintain a healthy weight.

Jogging, using a treadmill or bike riding can help make your legs look toned. You can also go for slow but hard workouts like using an inclined treadmill. Remember that as long as you feel the burn, you are doing something right.

Legs Toning Workout

How to tone your thighs

How to tone your thighs

You can tone your thighs through squats – one of the core exercises that every gym goer must do. Just because we say that this is basic, it doesn’t mean that it does little to improve your leg muscles; not by a long shot. In fact, squats represent the best exercise you can do for your legs, with or without weights.

You can do squats the old-fashioned way or you can use a smith machine bar. Use a bar if you are a heavy lifter or just want to boost your leg exercises. Alternatively, you can use a squat machine. Besides toning your legs, squats are also perfect for making your butt look like ten million bucks.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: how do you get rid of inner thigh fat? Or how do you tone your inner thighs? Then it means that you need to do squats every day. They are essential and very helpful. We promise you that!

Here is how you can do them: your feet should be a shoulder width apart. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and slowly let your body go down. Keep your back straight at all times. Do this slowly if you plan on using weights.

Dumbbell Lunges are also a great way to exercise if you want to do at home leg exercises. Get two dumbbells and begin the exercise by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step forward by making the front thigh parallel to the ground. Hold this position for ten seconds and do the same with the other leg.

Twenty to thirty lunges are enough for a day. If the dumbbells make your exercise harder, ditch them for now. Do thirty to forty lunges per day without them and when you gain enough strength, use them and complete fifteen to twenty lunges daily. Remember, you will always have to increase the weights you use if you want to improve your workout.

How to tone your calves

How to tone calves

The fastest way to tone legs is by combining squats with double-leg calf raises. Calf raises are easy to do; you just stand up straight and lift your body using the balls of your feet. Don’t rush it; just push your body slowly upward and then come back at the same speed.

If this exercise is too easy for you, you can either use a gym machine that is specially designed for this type of training or get a pair of dumbbells. You will feel the burn after a couple of pushes.

After your calf raises, you can do some box jumps or rope jumps for a couple of minutes. Many people skip leg day because it is boring, especially if you lift only heavyweights. You can avoid getting bored by changing the exercises and having fun while doing so.

Of course, even with all these activities, don’t expect miracle results in just a couple of days. There is no such thing as toning legs in 2 weeks or less, no matter how good you look. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as the best way to tone legs.

However, we do recommend expanding your leg exercise list by introducing new methods of improving your leg muscles. Spend an hour daily exercising those legs at home or the gym. Use another hour or half an hour to go on a sprint, jog or have a peaceful walk.

Do respect your resting times. Three to four days of leg exercises per week is enough, but you can still go for walks and sprints every day. If you do not rest, your leg muscles won’t have enough time to develop, and you won’t see many improvements.

Also, keep in mind that your diet is also essential if you want to build muscle mass. Eat lean meat, more vegetables and consume fruits instead of sweets.

So, how long does it take to tone thighs? It all depends on you. If you want to have those sexy toned female legs quicker (or male legs, depending on your gender), eat healthily and hit the gym daily.