Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Bike Review

The world is getting more obsessed with fitness by the day. While a large portion of the crowd prefers going to the gym, there are also many who prefer working out at home. If you are one among the latter, the Horizon Fitness RC30 Recumbent Bike is an excellent choice, to begin with. 

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The Horizon RC 30 may not have the all the features that other recumbent bikes of the same category offer but it is equipped with the necessary features you are looking for. Let us begin with the Horizon exercise bike review by elaborating its features. 

Key Features

The Horizon Fitness exercise bike is a terrific recumbent bike with simple and powerful technology. 


The horizon exercise bike has a height of 52 inches, a width of 26 inches, a length of 66 inches and weighs 106 lbs. It can support a maximum user weight of 275 lbs. All other recumbent bikes support 300 to 350 lbs.


The Horizon RC has a programmable resistance system with 8 levels. It offers low-impact exercises and is suitable for beginners. 

Workout Programs

The Horizon RC 30 bike offers 8 workout programs. The Manual workout program allows you to choose your preferred resistance level and duration of the workout. The Interval workout program offers 10 levels of difficulty where the low difficulty levels offer less resistance of 1 to 3, and the high difficulty level has a resistance of 5 to 8. Next is the Rolling workout program which comes with 7 different levels of difficulty. The weight loss workout program is similar to rolling offering 10 levels of difficulty. The other workout profiles are Tempo which has 6 levels of difficulty, Random which has 7 levels of difficulty and Custom in which you can customize your own workout plan. 

Heart Rate Monitor

The Horizon Fitness recumbent bike has the heart rate monitors placed on the handlebar grips. It does not support any external wireless heart monitoring system. This means there is no telemetry compatibility.

Drive System

The recumbent bike comes with a 10-lb flywheel which offers a smooth and consistent workout. The light-weight flywheel is suitable for low-intensity workouts. If you are looking for an advanced level of workout, this bike might disappoint you

Workout Data 

The LCD displays workout data which includes the calories burnt, distance, heart rate, resistance level, speed, time, and revolutions per minute. There is no software to track the workout hence the workout data is not stored. If you wish to track the progress, you will have to note it down manually.

Design Features

The design of the Horizon Fitness RC consists of a walk-through frame which makes it easy to climb on the footplates and step over the frame. The braking system is designed using the Horizon’s FreeSpin pedal-stopping technology. 


The bike consists of a water bottle holder to ensure that the user stays hydrated throughout the workout. It does not provide any other add-on features like exercise fans.

Advantages of Recumbent Bike- Horizon RC 30

Most recumbent bicycle reviews fail to mention the extraordinary advantages of the product like comfort and quality as they are the key things to look for on a recumbent bike.


The Horizon RC 30 has a reclined seat position with an extra wide padded seat. This seat provides additional lumbar support which will help you relieve the stress on your lower back when doing longer workouts. You can adjust the seat position to the ideal setting according to your height before you even sit down. The walk-through frame design makes it all the more easy for you to climb onto the footplate. The upright bikes and elliptical trainers do not offer this comfort.

Quiet and Swift Workout

The recumbent bike comes with a steel structure and a 10 lb flywheel which offers smooth cycling movement. The most significant benefit of RC 30 is that the workouts are very quiet as there is not even the slightest of noise coming from the bike. The Horizon’s FreeSpin braking technology ensures a swift movement even when you brake or switch between resistance levels.

Programmed Workouts

The Horizon RC 30 recumbent bike offers 8 workout programs. But each of the workout programs has varying levels of difficulty. The most used weight loss program offers 10 different levels of difficulty ensuring a good amount of fat loss. The weight loss program offers a single peak of intensity whereas the rolling program offers multiple peaks of intensity.

Disadvantages of Horizon RC 30

Other recumbent bikes which fall under the same price come with various features like workout software, chest strap compatibility and increased levels of resistance which this machine fails to offer. You cannot save your workout data. Hence you have to write it down manually if you wish to track your progress. The number of workout programs offered is also very less when compared to other recumbent bikes.


The Horizon RC 30 offers a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the parts which seems decent enough for the price you pay. The bike does have some good features but when compared to other bikes of the same price it does not qualify as the best.