Best Exercises

The best exercises, per Harvard health, are swimming, tai chi, strength training, walking, and Kegels. However, given that not everyone has access to a personal tai chi instructor or a swimming pool, it is best to have a personal workout routine that can be done anywhere. The best strength training exercises are whole body movements. This is because all major muscle groups are used. Thus, the best exercises are deadlifts, squats, and bench press. There is little dispute about this in the weight lifting industry, and these three are the core components of a strength regime. And therefore, they are the most popular techniques used by all weight lifters. The reason they are the best is that they deliver the most benefit in the least time. It is far more efficient to do a set of squats than to try several isolation exercises on each, individual muscle group. Kegels follow a similar principle. However, the best exercise is dependent on the goals of the individual. If fat loss is the main aim, then perhaps the treadmill is a better choice. And if you want a six pack then ab work must form part of the routine. However, in general, whole body exercises are the best exercises, as they work organically with the body.

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