Best Weighted Vests for 2021 - Top Training Vests Reviews

What are Weighted vests/Training Vests?

A weighted vest is just another vest that is manufactured from heavy material. Normally, you will see small pockets on the vest to put small steel bars, sandbags, and other weighted objects. Weight vest provides extra weight for weight training, body-weight exercises, agility, distance running, jogging, walking, quick drill and distance speed.

Heavy weighted vests provide you extra load while you’re exercising. Let’s say you are a professional athlete and you want to improve your strength, acceleration during running, efficiency and power, you need to put on a weight vest for running during your running sessions to improve your speed, agility drills, and power.

Adding more weight to your body using a weighted backpack will automatically increase the metabolic cost. Therefore, vests are also suitable for the people who wish to lose weight. Do running while wearing weighted clothes, and they can burn extra calories. Moreover, these kinds of vests help in increasing intensity of an exercise that eventually results in bone density.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Vest

Weighted vest training helps in making body weight workout a tough exercise. Put the vest on and get ready to perform difficult training drills. Let us show you few of the drills you can possibly try while putting the weighted vest on. It will help you get in better shape.

  • 20 weighted vest squats
  • 20 weighted vest reserve lunges
  • 2-minute treadmill run (while weight vest training )
  • 20 “get-ups”
  • 20 weighted vest push-ups

For the advanced level of exercise, you can add pull-ups too. All you need to repeat the above-mentioned five moves as a circuit 4-6 times through. Make sure you wear at least 10 - 12-pound vest for a tougher workout.

Wear Weighted Vest While Hiking and Walking

We all love to visit mountains and forests with friends and family. You get to enjoy nature during a walk on forest trails. Sometimes, you don’t find it difficult. You like to enjoy a more intense workout. At such situations, you can wear the best-weighted vest. Make sure you look for a heavy vest that has at least 30 pounds weight for a tougher workout during hiking and walking. Wear the vest underneath your coat over your shirt.

You can also use weighted vests during your routine walks around the neighborhood. Professional athletes who perform stair repeats in a stadium should wear weighted vest for insane drills. No matter how long you walk every day; weighted vests make your exercises a bit more difficult than usual. The sky’s the limit! You can wear weighted vests anytime you feel like walking. It could be a walk to your office early morning, a walk with your family and kids at a park, etc.

Ride a Bike with a Weighted Vest

Are you a regular bike rider? If so, you already know that biking is a healthy exercise that requires strength and power. You can gain more power and strength using a weight vest workout while biking on a road or mountain trails. For upper body workout, bikers replace their seated position with a standing position. It helps not only to make your muscles strong but your bones as well. Moreover, you can wear a weighted vest while riding an indoor stationary bike.

No matter it's indoor or outdoor biking, you can wear a weighted vest to improve your efficiency. Follow these easy instructions for a better workout:

  • 1-mile warm-up
  • 30-second seated biking, 30-second standing biking (10 times at least)10 minute of alternate standing
  • 1 minute of full-throttle seated position riding
  • 1-mile cool-down

Do Weighted Vest Chores

Women can perform house chores while wearing the weight vest women. They can do gardening, walking up and down the stairs, cleaning and laundry. It’s easy to burn extra calories without doing anything extraordinary. Just wear a weighted vest during your routine tasks.

In addition to weighted vests, you can also try ankle weights and wrist weights to amplify the benefits of weighted objects. However, it may look a little awkward to wear weighted vest workout in a gym. So, you can simply wear the vest while doing the things you're normally supposed to do – without worrying about people noticing.

If you want your wife, sister or mother to lose weight, you must buy them a weighted vest which they can wear for 2,3 hours every day while doing daily chores.

Wear Weighted Vest While Weightlifting

Do you want to add an extra twist to your weight training routine? Do it while wearing a weighted vest. It will make your workout more insane.

Normally, weight training exercises include squats, barbell rows, deadlifts, bench presses and barbell cleans. This is called 5x5 favorite workout: you perform 5 sets of each exercise. You can amplify the workout intensity by just wearing a weighted vest during the whole training. Your core, inspiratory, low back and expiratory muscles will work harder while exercising in a weighted vest.

Almost every other professional athlete performs weight training drills to increase their stamina, strength, and power. They now wear weighted vests to burn extra calories and challenge their postural muscles.

Can You Lose Weight by Using Weighted Vests?

You can easily lose weight by burning more calories than you consume. You can burn your calories through a number of ways: low-calorie diet, aerobic exercise and strength training. All those people who wish to lose weight in short period can increase their workout session. Also, they can make their workout session more intense.

Weighted vests work the wonder for those people who wish to lose weight in a shorter amount of time. Wearing a weighted vest allows you to increase your training intensity and helps you to burn extra calories.

How the Best Weighted Vest Works

There are different types of weighted vests available in the market. Many companies manufacture different models that vary in weight and comfort. Usually, you will find vests between 5 to 55 pounds in weight. Some weighted vests give you a fixed weight add-on to your body. Others allow you to increase or decrease weight by adding or removing pouches respectively.

You will find many models that offer you one-size-fits-all kind of product. Usually, they come with adjustable straps that allow you to add or remove weight. On the other hand, there are weighted vests that come in different sizes. It’s wise to try out the product of different companies to see which weight or size fits you the best.

More About Weight Vests

The heavier the weight vest, the more amount of weight you can lose. If you wear a heavy west, it will help you burn more calories. It really depends on the person that what kind of weight he/she actually wants to add-on. For people who wish to lose weight in a shorter amount of time, they must buy the heaviest weighted vest available in the market. On the other hand, a lightweight weight vest is for those who want to add-on a little weight.

If you burn 3500 calories, it means you lost 1 pound of weight. So, plan according to how much calories you want to burn. Definitely, you will have to plan a good workout as well.

Insane Workouts For Quick Results

In general, tough exercises helps you to burn more calories. A person with 140-pound weight can burn as much as 319 calories every day while running at a speed of 6 miles per hour for half an hour. This calculation is specifically based on exercise intensity. The same person will be able to burn an additional 26 calories if he/she wears 16-lbs weighted vest without disturbing the pace and duration of exercise.

Additional 30 calories will burn if the person runs at the speed of 7 miles per hour without wearing a weighted vest. Heavyweight weighted vests can help lose more weight by burning extra calories. So, if you wish to lose weight in a shorter period of time, buy the heaviest weighted vest available in the market. (50 Pounds at least)

Diet Matters

You can't lose weight if you don't follow a balanced diet plan. No matter how heavy weighted vest you have or how much intense workout you do, if you don't have a diet plan, you're likely to gain weight or not get the right results. So, it's really important that a person always considers taking a balanced diet. Otherwise, buying a weighted vest is simply a waste of your money.

If you have poor eating habits, a weighted vest is just not useful for you. Because you will be intaking more calories than you're burning with the workout. Moreover, you must reduce your daily intake by 200 calories. You may have to eat low-fat food just like fruits and fresh vegetables.

So, make a better comparison of a low-calorie diet, insane workouts and wearing weighted vest can help you reduce weight in short time.

Can I Wear A Weighted Vest All Day?

Not at all! Wearing a weighted vest whole day can cause muscle-burn in lower back, shoulders, legs and neck. Moreover, you can feel tiredness and soreness the whole day. Therefore, security is a must. Don't wear the weight vest longer if you start feeling any sort of pain or muscle burn.

The best thing is to use it for half of your day. Moreover, you must make sure that you keep your spine neutral all day. It's necessary to avoid some serious issues. If you've some special problems, you must consult your doctor. Don't use weighted vests otherwise.

Running With A Weighted Vest – Pros and Cons



You can use weighted vests for different pieces of training, including calisthenics exercises, jogging, walking and running. The notable benefits of weighted vests are as under:

Cardiovascular: You can wear weighted vests during the workouts that demand you to overcome gravity and make your exercise more effective. Wearing weighted vest during the training is going to increase the cardiovascular demands. Your speed will definitely affect a number of calories you burn. However, cardiovascular intensity depends on the weight of your weighted vest. So, make sure you buy the heavyweight vest CrossFit.

Musculoskeletal Benefits: Wearing weighted vest while running will increase lower-body strength and stamina. Moreover, it will help muscles to get stronger. You can easily notice the difference when you do different workouts without wearing a vest. You can increase the amount of load transferred through the bones by wearing heavy weighted vests. In addition to this, bone mass also increases which provide extra strength to your body.

More strong and fit: When you run wearing weighted vests, your body will run in a lower, shorter stride pattern, which provides you more strength. The moment you will run without a weighted vest, your whole running style will become balanced which gives you more speed. So, not only you will be stronger, but you will run faster than before. Also, you will be able to increase your stamina.

The only problem can occur when you use a heavy weighted vest. The amount of stress you deal during the workout can prove to be injurious. So, you must evaluate your strengths and how maximum you can go during the exercise. If a person wears a way-too-heavy vest, it can increase the forces to an insane level that it becomes too stressful. Other than that, wearing weighted vests have no cons or dislikes.


Wearing a weighted chest helps burn more calories, make your leg bones and muscles stronger, and converts your daily exercise into an insane workout. Moreover, you can improve your running ability if you start running faster and longer wearing weighted vests.

If you want to improve your running ability, make sure you don’t run wearing a heavier weighted vest because you will run shorter which result in slower progress. But, wearing a weighted vest will always help in burning your calories quickly.

Weight Vests Reviews

Read the reviews of the best weight vests in the market.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell 20-150 Lb Adjustable Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell Company is a market leader in manufacturing top of the line weighted vest. The adjustable weighted vest of CAP Barbell allows you to remove 30 pounds of weight from their 40-pound weighted vest. Buy their 40-pound product and you reduce the weight to as low as 10 pounds which give you a great range of weight adjustability.

Cross101 Weighted Vest

CROSS101 Weighted Vest

The weighted vest from Cross101 Company offers you a camouflage style at an affordable price. Cross101 managed to provide you a high-quality product at half the price of other vests available in the market. Cross101 offers you a 40-pound weighted vest with ten 4 pound weights.

You can remove as many of the ten pieces of weight.It can be your weighted vest for running, walking, weight lifting, biking, etc. with adjustable weight for comfortable workouts. Cross101 is popular among the people who perform weight exercises, agility and strength training.

Cross101 also offers weighted vest backpacks along with the weighted vests.

TITIN Weighted Vest

TITIN Force Shirt

TITIN provides you a weighted vest with proper weight compression and placement. The gel inside the vest stays flexible at all temperatures allowing you to relax your tired muscles during the cool-down exercises. You get 14 weight gels and antimicrobial pocket shirts. You can add or remove as many weighted gels for your comfort. TITIN vest is a top choice of professional athletes and sportsmen around the globe.

TITIN weighted vests claim measurable results. You can achieve 13% increase in vertical leap during the ‘warm-up’ exercises, 3% strength and agility, 11% of endurance and 25% lactate intake. TITIN weight vest women can use also.