Best Self Massage Tools 2021:That Makes You Feel Amazing

Why you need Self Massage?

With demanding day jobs, household chores, and exercise routines, stress, muscle aches, and sore body parts are always lurking around to catch us unaware.

A self massage is a perfect way to de-stress and soothe painful muscles.

A good massage relieves back pain, improves blood circulation, and helps the happy hormones of the body to mingle, pretty much bringing overall wellness to our lives.

In a perfect world, we would have time to hit the spa every other day.

But making an appointment at a massage salon is not something you do every day. It’s costly and time-consuming. Actually, professional massage tools are a Godsend.

They can be used at any time, and any number of times, without costing a bundle.

How to find the best self massage tools?

If it’s a good massage you are looking for, and its home massage tools that you want to use, this write-up lists 10 of the best professional massage tools- everything from Thai massage tools to reflexology tools- that you’ll never regret buying.

Top Self Massage Tools for a perfect Body massage

HealthAndYoga Palm Urchin Massage Tool

When the massage you want is for most of your body muscles, you should go with the HealthAndYoga Palm Urchin. It’s one of the top palm massagers in the market- a nifty little massage tool with an ergonomic 4-legged, palm-fitting design. The 4 legs have knobs that are angled ideally, providing easy gliding for a deeply relaxing massage. The durable, soft and scientifically-designed palm massager can also be used with creams and oils. It’s hygienic and washable.

How to use a palm massager? Pretty simple. Just wear it onto your palm and gently glide it over the sore area, concentrating on ache-triggers. You can use your favorite massage oil with it. The gliding movement of the knobs rejuvenates deep muscles well, getting the blood circulating, all without harming your delicate skin. The Palm massager is a must-have accessory for relaxation.

CandyHusky Reflexology Traditional Thai Massage Tools

Reflexology is a massage technique in which pressure is applied to the particular parts of the foot which correspond to particular systems and organs of our body. It's a great way to relax achy, tired feet for those of you who do plenty of legwork or stand long periods. Made of good-quality Redwood, CandyHusky is a well-finished set of six reflexology tools, each of which gives you the perfect Thai massage experience.

You don't need honed massage skills to use them either; with these easy-to-use handheld Thai massage tools, you’ll be able to comfort the sore muscles that develop after physical work or the pain that accompanies medical issues, soothe stressed muscles, and feel active rejuvenation in your life, all without scorching your pockets. These wooden massage tools are professional-grade and can be utilized not just for feet, but also for massaging the head, hands, body, and back, all in the privacy of your home.

This massage kit includes a rolling face massager, a hand massager, a foot massager, a star-shaped hand massage tool, an X-shaped massage tool and a wing-shaped massage tool that works flawlessly for your aches and pains.

Lacrosse Balls & Spiky Massage Ball Roller

Are you looking for the best back massage tools in the market that are easy on the wallet and can be utilized for reflexology, deep tissue massage, stress busting and myofascial release (an unconventional therapy process that treats skeletal muscle stillness and muscle pain by stimulating the stretch reflex in our tendons, soothing constricted muscles, increasing lymphatic circulation and blood flow)? This set of spiky Lacrosse massage ball rollers is an ideal option to explore. The balls are made of heavy-duty yet soft, durable rubber and they have color codes to match the different firmness levels and designs of the ball set. Whether you’re buying them for somebody, old, young or child, these back massage tools will fit perfectly in the palm. They’re super-easy to use, with designs that are skin-safe.

The HoMedics® model HHP-350 percussion massager

This is one of the home massage tools in the cheaper niche, with dual pivoting heads that work at variable speeds. The professional massage tool features 3 different attachments for massaging- gentle, firm and heat. A convenient, ergonomic handle aids in reaching tight neck muscles, headaches, tense of the shoulders, back, arms and legs, and achy feet as well- this is the massage tool for all your hurts and pains.

The HomeMedics percussion massager is not a vibrator or rotator. It moves in an up-and-down motion, akin to a piston or a hammer. What makes it very versatile is that you can change the massage heads from ‘soft’ to ‘hard’, or turn-off heat whenever you like.

Kikkerland Hand-Held Scalp Head-Massager

Kikkerland Hand Held Scalp Head-Massager is a professional massage tool that’s really easy to use with its compact size and handheld, lightweight design. This scalp and head Massager is a sure method to the quickest rejuvenation. You can imagine the soft acupressure massage that this innovatively-built device is capable of executing, thanks to its durable, stainless steel design structure. The nerve endings in your scalp are piqued when you massage with the Kikkerland, and blood circulation is greatly improved in your head, all working to kill stress and wholly relax your mind and body. One of the very compact, affordable and much sought-after home massage tools, the Kikkerland scalp massager is ideal for office, home or your favorite holiday destination.

QualiProducts Premium Foam Roller

Affordable and effective, Foam Rollers are excellent home massage tools that work well for professionals and individuals. Most of us do not properly warm up and cool down after working out, ending up with sore muscles that keep us from wanting to do it all again. The QualiProducts Premium foam roller is a stable high-performance design, with a high-density construction that will last for prolonged usage. This massage tool is ideal for doing rolling exercises and stretch-outs before and after workouts, too.

It’s pretty solid and hefty, approximately 16-inches by 36-inches, perfect for relaxing your back and legs at the end of the day, relieving pain and stiffness.

Supremus Sports Massage Tool

A top rated product In 2019, Most top 10 best massage tools reviews have called out the Supremus Sports massage tool a fantastic product, and all for good reason. The Supremus is a robust 18.3-inch roller stick that is ideal for everyone from yoga/Pilates trainers, swimmers, and weightlifters to marathon runners. Reviewers claim that where strengthening/stretching exercises, cortisone and anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and custom orthotics stop, this stick picks up. Its massage action decreases muscle discomfort and stiffness by relieving myofascial trigger points, thereby relaxing post-workout pain, cramps, tennis elbow, shin splints, sciatica, restless leg syndrome to name a few concerns.

This home massage tool has a humble, easy-to-use design that massages hard-to-reach areas other foam/grid foam rollers cannot grasp. It has a compact and travel-friendly design that you can carry anywhere, from your nearby gym to faraway holiday destinations.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager from Brookstone

The Shiatsu massager has been inspired by the popular Japanese shiatsu massage, in which palms, thumbs, and elbows are employed. This Brookstone unit uses infrared heat to promote increased blood flow to the muscles of the upper back, shoulder and neck area. It has massage nodes, eight of them, that deeply knead the knotted muscles. Even the hard-to-reach areas of the body are stimulated because of the snug fit of this Brookstone massager. Comfy, nifty handles that can be held to place the massager as and where you prefer, make it one of the best neck massagers in the game. It has two selectable massage modes- a single direction and auto reversing function.

Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool

Long hours of computer work, tough workouts, or busy schedules make us want to massage sore muscles until the knots opened-up or knead the stiffened spots around the upper back until they relaxed. The Body Back Buddy home massage tool enables us to massage and ease muscle tension ourselves, in our homes, without asking another person to give a hand. Sturdy, easy to carry and very comprehensive in its coverage, the Body Back Buddy is one of the best back massage tools for back pain. The tried and tested the S-shaped design of this tool had 11 strategically placed therapy knobs that allow us to apply as much pressure needed for every trigger-point in our body.

Thera Cane Massager

One of the top massage tools on our list, the TheraCane Massager is a stable, cane-shaped home massage tool that you can use to relieve knots and sore muscles, back pain, neck aches, and shoulder soreness, all on your own, anywhere. It has two well-placed knobs that work on the pressure points in your back and shoulders, kneading the painful knots in a deep tissue massage. It is durable, and a great value for money, because it just goes on and on for years. It measures 24 by 15 by 1 inches, has six different sized treatment balls that come in handy after long days at work or after strenuous activities.


Back massagers are important if you want to get relief while not spending a fortune on a massage session or personal masseuse. These are very effective and you can also carry them around because they are portable. Do let us know what your favorite massagers are in the comments section below.