Reviewing Aerobic Steppers : Benefits, Types, and a Guide on How to Use

Aerobic exercises are rapid exercises that engage large muscles in the body. They are also known as cardiovascular exercises. Aerobic exercises include activities such as swimming, running, jumping rope, and step aerobics workout. Today, aerobic exercises such as step aerobics can be done using an aerobic step platform known as aerobic steppers. An Aerobic Stepper is a step aerobic platform designed to help trainees engage in step aerobics at their convenient place and time.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics exercise is a form of aerobic exercise that involves the use of a raised platform. Heights can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Step aerobics are done in gyms or fitness centers. With the availability of highly portable step aerobics stepper, one can also do step aerobics from the comfort of their home.

What Is An Aerobic Stepper?

This is a raised platform that one can step onto. The following are features of a good aerobic stepper;

  • It is strong and well-built
  • It has different portions that perfectly fit together
  • It is lightweight and easy to store

Aerobic Steppers are designed to help users with weight management and enhanced fitness through exercise. It is possible to burn about 10 calories after climbing a stair. This being the case, more fitness goals can be achieved with the help of portable equipment such as Reebok aerobics stepper which is one of the best aerobic step bench available today.

Using Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss

One may ask, are there any benefits of aerobic exercise for weight loss? The answer is yes! When accompanied by the right diets that are low in calories, aerobic exercises can be ideal for people who are on a weight loss mission. One only needs to make sure that the calories burnt are more than those that are consumed. The more the workout, the higher the number of calories burnt which translates into weight loss.

If you want to lose weight using aerobic exercises, then, you should try to gradually but consistently intensify your workouts and or increase the duration.

The higher the weight of an individual, the higher the number of calories that will be burnt, and the more the weight that will be lost. This is because weight affects one’s metabolic rate and therefore, aerobic step exercises weight loss.

Benefits of Aerobics

  • These exercises helps shape one’s gluteus
  • Aerobic Steppers, the only equipment needed for step aerobics are portable and can be used anywhere
  • Step aerobics help users’ burn calories through low impact workouts
  • It is a workout known to strengthen one’s thigh muscles
  • The continuous movements increases one’s heart rate which ultimately enhances blood circulation throughout the body
  • It is an exercise that is financially affordable. All one needs is an aerobics stepper and a number of stairs where necessary
  • Step aerobics are also easy to learn

Unlike stair steppers, aerobic steppers provide a workout that is similar to jumping up and down, as opposed to stepping up and down. This way, users end up improving their body balance while burning more calories.

What muscles does step aerobics work? Working out on an aerobic stepper also helps shape and tone different body muscles. By strengthening the leg muscles, step aerobics also make it easier to take long walks or hikes. The following muscles are worked on while working out on the aerobic stepper;

  • The hamstrings
  • Hip flexors
  • Quadriceps
  • Gluteus and
  • The calves

For best experiences and increased workout, aerobic steppers can be used together with other workout equipment. For instance, one can hold dumbbells in the hands.

One can also customize the exercises to meet specific aerobic stepper target.

How to Prevent Injuries During Aerobic Exercises

As step aerobics involve rapid movements, it is quite possible to injure oneself while on an aerobic step platform. To prevent this from happening it is advisable to observe the following while on the step original aerobic platform.

  • Avoid bouncing off the bench. This dangerous and could cause an unnecessary impact on the feet which could end up hurting one’s ankles.
  • Ensure that the bench height suits the length of your legs. This way, you won’t struggle while lifting your feet on and off the bench.
  • Make sure that you step onto the platform correctly. Ensure that your entire foot rests on the bench. Hanging foot is not only risky but could also cause leg injuries.

A Review of the 8 Best Aerobic Steppers Available In the Market Today

With a host of aerobic steppers that have flooded the market today, choosing the best aerobic step bench can be a hard nut to crack especially for beginners. Below is a detailed review of some of the best-selling step aerobics equipment. In this review, I will also share some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. Keep reading.

Yes4all Stepper

Yes4All - Aerobics Platform with 4 Included Adjustable Risers and Additional Riser Options

With an adjustable height of 3 levels, Yes4all is one of the aerobic steppers you will find on the market today. It is a well-built unit with lateral movements. It is hard and strong. Yes4all has a great stepping area of 14×40 inches, which is wide enough for many users.

  • It’s made of strong and durable material
  • Has a wide stepping area which makes exercising on it more comfortable
  • Has an adjustable height. Therefore it can be used by people of different heights
  • It is made from strong material
  • It does not provide for bending

Ultega Multifunctional Aerobic Stepper

Ultega Multifunctional Aerobic Stepper

This is a complex whole body workout machine. The Ultega multifunctional aerobic stepper can be described as one of the most versatile steppers. It has 18 resistance cables fitted on the bottom of the stepper unit. It also comes with a T-handle, an enclosed v-loop, and 4 resistance band handles.

  • Its comes fitted with strong resistance cables
  • It is strong and versatile
  • It has a T-bar
  • It’s one of the The platform is large and shock absorbentclimbers on the market.
  • It is lightweight and thus portable
  • It has a large stepping area
  • Too many cables thus may distract the user’s movement

Escape Fitness Deck

Escape Fitness Deck - exercise station and bench

This is another aerobic stepper popular for its versatility. It has a total of 16 configurations allowing trainers to workout from a number of different heights and angles. It also has targets which can go a long way into motivating users as they set new challenges.

  • Many configuration positions
  • It can be inclined into three different positions
  • It is strong and firm
  • It can be uncomfortable to use on the bench alignment

Freestyle Aerobic Stepper

The Step Freestyle Aerobic Platform

This is a simply designed aerobic stepper. It has two sets of risers, 2 inches each. Users can add more risers to intensify the workout.

  • Buyers are given a free workout DVD upon purchase
  • Provides 3 adjustable heights
  • It has a wide stepping platform, 40×14 inches
  • It’s one of the cheapest climbers on the market.
  • A non-slippery surface
  • Cannot be bent

Soozier 36 Inch Stepper

Soozier 36 Aerobic Stepper Fitness Platform

Strong and rigid are the best word to describe this aerobic stepper. With its modern molding design, this is a firm stepper, and it can withstand weights of up to 500 pounds. It also has a broad base which enhances its stability on many surfaces. It is fitted with a shock absorbent stepping platform which is not slippery.

  • It is very strong and firm
  • It is shock absorbent
  • Quite stable
  • Has a small stepping platform

Step F1005 Aerobic Stepper

Step F1005 Aerobic Stepper

This aerobic stepper is known for its strength and durability. It also has a nice look. It has a wide stepping area that is slip resistant.

  • It’s height is adjustable
  • It is strong and can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Comes with a free training DVD
  • Users can add extra raisers to intensify workouts
  • It can be used by both beginners and expert trainers

Original Health Club Step

The Step Original Aerobic Platform for Total Body Fitness – Health Club

This aerobic stepper is famous for its durability. It is a large and wide aerobic stepper which makes it ideal for gyms other busy training venues. It has a platform that is not only shock absorbent but also strong.

  • It is strong and sturdy
  • Trainers can purchase additional stacks to increase its height and intensify the workouts
  • it is adjustable to a height of 4,6 or 8 inches
  • its large size limits its portability

#Stamina Aerobic Stepper

Stamina Aerobic Step

This is a PVC aerobic stepper with two levels. Its stepping area is of average size. Its platform has a texture that is non-slippery.

  • It is durable and strong
  • It is lightweight and thus portable
  • Comes with a free workout DVD
  • Does not have a provision for additional risers
  • The stepping area can be small for people with large legs

Things to Consider While Buying an Aerobic Stepper

As earlier mentioned, there are many benefits of working out on an aerobic stepper. Aerobic stepper workouts involve lifting one’s legs off the ground in a continuous motion. This being the case, stability is of importance.

The following are important features to look out for in an aerobic stepper before purchasing

It should be shock absorbent

A good aerobic stepper should be able to withstand your steps impacts. This makes it easy for you to retain your body’s stability.

It should be strong and firm

Aerobic workouts involve up and down movements. It is important to ensure that your stepper remains steady and in place all through. Ensure that the all the adjustable parts remain firm and in place while working out.

The size should be enough

Ensure that the height and base of the aerobic stepper are adequate for your workout. This will allow for free movements during the workouts.

Should be slip resistant

The stepping area should be comfortable to step on but slip resistant. This will allow you to continue taking easy steps even on sweaty feet.

Ideally, the best aerobic stepper is one that will suit your training needs. Always consider height and stability before purchasing any aerobic stepper.

How To Do Aerobics Exercise At Home

  • Step aerobics are simple workouts with portable aerobic steppers making them even much easier. Below is a step by step guideline on how to do aerobic stepper exercises at home
  • Step on the bench starting with the right foot, then the left one. Step down starting with the right foot, then the left foot.
  • Step the bench with the right foot, and then tap it using the other leg. Step down starting with the left foot, then the right foot.
  • Step onto the platform with the right foot, followed by the left one. Slightly tap the ground with the right foot.
  • Repeat the leg lifting and tapping sequence for three times
  • Step aside with your right foot while crossing the left one behind. Step aside again with the right foot as you raise the left foot to sit next to the right foot.
  • While facing sideways, stand next to your bench. Step on it starting with the right foot, then the left foot. Step down starting with the right foot.
  • Repeat the process while ensuring that your stepping foot lands farther on the stepping platform.
  • Stand to face the bench, step to the nearest side with the right leg and the farthest side using the left leg. With your feet firm, turn your body to face forward. Turn back to the initial direction, and then step down starting with the right leg followed by the left.

Step aerobics do not need a lot of space. What’s more, once trainers get familiar with the moves, they can adopt a regular routine which makes the exercises more interesting and productive which can allow trainers to access the benefits of aerobic exercise for weight loss.