The Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball for Your Sit Ups

How do you use an exercise ball? It is a question we get every week from many people who want to try a new method of exercising or from individuals who are recovering from an accident. In either case, the exercise ball is like having a buddy helping you with the exercises.

In this article, I will present to you some medical ball exercises and their benefits. If you haven’t used an exercise ball until now, then it’s time to add some fun to your workouts.

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How Do You Do Sit Ups on an Exercise Ball?

A sit ups exercise is essential and can help your abdomen tremendously. If you have a hard time doing other ab exercises, then med ball sit ups are a great way to start using those muscles. All you need is a med ball and enough room to perform your exercise optimally.

With your legs in front of you and your knees bent and your feet on the floor, your back should be leaning against the ball. Widen the space between your legs until you feel balanced. Place your hands behind your head, and lean back even further until your back arches along the curve of the ball.

By doing so, you are exposing more of your chest to the workout. To start the exercise, you need to bend so that your upper body is close to your knees. By doing so, you will feel your abs working. Now go back to the initial position and repeat this exercise twenty reps for four sets. This is how to properly do sit ups.

This sitting ab exercise can be improved with weights. Grab a dumbbell, place it behind your head and repeat the same exercise. You will feel your abdominal muscles tense up. Thus, you will work more. This is how to do sit ups correctly when using weights. You can do it up to twenty times for four series.

Sit ups with ball are great, but if you want more ab exercises with ball, then get ready for the next one.

How Do You Do Crunches on a Exercise Ball?

Crunches on a Exercise Ball

Ball crunches can be hard at first, but with time, you will nail these exercises, and you will add weights as well. The stability ball crunches are the next logical step after the sit ups.

Here is how you can do exercise ball ab workouts: with your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor, place your lower back on the curvature of the ball.

Do not worry; you won’t fall on your head. The best way of knowing if you positioned yourself correctly is by checking if your knees are at a ninety-degree angle. Also, see if your feet are firmly pressed against the floor and if your upper torso is hanging off the top of the ball.

Now, keep your hands crossed on top of your chest so that the exercise ball crunch isn’t affected in any way. This way, you won’t injure yourself when performing this exercise. Flex your waist and curl the trunk and shoulders in an upward motion. You should feel your abdominal muscles working.

Now go back to the initial position and do this exercise twenty to thirty reps. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do at least ten at first. The stability ball abs are quite challenging for a beginner, but after a couple of weeks, you will do them easily.

You can also use this tool for yoga ball ab workouts if that’s what you are into.

Back Crunches

If you have lower back pains, this exercise is for you. You won’t need any equipment or weights, just a ball. Lay your abdomen on the ball and spread your legs. Keep your toes planted to the floor. Put your hands on the back of your head and raise your upper torso until your chest comes off the ball.

Go back to the initial position and do ten to twenty repetitions in three to four sets. Do them slow and steady, making sure that your back muscles are working. Don’t rush through or you will injure your back.

Other Exercises You Can Do

Other Exercises You Can Do with Exercise Ball

Instead of sitting on the ball, you can use it as a weight. You can lift it and do some shoulder exercises, mostly as a form of warm-up. You can lie on your back and use your legs to lift the ball. This way, you can work your abdominal muscles.

Pilate ball exercises can also be very flexible if you see the ball as a bar or a dumbbell. You can use the ball to do squats, for example. Take the ball, place it over your head and perform a squat. The weight that you have to lift will help your butt and your thighs.

The reverse push-up is another great way to exercise your shoulders, your upper back, and your chest. Just assume the push-up position but place the ball under your feet. In other words, when you push your body up, your body should be parallel to the floor. It can be tricky at first, but you will master it in no time.

Knee tucks are also great for the butt, thighs, and abdomen. Just remain in the reverse push-up position and when your body is parallel with the floor, tuck your knees and use your legs to roll the ball. The ball should be closer to your body when your knees are tucked and further when you extend your legs.

These are some of the most common exercises you can do. From exercise ball sits to ab and back crunches, you can use the medicine ball for almost every type of physical activity.

If you want to relax after all these exercises, you can take a five-minute break and just sit on a ball.

A medicine ball is indeed a great tool if you are planning to tone and sculpt your body. Keep in mind that if you are a beginner in these types of exercises, you can ask a trainer to assist you.