Push up Variations to Tone Your Upper Body

How can i do variations in Pull ups?

Pushups are a powerful workout for upper body muscles. With the different push up variations, it's possible to work on chest muscles and strengthen triceps, back and abs.

Even though pushups are an excellent workout and it should be part of every workout routine, you could get bored with the same type of pushups after some time. That’s when you need to try different types of push ups to have your push ups muscles worked.

The good news is that over 100 pushup workout exercises exist and you can easily learn to do them all.

Why Try Different Push ups?

One obvious reason is that you will get bored with same old fashioned push ups for biceps. Since you don’t want to replace this core exercise with something else, changing the way you do pushups sounds like a logical solution.

With different push ups in your workout routine, you will have more fun. You will be able to challenge yourself with something new every day. That will keep you motivated and refreshed for a new type of pushups the next day.

Apart from keeping it fun, you also need to include pushup variations in your workout routine to work on different muscle groups. You can increase or decrease resistance and do strength training by exploring different types of pushups.

When trying push-up variations, it’s important not to overdo the variation. Focus on achieving the perfect position for each exercise. If you keep changing push-up types without knowing how to do push ups correctly, you won’t reap any benefits. Instead, you will injure yourself.

If you feel confident with basic push ups variations, it’s time to try 100 pushup workout. But before that, let’s see why push ups are considered the best workout for upper body muscles.

What Are Push ups Good For?

You will start noticing the benefits of pushup every day as soon as you incorporate it into your daily workout routine.

Here are some reasons why push ups are rated so highly by fitness experts all over the world.

  • They help you build strength in all muscles in your upper body
  • Push ups are great for building strength core
  • Push ups boost your metabolism as your body works every muscle, making your heart work harder to pump blood at higher speed
  • Push ups let you work on your abs so you can achieve perfect shape
  • You don’t need to dedicate a lot of time to do push ups
  • You can do them anywhere, without worrying about exercise equipment

Muscles worked by push ups may become sore, but they are good for you. It's a sign that you actually worked that muscle.

Now, let’s explore some push up variations so you can work on different muscles and bring more excitement into this old-fashioned but extremely useful workout.

Diversity is good.

Best Push up Variations

Try different push ups from this list and work on all muscles of your body.

1. Wide-grip Push up

Wide-grip pushup position lets you work on your chest muscles.

To perform this exercise. You start by getting into position for a normal pushup. Expand your hands so that the distance between your hands is greater than the distance between your shoulders.

2. Narrow-grip push up

Narrow-grip allows you to focus on your triceps.

To perform this push up variation, simply reduce the distance between your hands, starting from a regular push up position.

3. T push up

Try a T push up workout to work on your full body.

To perform this variation, start with a regular position and take one off the group. Raise it upwards so that you make a T with your body.

4. Single-leg push up

Single-leg push ups are great for focusing on upper body and core.

To perform this exercise, start from a regular position for push ups. Raise one leg and alternate legs after each push up.

5. Feet-elevated push up

Want to know how to work biceps without weights? Try feet-elevated push up as. It's an extremely useful exercise for an intense workout on your upper body and core.

To perform this exercise, you have to elevate your feet by placing them on a platform of some sort. From there, perform a regular push up to work on your upper body.

More Push up Variations To Try

If you want to add more variation to your push ups, try the following types as well.

  • Single-arm medicine ball push up
  • Push with arm reach
  • Atomic push ups
  • One-arm push up
  • Spiderman push up
  • 1.5 push up
  • Clap push up
  • Eccentric push up
  • Band push up
  • Pile push up