How to do Cobra Yoga Pose in a proper way?

Today it is easy to get lost in work and thus lack time to exercise at all. Exercises are very important for health and they help keep at bay many health afflictions. Many people are however too busy to spare some time to exercise. One does not have to enroll or visit a gym so as to have some effective exercises. Some simple exercises can easily be conducted at home.

One example of such activity is the cobra stretch exercise.

Also known by the experienced yogi as the Bhujangasana, this is a stretch exercise that is especially useful for people who have sedentary lifestyles such as those who spend their days sitting. The cobra pose was adopted from the cobra yoga stretch where the cobra snake raises its head and spreads its neck ready to strike. This exercise is especially popular in how to stretch your abs.

How to Do Cobra Pose in Yoga?

In attempting the cobra pose, one should ensure that they lay flat on with their stomach and place their hands under the shoulders at the same time ensuring that the thighs are parallel to each other and elbows placed strategically near the body. Then ensure that the toes are firmly positioned on the ground so as to act as supporters.

How to Do Cobra Pose in Yoga?

One should start by stretching the arms outwards while making sure that the legs are high. Then one should move to a position where the body is comfortable in the cobra position. While assuming the cobra yoga pose, relax the buttocks muscles while pressing the tailbone and pushing the shoulders together. Relax and hold the pose for 40 seconds to 2 minutes or as long as possible. Then slowly relax and stretch on the ground while taking in deep breaths.

Benefits of Cobra Pose

Cobra pose benefits include getting one’s buttocks toned, making muscles stronger – especially the spine muscles, and lengthening the shoulders, neck, abdomen and lungs. This exercise is also a very effective in how to stretch abs. The cobra yoga stretch exercise is also effective in stimulating the digestive organs and also in alleviating stress.

Benefits of Cobra pose

During the exercise, one is forced to concentrate on the breathing rate and in the process gets a chance to breathe in and out which helps in reducing stress. It helps in improving the functioning of the digestive organs when pushing outwards giving the opportunity to the food to move around.

How Long Should One Hold the Cobra Pose?

The cobra pose should last for between 40 seconds to two minutes. However, there is no fixed time for the exercise. It all depends on the abilities of the person doing the exercise. One should stretch to the point where they feel that they cannot continue.

After the exercise, one should relax for a moment by taking in deep breaths and releasing and loosening the muscles. One can repeat the Cobras workout for many times.

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Cobra Pose Modification

The pose can be modified by asking someone to sit on your back and stretching with the extra weight. In this way the cobra stretch is made to be more effective in expanding the muscles and allowing one to stretch the abs more effectively.

Cobra pose modification

The cobra exercise takes only a few minutes to prepare yourself for it. The exercise is also economical in that one does not need many expensive things to be able to do the exercise. One does not also need a lot of space.