Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage Reviews

Why Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage ?

A power cage is a metallic cube which is used primarily for completing a set of weightlifting exercises, the main one being the squat. Buying a power cage has many advantages as opposed to going to the gym. The primary consideration is time, and not money as many would think. Because if you have your own personal power cage as opposed to a gym membership you save time in multiple ways.

Advantages of Buying a Power Cage

First is the time that would be lost traveling to and from the gym every day. Many people commute to the gym every evening, which can often take 20 minutes each way. Thus, you can save 40 minutes immediately depending on how long it takes to go to the gym. There is no wait time for the machine, all the weights are where you last left them. It can be very irritating having to wait for machines in a standard gym and having to lift badly stacked weights.

There is also the advantage of convenience. The power cage is located right in your own home. This means you have towels, sports gear, music, magazines, television, the fridge and the shower feet away.

You can wear what you want and decorate the room however you want it, as it is your power cage. It’s hassle free. If you want to get up tomorrow morning and complete a set of squats, you get up tomorrow morning and complete a set of squats. It’s that simple. And the gym is never closed for holidays and has no time limits. It is always there when you require it. And if there is a hurricane outside that won’t stop you from going to the power cage in your basement. And there is also peace of mind, the ultimate form of convenience. If you need to relax by yourself without loads of other people around the power cage can do just that. You will probably perform better if you can just go straight to the power cage and get done what you intended to do, as you will be in a healthier environment which will facilitate your lifts.

And then there is the usual factor of cost. Buying a power cage is always a cost saving measure, providing you actually use it fairly regularly, or at least enough to recuperate the costs of it through what is saved through not having to buy annual gym memberships.

But there are also indirect costs, such as money saved on petrol or train tickets (the cost of getting to the gym), and money saved on expensive smoothies and gym classes that are often marketed in conventional gyms. A power cage has a number of advantages over standard gym membership provided:

  • Your gym routine revolves primarily around whole body movements using a barbell.
  • You go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

Once these two requirements are met then you are really losing out on time, money and convenience every time you go to the gym instead of getting your own power cage. The obvious downside of power cages is that they do not have the range of equipment that gyms do. This is unavoidable, however, for serious lifters, this is not really a problem.

Most of the gym equipment is cardio and machine weights, which serious lifters are not that interested in any way. And a lot of the isolation exercises that may excite weight lifters can be achieved through the purchase of dumbbells and a few other small pieces of equipment. Power cages cover the “meat” of the workout, meaning whole body movements which are the currency of all intelligent weightlifters. Below is an atlas power rack review a review of one of the most incredibly priced power cages available.

Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks

Atlas Yellow/Black Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks

The atlas short power rack is quite light at 137 pounds and somehow manages to hold a 1000-pound weight capacity, enough for even the most heavy-duty weight lifting professionals. No matter the weight atlas short power rack will not tip or wobble and feels completely solid. Many power racks at nearly double the weight cannot make this claim, and it is usually the higher range power cages that can accommodate over 1000-pounds of weights.

In other words, the price of the atlas rack defies logic, it really should be twice its current price at least. To top this the customer service is quick and atlas power rack is easy to assemble (under 30 minutes for some people) and looks quite good. The usual features of power racks are all available, with safety latches, an adjustable seat and built-in workout bar.

The atlas power rack is made of 12-gauge steel and allows for 28 positions. The atlas power rack can be used for squats, curls, bench pressing, crunches and a variety of other exercises. It has a wide walk in design which is great for taller people and comes with a built in pull up bar. The pull-up bar has better grip than most, as reported by numerous consumers, due to its light knurling. There are some criticisms of the atlas power rack. The paint job is a little cheap, the pull-up bar knurling may be a little shallow (really this is a matter of preference as some say this is better), and the cage itself is a bit narrow from front to back.

The atlas power rack dimensions are 48 x 25 x 82 (Length x Width x Height), and 25 inches is a rather shallow depth, but definitely not a deal breaker for such a well-engineered power cage. And it is really a tradeoff, as this power rack is short and light which is ideal for those who are stuck as to how much space they have available. But there will also be some criticism of even the best models. It is probably the best of all atlas racks and among the best of all atlas fitness equipment.

Final Thoughts about Atlas Rack

The atlas squat rack is, simply put, the best power rack on the market in terms of value for money. But it also happens to be very well made and brilliantly designed. It will last for years and years. And fancy expensive extra features won’t make you a better lifter. This rack does as a power rack should do.

It supports all major lifts perfectly and is highly safe and durable. Unbeatable at its current price and perfectly suited to all except perhaps Olympic level lifters who need huge weights. Click here to read about Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment Reviews.