Ab Belts - The Surprising Way To Tuck Your Belly

Abs workout belts are not new in the fitness industry. If you have heard all manner of negative stories about these gadgets in the past, the good news is that the abdominal exercise belt industry has come of age and there are some very effective belts available.

Best Abs Workouts

Best Abs Workouts

You can workout your abs, with no work at all! Just wear the abdominal trainer belt and continue with whatever you are doing. The right ab contraction belt will do what it promises to do; it will firm, tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Results are seen in a matter of weeks.

It works for the entire abdominal area from the very low pelvic area abs, to the core or middle area, as well as the upper abs. It is important not to place it too high up around the diaphragm because of the current. It is best placed around the belly button.

Injured and Recuperating? A Great Maintenance Tool

Strengthening the core muscles does improve workouts as it seems to make other exercises a bit easier and also increases endurance. Regular use also improves posture, and one is able to stand and walk tall. It is also helpful as a maintenance tool while one is recuperating from injury.

Weight Loss

Not even the best ab shaper belt will take the place of healthy habits. One will still need to maintain a physical exercise regime and a healthy diet. Much as consistent use can help to burn off some little weight and lose a few inches around the waist, it is not a magic weight loss product and should not be bought for purposes of weight loss.

Help this gadget to serve you better by maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as walking instead of driving short distances or using the stairs instead of the elevator and drinking adequate water daily.

Do Ab Belts Really Work?

To achieve fitness goals and look great, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. However, there are muscles that we don’t reach as we workout, and the effort to work all muscles in the midsection does pose the risk of back injury.

So, does ab belts work? This gadget comes in handy as it contracts all the muscles around the midsection giving similar results to physical exercise. It does give that needed boost for people who workout but find that there are some stubborn parts that seem not to tone up even with exercises. It is a great way to supplement regular workouts.

An electric ab belt is beneficial for people who are nursing injuries such as back injuries, neck injuries or a hernia. It will exercise the muscles without the strain of doing crunches. Consistent use does help with back pain. Some customers reported to have experienced pain relief by placing it on the back.

Good News For New Mothers

Mothers who have had their muscles stretched, loosened and weakened by childbirth have a lot to benefit from the use of abs toning belts. Even those who got their babies through caesarean section can comfortably use this fitness gadget to bring them closer to their fitness goals.

There are some ab stimulator belts in the market that are no good, but there are some high-quality ones as well. What is the best ab belt, that will do for you what it promises?

The Flex Belt

This abs workout belt is as good as they can get. It has three electrodes with replaceable gel pads that fit snugly on them. The center electrode sits on the stomach and the two on the obliques or the sides of the abs.

The belt must sit on the skin and cannot be worn on top of clothes. Once it is fitted firmly in place, just switch on the remote or battery pack and select the program that suits your needs.

The flex ab belt has ten different preset programs. A detailed manual that is part of the package provides details about how to use the belt correctly.

Some customers find the manual too detailed and prefer to watch videos about how to use it. 1 is for beginners, 2 is intermediate and 3 to 10 for advanced. The intensity is from 1 to 150.

If you are not in shape at all, begin with the lower programs and gradually increase in intensity as the body gets used. Some customers indicated that when they tried to go straight to high intensity from the start, they experience discomfort such as nausea.

Does The Flex Belt Work?

Once the flex belt is switched on, it contracts, holds for two to three seconds, relaxes for about five seconds then comes back on again. It forces the muscles to contract, simulating doing exercises such as sit ups.

When it is used, it feels like being handled by a chiropractor. It does not cause pain, even for people with injuries such as slipped disk. When the intensity is low, it gives a tingling feeling. As the intensity is increased, it feels like doing crunches. The muscles that are worked out, however, get sore and hurt the same way they do after exercise.

The belt comes with an extender so that it can accommodate even bigger users with a waist of up to 45 inches.

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

Customers in flex belt before and after reviews indicate that this belt will not take the place of doing exercises. The abs will not show when they are covered with a layer of fat. For them to show, one has got to do the actual work of reducing the body fat through a healthy diet and cardio exercises.

Overweight people might be disappointed with this product. If one has layers of fat, working on burning the fat before beginning to use the belt for firming and toning gives better results.

There are some complaints that come up in flex ab belt reviews.

  • The belt is difficult to fasten around the waist from the back when one is alone especially if one is out of shape or has back injury.
  • The parts such as the gel pads are not durable and replacing them frequently is an extra cost. However, some customers indicate that cleaning the areas where the pads are to be attached by rubbing alcohol to remove oils, sweat, and dirt from the skin will increase the longevity of the pads.
  • The battery needs to be charged before the session, and it does not retain charge for long, so it needs to be recharged after fewer uses.
  • The manufacturer indicates that one can wear it while doing one’s work whether at home or in the workplace but customers have found it an unnecessary distraction. It is also a bit bulky and not very easy to hide.

Slendertone vs Flex Belt

Slendertone vs Flex Belt

This FDA cleared electric ab belt is not a weight loss product but is great for toning, firming and strengthening the abdominal muscles. This portable device that comes with a convenient carrying case is very easy to use as well as to carry around. The quality of this product is good and can be used by people of all ages including the elderly.

It is very comfortable to use and can be worn anywhere; while walking the treadmill, walking the dog, watching TV or working in the office. No one will know that one is wearing anything beneath the clothes.

The Slendertone electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Abs belt features 7 preset Programs from beginner to advanced and 99 Intensity Levels.

Priced lower than the flex belt, this is a great tool that has independent clinical studies to prove that it does what it promises to do if it is used correctly.

The recommended use is 5 days a week for 25 to 30 minutes each time. Results are visible in six to eight weeks though some people who were already fit noticed visible results within a week or two.

For those who are seeking to tone, firm and strengthen their core and find the flex belt beyond their budgets, this is a great alternative from the same manufacturer.

It is worth noting that it is not as thorough as its more expensive counterpart. It has less training stimulation and fewer programs. The flex belt is still a more superior choice and is worth the money.

The Slendertone works great for beginners and intermediate users, but for the advanced users, it still makes sense to opt for the flex belt which gives greater variety in the preset programs and intensity levels. This is something customers need to think about before making a purchase especially if one intends to progress to advanced levels.

Slim Belt For Men and Women

This slim tone belt has an amazing advantage because it comes in three varieties; male, female and unisex.

It does not come with a separate remote or battery pack but has a control unit that is part of the belt. It also does not come with rechargeable batteries, and they have to be replaced whenever they run out though they do give good service before they need to be replaced.

It is comfortable to use such that one could even lay down while it is in use. Customers experience no pain with this product.

It does take a bit of practice to find the way to use it right. Some customers have found it necessary to place it at different positions alternately for best results.

Slendertone Reviews

There were a few negative reviews about durability with some customers complaining that their gadgets stopped working not long after the warranty was over. A few complained that they had to return the product because it did not work for them.

Some might be because they did not give the gadget adequate time to produce results. Just like with anything else including exercise, this is not an immediate fix.

The need to keep replacing sticky pads because they lose their stickiness was quoted by customers as inconveniencing and an extra cost. If one wants to commit to long-term use, it is wise to order extra batteries and additional gel pads.

There were a few complaints of an allergic reaction with use of the belt causing itching where it was placed. However, there are many satisfied customers whose belts have given them long and satisfying service.