Kettler Favorit Reviews - The Reliable Rower For Your Money

Why should you opt for kettler favorit rower?

Rowing is one of the best types of physical activity that can be undertaken. Sports scientists are agreed that aside from swimming rowing is the best activity for the human body. This is because it manages to exercise every part of the body with every single stroke, something very few other sports can claim. What is even better it that it does it all natural and holistically. It does not put any strain on the joints, unlike many other sports.

A new trend is now emerging where people are going from spinning classes to rowing classes. It is becoming the new fad, but it is more accurate to say it’s just an upgrade from spinning. Rowing is one of the few sports that engages lower and upper body. It is awesome for people with joint problems. It can be contrasted with running.

In running every step depreciates the body a little but, as the foot slap slaps the ground the damage is usually sent into the knee. This results in injuries over time and is why runners have to buy expensive running shoes. In rowing, every stroke strengths the whole body, including the knees, ankles, hips, shoulder, elbows and lower spine, if executed with proper form.

Benefits of Rowing Machine

Rowing is one of the best exercises to develop core strength, and as in all activities, core strength is where the power comes from. Rowing is also a superb way to burn calories, and over 600 calories can be burned in an hour at a good pace. This is around the same as the number of calories lost versus running, however, you have the added advantage that the whole body is being strengthened because rowing is non-impact.

Rowing is excellent for flexibility, stamina, cardio and lower body strength. Because of the sliding seats on most machines, more leg muscles get worked as opposed to sitting stationary on a leg press and moving weights up and down. The rowing movement with the sliding seat is associated with increased build in the quads and hamstrings. Rowing is by far a superior modality of exercise than running on a treadmill. And rowing machines are a lot more compact and cheap than treadmills.

Compared to stationary bikes they are also a better form of exercise, as they give a whole-body workout as opposed to just the legs. Rowing machines provide a workout for the triceps, biceps, and deltoids as the arms are worked in tandem with the shoulder muscles to pull the stroke back as far as possible. The chest muscles are engaged when the handle comes in close contact with the belly.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of rowing machines is that they provide a workout for the hip flexors. The CrossFit manual (along with sports science in general) has recognized that hip extension is one of the most fundamentally important components of strength and that athletes with good hip flexors can transfer this strength to a variety of sporting activities.

Rowing machines work out the hip flexors and are one of few machines that work on the overlooked hip muscles. Rowing is one of the best activities as it will increase muscle tone, increase core strength, increase stamina and cardiovascular activity, improve joints and flexibility, lead to weight reduction and also improve balance and coordination. No other single movement comes close to hitting all of these benefits.

What Rowing Machine to Buy?

There are four different types of rowing machine, and each has their distinct advantages and disadvantages. The best (and most expensive) type of rowing machine is the water rowing machine. This is the closest experience to actually rowing outside on the water. The second type of rowing machines is the most common, the flywheel/air resistance rowing machine.

These are also quite expensive and can be a little noisy, but are a favorite in most gyms. The third, and rarer, type of rowing machine is the magnetic resistance pulling machine, which is smooth but is a little further from the actual rowing experience than air and water rowing machines. And the final type of rowing machine is the hydraulic piston rowing machines. These are usually the cheapest and smallest type. However, they are good machines for increasing balance and coordination as many have “freestyle” motion arms. These can be a good purchase for those starting out in rowing.

It is also worth considering the weight, dimensions, and price of each product. The heavier products are usually more durable and can take more weight, but are usually harder to move and store. Warranties are also very important for rowing machines. Many manufacturers will give 90-day warranties deliberately, as some poorly constructed parts will give up quickly after repeated use.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review

Kettler has a reputation as being one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market, and with good reason. Manufactured by a German company, the kettler favorit rowing machine comes with an excellent warranty and is structurally brilliant. The kettler rower is a hydraulic piston rowing machine. It comes with an LCD display which records time, distance, calories, and pulse. The kettler rowing machine has a lifetime warranty on the frame and three years for the parts. For a hydraulic piston rowing machine, this is quite a long warranty. Many manufacturers only give 90 days on the parts, especially for hydraulic piston rowers, due to their tendency to leak and break.

The kettler rower weighs only 42 pounds and is 52 inches long, so is much lighter and smaller than standard air and water rowing machines. The pistons come with 50 levels of adjustment so that the resistance levels can be changed to suit user preferences. The assembly takes 35 minutes as per the kettler rowing machine manual.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Instructions

However, many users have reported that it takes longer than this, in some cases up to two hours and that additional tools are needed for assembly than those that are shipped (though most rowing machines do not give assembly tools as part of the package). There are some complaints about the Kettler Favorit rowing machine instructions.

That said, the Kettler rowing machine is ergonomically designed and comes with features that are not normally available in this price bracket, including a lifetime warranty and heart rate monitoring. It is a comfortable, lightweight and quiet machine. It includes a thick padded seat which is slightly elevated, ergonomically designed footplates, sealed ball bearings and can be easily folded. The best part about this rower is that it is practically silent, unlike many other rowing machines.

The only issue with the Kettler Favorit rower is that for intense workouts the resistance may lessen somewhat. This is not a design flaw. Actually, it is built into the design of most hydraulic piston rowing machines and is unavoidable. However, this may be problematic for serious rowers. The Kettler rower is also eco-friendly. The powder coating is free from harmful solvents and is UV and impact resistant to prevent chipping. An infrared earlobe clip can be used to measure user heart rate. It is a state of the art piece of equipment at a good price.

Kettler Rower Conclusion

The kettler rowing machine is probably the best hydraulic rowing machine available. It is one of the most comfortable and silent rowing machines on the market and is intelligently manufactured by a company with a reputation for well-designed products. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and should there be any problems (which are unlikely given the build) the company has excellent customer service and a reputation to maintain.

You can’t really go wrong buying such a well-designed machine. The only real issues are the assembly and the lack of resistance with time, and even these issues are only reported by a few users, and not by all. Check out our Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine reviews.