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Top 8 Tips When Choosing the Right Workout Shoes

Top 8 Tips When Choosing the Right Workout Shoes

When working out, the shoes and workout clothes you’re wearing play a big role in determining the kind of results you’ll get. Putting on the wrong workout shoes may result in severe injury or other unwanted outcomes. Having the right footwear is as vital as the exercise itself. Let’s discuss what you should keep in mind when selecting the perfect shoes for your routine.

1.Know Your Stride and Arch Shape

The ability of your foot to roll from your toe to heel (pronation) is a crucial consideration when choosing your shoes. The four main types of shoes in terms of arch shape and stride include:

  • Neutral
  • Cushioned
  • Stability
  • Motion-control

The best shoes for any workout must suit your pronation, to avoid injury and ensure positive results. It’s prudent to seek professional advice to find your stride and arch shape. If professional advice is not readily available, here are some easy ideas that can help you out:

  • The wet foot test – step on the floor with a wet foot and analyze your print. A flat arch is indicated by increased width and a straightish print, without much of a curve. A narrow and curved footprint implies a high arch, while a normal or stable print is moderately curved
  • Pronation test is done by examining how your shoes wear off

2.Shop Wisely

When shopping, take your time and check out different brands before deciding on the right one. The right size should have a few inches of space between the tip of your longest toe and the shoe front. Your heel should also feel comfortable. Remember, the size of your feet is not constant. For example, women’s feet change size after pregnancy. It’s therefore wise to measure your feet before selecting your shoes. Your feet are at their maximum size at the end of the day from swelling due to your daily activities.

Shopping directly from the store is usually the best option. However, due to the pandemic, online shopping is the safest way to make a purchase. When shopping online, search for brands with voucher codes if you’re looking to save some money. Several brands offer great deals that will help you be thrifty while getting value for your money.

Look for products with an online coupon code for future purchases. A coupon code can help get a discount on future buys. Other coupon codes can be generated from advertisements. Even better, online coupons can open up a chance to buy all the workout clothes on your shopping list. Such great deals are offered on top online shopping sites. Make sure you read the reviews before making an order. It’s wise to order from an online shop with a store in your region so that you can make a return in case of any damages.

3.Consider the Drill

The kind of movements your specific exercise requires is also a point of interest. Different exercises entail varying motions. Running involves forward movement where the shoes have a high collision with the ground. Hiking entails forward movement as well, with little impact. Other exercises such as circuit training and dancing involve vigorous changes in direction. Each drill requires different types of shoes that suit the specific activity.

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    4.Analyze our Choices

    After deciding on the type of workout your shoes are for and the corresponding movements, choose a suitable design. The overall design of the shoe will affect your exercise either positively or negatively. Make sure the sole is apt for the movement involved in your drill. It should be able to provide traction that is stable enough to prevent falling. Shoes for indoor exercise have a smooth and slim sole, while off-road drills require larger and more rugged ones. Also, examine the cushioning, to ensure it’s comfy. For running shoes, you’ll need a slightly elevated heel for easy forward movement.

    5.Weight of the Shoes

    Your workout shoes should be lightweight especially if the routine involves walking or running. However, you should also ensure that the padding is not very thin. As much as you need to move fast, you also need something comfortable. It’s therefore crucial that the shoes have the right weight and cushioning. A comfortable shoe prevents your feet from getting sore.


    Good shoes should be flexible enough to avoid injuries such as splints during exercise. Stiff shoes also don’t last for long. The shoes you choose should be able to bend comfortably at the ball of the foot.

    7.Decide on the Budget

    Decide how much you are willing to spend on the shoes and check the options within that range. Your budget should also be flexible, in case you find a perfect pair that’s a bit above your planned expenditure limit. Keep in mind that when buying workout shoes, you get what you pay for. Low-quality shoes are cheaper, while the top quality ones tend to be a bit costly. It’s also wise to note that the extravagantly expensive ones are usually not very different from moderately priced ones. Therefore, make sure you’re cautious with your budget. Buying workout shoes online is a good choice due to the various deals that might reduce costs.

    8.Confirm the Return Policy

    When everything else is perfect, you should check the return policy before finalizing the purchase. Retailers offer different return periods. You can return them in case of damages, or if the size is not right. If the return policy of the store is not favorable, use the model number to purchase elsewhere.

    Considering the importance of footwear when working out, you should prioritize the functional aspects, not the looks. Remember to do some intensive research before buying workout shoes online, and you’ll find the perfect shoes.

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