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What Are the Three ‘PS’ of Addiction Recovery

It isn’t always simple to maintain sobriety. It requires a concentrated effort and willingness to attain and sustain. It necessitates a complete shift in mindset and lifestyle that most people will never experience. 

As a result, obtaining and maintaining sobriety poses a number of distinct hurdles that might be tough to overcome.

Sobriety necessitates a high level of physical dexterity at first, as you must deal with the withdrawal symptoms that are unavoidable. You will most likely feel miserable, and if that isn’t bad enough, you will likely feel sad, lethargic, and may even develop a desire to use it again.

Austin mental health treatment options take care of these symptoms and your physical condition as you try to recover.

But, there are certain things to remember in a recovery journey, and we are here to talk about them.

What Are the 3 PS of Recovery?

As you progress through the recovery process and lay the groundwork, you will most likely begin to reintegrate into society, which will confront you with new challenges. 

You’ll have to learn how to cope with coworkers, money troubles, relationship challenges, and other issues without taking drugs, which can be quite difficult.

Let’s look at the three Ps that can help you complete this journey: 

1: Purpose

When you first join a rehab, it’s usual to have no idea what your goal is. After all, it may appear as though your life is being turned inside out and that everything you know has shifted. 

This is why figuring out and determining your sense of purpose should be one of your first workouts during your rehabilitation. 

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    A feeling of purpose is characterized as a strong desire to achieve a long-term goal, pursue a dream, or try something new. A feeling of purpose is a personal experience that varies from person to person. 

    There is no right or wrong answer to what your sobriety purpose is, but knowing what it is can help us uncover new kinds of energy, inspiration, and strength. Moreover, when we have a fresh sense of strength, we can better overcome obstacles.

    2: Practice

    Sobriety and recovery are long processes that require a lot of work. 

    Altering your thoughts, changing your actions, and changing how you respond to particular situations in your life are all things you can practice. After all, this doesn’t happen overnight — practice makes perfect, and that’s perfectly natural.

    Deep-seated change is required for recovery, and to be effective, you must genuinely commit to honing your skills via practice. Consider your recovery to be like learning a new instrument or a new craft, and be prepared for some setbacks.

    Recovery necessitates you repeating these actions over and over, to the point where they become unpleasant and awkward. You’ll probably be averse to these new behaviors at first, so you’ll need to practice them every day to feel comfortable.

    3: Perseverance

    Your goal should be to make these behaviors a part of your everyday routine so that you don’t have to think about them. Your purpose and your practice both contribute to the development of the tenacity needed to bring you through. 

    Attending a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment program does not guarantee successful, long-term recovery. 

    While treatment programs can help people develop coping skills and methods to deal with their addictions, it is up to you to keep what you’ve learned when you leave. It is up to you to take the principles you acquired in recovery and apply them throughout your life. 

    You may influence the result of your recovery by being persistent, patient, and optimistic.

    How Does It Work?

    The three P’s of sobriety are characteristics that most persons in recovery lack. Many newly sober persons may not understand what it is to persevere in the face of adversity since they used to get high when things got bad. 

    They also have little knowledge of patience, having spent years seeking the immediate gratification that narcotics provided. In terms of optimism, many people have been sad for years due to their substance misuse, and finding the silver lining in the bleakness of addiction was nearly difficult. 

    But just because they don’t have these talents at first doesn’t mean they can’t develop them over time. 

    However, abstinence requires effort, and when things become tough, remember the three Ps of sobriety.

    You’ll have to stick to the process and have faith. You must have enough patience as your life unfolds in front of your eyes, sometimes more slowly than you’d like. 

    Moreover, you’ll need to be upbeat because negativity stifles your ability to change and your chances of happiness.

    How Do We Know If It Has Succeeded? 

    It’s critical to understand and accept that healing is a marathon that never truly ends. You will never be at the culmination of your recovery path. 

    That’s fine; in fact, we encourage you to embrace it. 

    Doing so will motivate you to push through each day. Embracing the 3 Ps of Recovery will help you get through all of the good, terrible, and ugly that sober has to offer. The professionals at the VSM detox center are here to assist you if you need more information on coping methods during the recovery process. 

    They want you to feel supported and noticed at every step of the process and can assist you in finding the best drug and alcohol treatment across the country to meet your individual needs.

    Once you’ve completed the first stage of recovery and are starting to feel better both mentally and physically, you’ll go on to the second step. The one in which you must work toward your sobriety, developing coping skills that will be critical to your long-term success. 

    These stages may require you to delve into your history and revisit unpleasant memories, as well as learn to deal with them and have a good night’s sleep without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

    If you can successfully do so, you’ll know the three Ps have helped you.

    Get Better Now!


    You have discovered the secret to completing your addiction recovery journey.

    It should not be much of a big deal anymore to get better because if you follow these tips one by one, things will soon fall into place.

    But, if you need more details on these, let us know in the comment section below. 

    What Are the 3 PS of Recovery?


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