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The Secrets of a Good Night’s Sleep for Moms

Sleep has always been part of our lives, vital for good mental and physical health. You most likely know that feeling when you wake up after a restful sleep, and nothing in this world could disturb you. But what if things weren’t so fine and dandy? Sleep issues are pretty common nowadays, and they can be frustrating. Whether we’re talking about a frequent problem like falling asleep or a severe disorder like insomnia, sleepless nights certainly affect our quality of life.

You probably heard that the recommended amount of sleep should be seven or eight hours a night, but seven hours sounds challenging to achieve for someone having trouble sleeping. Or maybe you sleep enough but still wake up extremely tired. Well, learn that your sleep environment has a considerable impact on how you rest. So, to avoid health problems for lack of rest, ensure that your bedroom and your bedtime habits promote sleep.

Your restless nights may come to an end if you pay more attention to your overall sleep routine. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve that great sleep you need the most:

Pay Attention to the Room’s Temperature

How often did you set your thermostat for a higher temperature, thinking that a cozier environment will help you rest better? Sleeping in a warm room is quite a common habit among many individuals dealing with sleep problems. Firstly, learn that the body cools down when sleeping and warms up when active.

Choosing to sleep in a room that is too warm may prevent you from having a restful night because the body’s temperature and the room’s temperature need to be well-balanced; otherwise, you would experience discomfort. Secondly, studies show that the most favorable room temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which means 18.3 degrees Celsius.

An optimal temperature like that or close to that keeps the humidity level in your bedroom under control, impeding skin dryness and nasal passages to occur. If you have kids, it’s even better to set the room’s temperature not too cool, not too warm, as children sleep much more quietly in such an environment and hence you. It may seem cold, we know, but you’ll thank us later.

Change Your Current Mattress With a High-Quality One

It’s well-known that mattresses cannot last forever, that’s why it’s highly recommended to replace them at least once every ten years. So, if you’re still sleeping on the same old mattress and complaining of restfulness, it’s time to get a new, high-quality one. Mattresses can be both firm and soft and have incredibly soft bed sheets but the right one should be something in-between to support your body in a neutral position. The spine has to be a little curved for better comfort, while other body parts such as shoulders, heels, and head must be perfectly aligned.

High-quality sheets also play an essential role in a night of good sleep. Choose a natural fabric such as cotton and linen because they are breathable and, implicitly, enhance your sleep comfort. Remember when mentioning that the body cools down during sleep? So, don’t over warm it with synthetic materials like polyester, which can also irritate your skin.

Wear Comfortable Pajamas

Now that you found out how crucial a high-quality mattress is for your night’s sleep, learn that pajamas have their role too. After all, who can rest well when wearing uncomfortable clothes? They are tight, make you sweat, and sometimes leave unpleasant marks on your skin. That’s why you shouldn’t go to bed wearing this kind of clothes.

Choose breathable fabric (cotton, linen) and loose-fitting clothing instead. Try to find comfortable pajamas for women in Canada because comfort should be a priority, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Pajamas have also gained great popularity lately, becoming almost a trend, so it’ll not be so difficult to find some to fall in love with.

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    Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

    Being a mom can sometimes be exhausting and, therefore, affect your rest during the night. Maybe you don’t have time for yourself anymore and go straight to bed with the thought of falling asleep, but it may surprise you that this doesn’t happen. That’s why we recommend disconnecting for a while by creating an oasis of tranquility right in your home.

    It doesn’t have to be too fancy, just enough to make you relax and reduce stress. You can have a bubble bath, for example, or use essential oils and bath salts to spoil your body. You can also use scrubs or mud masks to exfoliate and detoxify your skin, then hydrate it with calming-inducing oils or deeply nourishing creams.

    The aroma of a candle can also help you find your Zen. If you experience difficulties falling asleep, you can choose, for example, a lavender-scented candle, as this plant is well-known for its calming effects and sleep-improving properties.

    Ensure Your Bedroom Promotes Sleep

    Waking up in the middle of the night or early in the morning because of the light from outdoors can be extremely frustrating. The problem can be even more annoying for those living in the city, as the streetlights can constantly disturb their nighttime sleep.

    Whether we talk about city light, sunlight, or even moonlight, one thing is for sure – it can cause discomfort during sleep, and the explanation comes from a scientific basis. If you see the light at nighttime, your brain automatically jumps to conclude that it’s daytime. That’s how your median cycle works.

    You can opt for blackout curtains to prevent light from entering the bedroom and continue having a lie-in. They create a sleep-friendly atmosphere while also looking great in the room’s overall design.

    However, blue light is still a problem, and you cannot fix it with the help of blackout curtains. Believe it or not, specialists say that blue light can seriously affect your nighttime sleep and also induce anxiety and stress. Therefore, take the TV out of the bedroom or, at least, leave your smartphone in the living before going to bed.

    Last Words

    Your restless nights can become only memory from now on if you consider following these small secrets that will help you sleep like a baby.


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